How to Make a Toupee Template

When ordering a hair replacement system for your customer, it’s best if you provide us with a template. But, how do you construct a toupee template for your customer? Allow us to show you how.

First, you will need scissors, plastic wrap, transparent tape, and a marker pen. Now, we’ll explain the whole process step by step.

1. Clean the customer’s scalp so you have a smooth surface. Tear a big piece of plastic wrap off and place it onto the customer’s head. Make sure you’re pressing down firmly and evenly and that the plastic wrap is airtight without any gaps or bumps.

2. Use the marker pen to trace around the bottom of the wrap. The original hairline at the front can also be traced. Ensure you make a smooth outline that goes all the way around the head.

Tips: A good way of ensuring where to place the hair system for the most natural-looking of hairlines is to place four fingers horizontally from the top of the customer’s eyebrow and put a dot above the index finger.

3. Attach the tape on the plastic wrap starting from the front and then run the tape evenly across the scalp piece by piece. Each piece of tape needs to overlap and completely cover the bald areas. Apply three or four layers of tape across the front to the back and from left to right to ensure the template is sturdy enough.

4. If a customer requires a parting and a crown, mark the pivot point where the original growth would be in a parting. Then draw a line from the pivot point at the back of the crown to the front hairline. Write down the customer’s name and make an ‘F’ for front and a ‘B’ for back along with any special requirements regarding a parting or the crown.

Tips: The parting line represents the direction of the customer’s hair. This will give the hair system a very natural appearance.

5. Cut along the outline that has been drawn out and get rid of the excess wrap. Finally, to make sure the template fits, place it back on the customer’s head.

Now you will have a perfect fitting toupee template. If you have any questions about this topic, please feel free to contact us. We are always happy to help.

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