Hair System Bases: Complete Base Guide and Popular Designs

There are many kinds of base designs on offer in our company. Lace bases, skin bases, mono bases, silk tops, and combined bases are a few examples of what we offer. In order to help customers choose the best base material, please learn about the features of different materials below.

Lace Bases

French lace is usually used on hair unit bases. It is very delicate and has a very natural effect. The life span is about six months. A double layer of French lace around the hair system makes it more durable. Single French lace front makes it more natural. French lace comes in flesh color and it can be dyed light-brown, medium-brown, dark-brown and black. We can also add bleached knots to French lace bases. The highest hair density French lace can support is medium-heavy (140%).  

We have the HS7 full French lace hair replacement system with bleached knots all over as part of our range of stock hair systems. French lace is light, breathable and natural-looking. It is also comfortable to wear making it ideabl for people with sensitive skin. All the knots on this stock toupee are very fine and small and they are all perfectly bleached to create an invisible knot effect across the whole unit.

We can also make different base designs: part French lace on the front or across the middle. No matter what base design the customer wants, we have the ideal solution.


Swiss lace hair system is softer than French lace.  It is very fine but also very delicate.  The normal lifespan is only around 1 month.  It comes in the same colors as French lace.  The highest density for Swiss lace is medium-light. It cannot support anything higher because it is just too delicate. Bleached knots are available. Some customers like to have a Swiss lace front for a particularly natural hairline effect.

See our lace hair systems for men here:

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Skin Bases

Skin can be classified into three types: thin skin, medium thickness skin and thick skin.

Thin skin has a range of thickness from 0.03mm-0.10mm. We call 0.03mm ultra-thin skin. Our stock piece HS25-V is an ultra-thin skin hair system with a thickness of 0.03mm all-over. Similarly, we also supply the following stock pieces: HS1, HS1-V, and INS.

Medium thickness skin refers to a thickness between 0.12 and 0.14mm. Thick skin means a thickness of between 0.16 and 0.18mm.

There are two styles of skin bases: PU with gauze and PU coating. The difference is as follows:

PU with Gauze is created by brushing a layer of poly on a net base.

PU Coating is created by attaching a layer of French lace or fine mono with poly to PU gauze.

HS25-V is an example of an ultra-thin skin hair system that we have in stock. This 0.03mm ultra-thin skin hair system with V-looped hair is actually one of our most popular hair systems. It is very natural. It is so light that people can’t even feel it when it’s on their heads. The base size can also be custom-made and the color of the base could be chosen freely by customers.


However, skin hair replacement systems are not breathable. In order to solve this problem, we can punch small holes in the base to create better ventilation.


If the customer doesn’t like knots on their hair replacement system, an injected skin base is a good choice.  With injected skin bases, the hair is injected into the base. This looks very natural and gives off the illusion of hair growing out from the scalp.


There are two types of injected skin bases: flat injected skin bases and lift injected skin bases.

Flat injected skin bases are the more common of the two injected skin bases.  The hair lies flat on the scalp and can be combed and styled easily.

With lift injected skin bases the hair appears upright because the hair is directly injected from above.  Lift injected skin bases are more natural-looking than flat injected bases but the hair is not as easy to comb.

See our skin hair systems for men here:

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Mono Bases

The main feature of fine mono bases is that they are durable and can bear extra-heavy hair density. Fine mono is breathable and durable and therefore makes for a strong base. Normally we use transparent thin skin on the perimeter which creates a natural and realistic front hairline.


We also supply super fine mono bases and the heaviest hair density they can support is a medium density.

See our mono hair systems for men here:

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Silk Top Bases

Silk tops are also called injected lace or silk lace. Normally silk tops have three layers: silk mono, lace and diamond net. Silk lace wigs are often the best choice for customers. They are perfect for use in hot conditions. Whether it’s a hot summer’s day or a warm night, hair replacement products with a silk base help regulate body temperature and keep the body cool. Silk also has moisture-wicking properties, so there’s no need to worry about keeping dry and comfortable. That also means the material keeps mildew and mold away. Furthermore, the material absorbs perspiration while allowing the skin to breathe. With proper care, a silk wig can last anywhere from six months to a year without needing to be repaired or replaced.


There are plenty of other benefits to choosing silk top lace wigs. For one, silk doesn’t lose its natural sheen over time. They’re also lightweight. They don’t create static electricity so that the wearer can rest easy, knowing that the base won’t cling to their body and make for an uncomfortable fit. Many types of silk fabrics are also easy to care for. Thanks to silk top lace front wigs, coping with hair loss is much easier for clients.

Silk mono is the layer closest to the hair side, lace is in the middle, and diamond net is the inside layer that will sit on the wearer’s scalp.

First, we knot hair on lace which as we have said is the middle layer.  Then we will inject the hair through the silk mono. That is why the hair of a silk top base looks like it is growing out of the wearer’s scalp. Finally, we add a layer of diamond net on the inner base.  The function of diamond net is to prevent knots on the lace from moving towards the head which can make an uncomfortable wearing experience for the individual.

Some customers feel the three layers of a silk top base are too thick; they prefer two layers. That’s not a problem. The difference is that two-layered silk tops have no diamond net.  It only has lace and silk mono.

Silk mono is usually combined with other materials such as French lace at the front. French lace as stated at the beginning is invisible-like in its appearance and is very thin. It is better used at the edges, particularly on the front edge. Along with its perfectly bleached knots, it creates a very natural front hairline.


See our silk top hair systems for men here:

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Wholesale medical wigs are the most suitable wig types for customers who suffer from cancer or have otherwise lost all their hair.

The bases of medical wigs are of the highest quality. We usually use a super soft net or silk top for the base design with breathable French lace on the front. For more comfort, a stretch net is used on the crown and back.  Stretch net has perfect elasticity, so it can fit different-shaped heads well whilst offering a high degree of comfort. Moreover, silicon skin on the temples and front helps prevent the wig from slipping. Finally, there are adjustable elastic bands on the nape area, so the customer can easily adjust the size.


All in all, our medical wigs are of very high quality. We have many different base designs for customers to choose so we will always have the perfect option for people.

We have many styles of popular base designs of wholesale toupees for men and wigs for women in stock and we can customize products according to customers’ requirements. Contact us now to make your order.

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