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How to Take Care of Human Hair Wigs

There are many advantages to wearing a hair system such as: Adding hair volume instantly, changing a hairstyle in a short time by yourself, no need for a stylist to help, there’s a variety of different hairstyles to choose, easy to install and take off and it is getting popular with young men and women.

Proper hair system maintenance is essential to prolong the life of a hairpiece and cleaning and washing the right way contributes significantly. Today, New Times Hair will show you some tips to clean and wash the hair system.


Step1: Remove any glue or tape on wigs

Prior to washing, please remove the hair wig glue attached to the hairpieces properly and ensure there’s no residue. Whether a person uses tape, wig glue, or other types of adhesives, when he or she removes the hairpiece, there is likely going to be some adhesive residue left on both the person’s head and the hairpiece itself. Not only can this be frustrating to deal with, but it can also make it difficult, if not impossible, to reattach the hairpiece later. Thus, getting the proper hairpiece repair and adhesive cleaning products is especially important to maintaining the overall appearance of your hairpiece and prolonging the life of your hair system.

Products for Removing Residue

The type of wig glue remover that you use will depend on the type of hairpiece you have and your preference for certain types of products. Some of the best and most popular products for removing both adhesive and its residue include:

  • Alcohol-based adhesive removers: These products are some of the most popular and effective when it comes to removing the hair wig glue and its residue from both the hairpiece and a person’s head without damaging either.
  • Full head bonding solvents: Full head bonded hairpieces require special attention when it comes to the removal process. Incorrectly proceeding with the removal or without the proper products, hairpiece repair may become necessary. Therefore, having specialized adhesive removal products for full head bonding hairpieces can be immensely helpful in removing the adhesive residue from the hairpiece and a person’s head.
  • Citrus-based cleaners: These gentle solvents and cleaners not only ease the process of removing a hairpiece and adhesive, but also do so without causing damage to the hairpiece.
  • Lace cleaners: From lace release remover sprays to lace cleaners, these products provide essential adhesive removing help, remove stubborn adhesive residue off of the delicate lace.

Top Tips for Properly Removing Hair Wig Glue

Even with the right wig glue remover, getting all the adhesive and residue off can be difficult. If you are having trouble with this, try the following tips:

  • Let the removal product or cleaner sit on the head and/or hairpiece for a prolonged. This gives enough time for the solvent to soak in and make removing the hair wig glue or residue much easier.
  • Use a lint-free or micro-fiber towel to clean up any adhesive residue left on the hairpiece, especially if it is embedded in the lace.
  • Wash your head with soap/shampoo and water to remove any residual adhesive remover product. This makes it easier to reattach your hairpiece.
  • By properly using these hairpiece glue removal tips and choosing the right product(s), you can ensure that your hairpiece remains clean, potentially preventing future hairpiece repair needs, and can be reattached again when you want!

Because the human hair that leaves the human body loses the supply of nutrients, it will become hairy for a long time. The nourishing liquid (care solution) can supplement the nutrients, how to keep the hair system soft is crucial for the maintenance of the hair system. The nourishing liquid (care solution) is a must. You can buy it in the department store market, but nourishing liquid (care solution) is a must-have item.

Step2: Wash human hair wigs

  • The water temperature is in the range of 35 to 40 degrees.
  • First, pour the appropriate amount of shampoo into the basin and dilute it (if the glue customer must remove the colloid residue first).?
  • Put the “Reissue Block” product into the pot and gently wash for about 20 seconds; Note: Do not wash it hard!!!
  • Gently brush with a comb, do not use too much pressure, be careful not to hurt the hair roots and the bottom of the net.
  • Wash the shampoo residue with water.

Step 3: Human hair wig aftercare

  • Apply hair cream.
  • Gently comb with a comb to evenly moisturize the hair cream.
  • Continue to wash the hair cream with water from 35 to 40 degrees, and wash it normally three times.
  • Drain with a dry towel. At this time, the “refilling block” product is in a dry state.
  • Reverse combing, which can achieve a three-dimensional natural look.
  • Place it on the special bracket for “Reissue Block” and wait for about 30 minutes to dry naturally.
  • If you are worried, use a hairdryer, however, please note first blow the bottom of the net.

After washing, it is very important that the toupee is ventilated, otherwise, the residual moisture and shampoo can easily corrode the wig. Another thing to note is that the hair system should not be combed immediately after washing. It should be combed after the hair system is dry. Use a wig-specific comb to brush. You can’t use a comb with a plastic comb. The wig basically does not use a comb. Just sort it out. The hairpiece should also be cleaned and placed on the stand to avoid folding and deformation.

Proper hair system cleaning is very important and cannot be stressed enough. To prolong your toupee’s life span, it must be well-cleaned, free of adhesive and solvent residue. Incorrect cleaning will dramatically affect the quality and life span of the hair system. I hope the above tips are helpful for you and your clients.

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