How to Measure The Base Size of A Hair Replacement System

Hair system base size is an important indicator when you place an order for your customer. A correct base size can perfectly match your customer’s scalp and make the whole hairpiece more natural and comfortable. Generally, our clients will send us the template or tell us the specific number directly. However, during the process of communication with our clients, we found out that some of our them didn’t exactly know how to measure the base size correctly. Therefore, we made a video to explain it by using a men’s toupee in detail, we hope this is a useful video for your business.

So this is the correct way to measure a toupee base size. This way is also how our quality inspectors check the base size of a finished hair system after sending it out. When placing an order, you can measure your customer’s old hair system, tell us the length, width and front contour, then we can make the base to fit exactly your customer’s head according to these information. Besides the base size, New Times Hair can also make any hairpiece to meet your customers’ needs:

Sometimes you may have a hair system with wrong base size, or if your customer doesn’t have enough time to wait a custom-made order, you can only order a stock piece, then how to make the base fit your customer’s head? Next week we will post a video about how to cut a toupee base, if you are interested, please keep on paying attention to us at  Some of you may have seen our other videos. In fact, we have posted a series of technical videos demonstrating our hairpiece expertise in both English and Spanish on our YouTube channel, you can also subscribe to our YouTube channel at

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