How To Make a Toupee Wig

Newtimes Hair is the professional hair replacement factory, has served more than 5,000 customers, including salon, studio, hair clinic, wholesale distributor, etc. For most customers, such as salon or studio, they may know more about how to wear the toupee, how to maintain the toupee, how to style or cut or care the toupee wig, but if you want to ask them how to make toupee wig, how human hair wigs are made. They may say nothing.

So today, we’d like to share the production: How to make hairpiece?

Before production, our sales need to confirm with all the order details by email. We need to confirm the base style (base material), hair length, hair color, hair density, hair curl, and hair direction. After all the order details confirmed, then start production.

There have 5 steps to produce one toupee:

  •  Make Base: Making the head mold, then make the base on the mold.
  •  Process Hair: Drawn hair, do acid treatment, bleached the hair, dye hair into a different color, perm hair into the different wave and curl.
  •  Knotting work: Ventilate hair in the base according to different knots type.
  • Process the base again to seal knots
  •  Wash, condition, style, and pack

A hairpiece is made of the base and the hair. Then the first step is to process the hair and make the base. These 2 things can be made at the same time by a different worker.

How to Make Base?  


First, according to the customer’s template or a specific size, we make ahead mold. To make sure the mold is the same as the contour shape as your template then when you wear the toupee, it can perfect fit. Then make the base style with the different base material. Some customer wants full lace, some customer wants lace with Pu, some customer wants mono with Pu or wants full thin skin.

Draw lines on the plaster mold according to the client’s template from which they will clearly be able to identify which part of the mold needs to be a particular base material and where the link of the two different materials should be located. Then connected the different base material to make one entire base. Usually, the worker puts the tape in the connection area, also brush poly to make sure the connection is smooth, strong. After connecting all base material and when the poly is dry, the base is finished.

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How to Process Hair? 


According to different base sizes and different hair density, our technician will calculate how many grams hair we need. Then we process the hair.

Drawn hair. When we buy the hair material, they are mixed in different hair lengths. Then we need to draw the hair to select different hair lengths. If customer order 14” hair length, then we select the 14” hair to process.

Then do the acid treatment. Why do the acid treatment? Because when we buy a large amount of hair material, the hair tip and hair root are reversed. Also, the hair is not very clean. Then we need to do acid treatment to remove the cuticle to avoid the hair tangle.

Bleach and dye color. The customer needs different color orders. Then we need to dye the color. Before dye color, we bleach hair to different basic colors, Then dye the color.

After the process of the hair color, if the customer wants any curl, then we need to perm hair into the different wave and curl.

Knotting Work 


When the base and the hair are finished, then we give the base and hair to the knotting center were located in North Korea to do ventilation work. The worker will hand-tied hair into the base according to different knots type, such as V-looped, injected hair, single split knots or injected lace and so on. The knots are important, also the density is also very important. The worker needs to hand-tied hair in the right density demand, also must be even. This is a key work. If the density is not right or knots are wrong, we need to spend a lot of time to improve. So the workers in the knotting center must he professional and skilled.

Also knotting work is the longest work during the entire production. Usually, it will take 10-30 days according to the different base size, density, and knots type.

Process The Base To Seal Knots 


After finish the knotting work, the knotting center will send the finished piece to our workshop.

Though before shipment, the worker in the knotting center does quality control. We will do quality control again when we receive the hairpiece from the knotting center. We need to make sure everything is ok before seal knots. To make sure the base, the hair, the hair density, the hair color is right or not. If everything is right, go to the next step to process the base.

For a thin skin base, we need to brush poly on the base to seal the knots, also make the base as smooth and beautiful as possible. And for lace base, we need to Spray the glue to seal the knots, to make sure the knots are durable, strong to avoid shedding problem.

After the glue is dry, go to the last step.

Washing, Conditioning, Styling, and Packing.


Wanna give your client a look like a celebrity? Get them to properly look after their toupees. Washing the hairpiece to clear the hair, then soap it in the oil conditioner to make sure the hair is silky and smooth to avoid tangle problem. And style the hairpiece according to different hair direction. Last, pack it and arrange shipment to the customer.

In fact, before shipping to the customer, we will do the quality control again to make sure every specific detail is right. We are always doing our best to offer the customer the best quality with superior service.

So that’s all the steps to make a toupee. It is a complicated work, the most important is hand made. We also called this is diamond art. With our worker’s hand, create the diamond art for our customer is really an exciting thing for us.

Then If you still have some questions about how to make toupee, please contact Newtimes Hair freely.

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