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New Times Hair Co., Ltd is a professional hair replacement factory with more than 10 years of experience. We have skilled technicians, experienced workers, strict quality control and professional sales. New Times Hair manufactures stock hairpieces (which are ready to ship out within 24 hours after receiving payment), custom orders (made to customer-specific details, along with a template and hair sample) and repair hair wigs(such as repair the base style, adding more hair and so on).



We would like to introduce the ways in which we repair hair systems. We can fix the hairpiece base if the base material is damaged, for instance, if there is a hole in lace material or skin material we can add more hair for the hairpiece which is shedding hair all over or part. we can improve the hair quality if the hair becomes dry, tangled, or rough and we can adjust the base size, cut the size into smaller ones or, in some cases, extend it.



Repairing hair systems is not limited to repairing a hairpiece that has been worn, but new pieces which have low density and need more hair added. Some highlight or lowlight colors can be also added. We can restore the hairpiece to as new as possible.



How To Repair Hair System? 

Repairing hairpieces depends on the base material used. If you want to add more hair for lace base, mono base or integration hairpiece, we can do single split knots and double knots. We can do the same knots as the original one to improve the appearance. Repairing the base is also possible. The process involves connecting the lace by sewing them together. If the hairpiece has bleached knots and new hair has been added, the new knots cannot be bleached. This is due to the fact that the bleaching will damage the previously bleached knots and can cause shedding.



How To Fix The Hairpiece With Thin Skin Material?

For thin skin material, we need to brush poly to seal the base after knotting all hair. Regardless of the type of knot used on the original hairpieces- single split knots, V-looped or injected, we can only add single split knots. If your repair order is for V-looped or injected, kindly inform the customer that single split knots can only be used in this type of repair. Regrettably, the single split knots will not appear as natural as the original knots. This is especially true for injected hair because of its flatness and thus adding single split knots does not combine well.



Repairing the thin skin base is easier than lace material. The poly can be applied to cover the worn or damaged area. Additionally, a PU strip can be added for lace, mono or other material. The hair color must be included on all hair repair orders. This is to cover for the fading or bleaching that occurs after long-time wear, even more in the sunlight. The crown hair color may be changed significantly than the original color. Therefore, customers requesting hair to be added must confirm which hair color to use: the original color or the different color.



Although hairpieces can be repaired, this does not mean we can restore all hairpieces, irrespective of their present condition. For example, if the hairpiece has lost around 60-70% of the hair, we can add new hair, but the cost will be very high. In this case. it would be better to purchase a new hairpiece.

In the scenario where the hair on the original hairpiece is damaged, even though it is possible to add new hair, the original hair will continue to shed quickly because the hair is broken. In this case, it is also suggested to get a new hairpiece as there would be no value in making a repair. Finally, if the base is significantly damaged, such as the skin has weakened, it becomes prone to fracture and it should not be repaired because it would be easily damaged again. The customer would be advised to replace it with a new hairpiece instead of repairing it.

Until the hairpiece is evaluated, the repair price cannot be provided and the repair price must be cheaper than making a new piece. The repair price is based on the following: size and type of base, hair length, type and seriousness of the damage on the original piece, and whether the repair is for the base or adding hair or both



Once a damaged hairpiece is received, it is thoroughly examined. Firstly, what is the condition of the hair? How much hair is lost and if is it damaged? If the hair is in overall good condition, the damaged hairs can be removed and replaced with new hair. After adding enough new hair, the knots will be sealed. New poly will be brushed on the PU area. The repaired hairpiece will be washed, styled, packaged, quality checked and shipped it to customer.


If you want to know more details about how to revive human hair wigs, please contact New Times Hair directly.

Monica joined New Times Hair in 2013. She is responsible for dealing with sales and aftersales inquiries. She brings a catalogue of experience in the field of hair replacement systems and women’s wigs. Monica works closely with the sales team and the central management team on business development.


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