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Stock hair systems can all be shipped immediately. It will save people time as there is no need to wait for production. Custom-made hair systems, on the other hand, take time to produce and clients will have to wait for them to be made.

As a productive enterprise, we get a little inspiration from our long-term operation. Some customers will be in urgent need of wigs or hair systems because they are going abroad for vacation, because of illness or marriage or other special reasons. They cannot wait for custom-made orders, so we make sure we have a large stock of hair system for people to choose from when urgent situations arise.

New Times Hair has a large number of wholesale men’s toupees in stock. If you are in need of a hair system urgently, stock units are the best choice. Just send an email to [email protected] for our men’s stock toupee price list and our latest inventory. We will now introduce some of our stock systems for you.


All our men’s stock toupees have a standard base size of 8”x10”. They have a 5” hair length and a 3.0cm slight wave and they come in many different hair colors.

Our stock systems are made from three main base materials: skin, lace, and mono. Of course, some models have a combination of different base materials in order to meet the needs of different clients.


Let’s look at skin bases to begin with. We have four models available.

The HS25-V has a 0.03mm ultra-thin skin base. It has proven very popular in the US and Europe. The greatest advantage of ultra-thin skin is its super natural look. We only use V-looped hair on ultra-thin skin bases. V-looped hair is knotless so the base will look totally undetectable, even up close. If you love the brushed-back hairstyle, you should strongly consider this hair system. Of course, as we know the most undetectable system is also the least durable. The HS25-V has a lifespan of only 3-4 weeks.


If you want a longer lifespan but you are still after a super natural look, you should think about our HS1-V model. It has a 0.06mm super thin skin base with V-looped hair all over. It only differs from the HS25-V by the thickness of the skin. Although it is twice as thick as the HS25-V, the difference is not so apparent. It will last up to 2-3 months which is significantly longer than the HS25-V model. It is also suitable for a brushed-back style.

If you want a skin hair system, but a long lifespan is your top priority, then we recommend our HS1 model. Our HS1 is our most popular stock skin model because of its natural-looking hairline and durability. It has a 0.08mm transparent thin skin base with V-looped hair on the first 1/4” of the front hairline to give a very natural hairline. The rest of the base has single split knots which makes the hair system more durable. You can use glue to attach it to the head and it is also a good choice for first-time hair system users. It can last about 5-8 months.


We also have another skin model in stock: INS. This is a 0.08mm transparent thin skin model with injected hair. Injected hair is injected into the base material without knots which gives the appearance of natural-growing hair. This is why clients like INS. It lasts for about 3-4 months. If you like very flat hair, this model is a good choice and it is well suited to a combed-forward hairstyle but if you want a brushed-back style then it will not be the best option. We offer this model in three colors: #1, #1B, and #2. If you want a lighter hair color, you will need to make a custom order.


Then there are lace hair systems. Lace is the most popular base material.

Lace is breathable, delicate and soft and that is what makes it such a popular base material for hair replacement systems. There are many kinds of lace materials but we usually use French lace and Swiss lace for men’s and women’s hair systems. Although Swiss lace is softer and more delicate, its lifespan is shorter, about 3-4 weeks. Our HS7 has a full French lace base. It has single split knots along the front hairline and double reverse knots on the rest of the base. This guarantees both a natural and durable hair system. The HS7 also has bleached knots all over which makes it look even more natural. Our HS7 is one of our best-selling models because it is natural, undetectable and breathable which are often the most important elements when customers are choosing a suitable system. We also recommend this system for those who exercise frequently or live in a humid and hot environment.


If you would like a skin base with poly in order that you can use tape more easily, you should consider the Q6. Our Q6 model is French lace with clear PU at the back and sides. This makes the system easier to attach and the addition of poly increases the overall durability of the hair system.

If a client requires a full poly perimeter, we have the Australia and D7-5 models available. However, these two models only come in 1B+# color and medium-density hair.


Next, we have the most durable of the three base materials: fine mono.

Fine mono does not have such a long lifespan on its own so it is combined with other materials like poly and lace. The biggest advantage of fine mono is that it is more durable than lace and thin skin. The mesh material can also hold heavy densities.


Our HS27+ has fine mono in the center, a cut-away skin gauze perimeter and a lace front with bleached knots. The HS27+ has a natural hairline and it is more durable than other stock models as it will last between 6 and 12 months.

The HS27 is similar to the HS27+ but it does not have a lace front. If a customer wants a durable system but they are not overly concerned about a natural hairline, you can choose our HS27 model.


Last but not least, there is fine welded mono.

Our ICON model has an all-over fine welded mono base. The weaves of the base material are large enough to make the piece breathable. It is a little stiffer than French lace which makes it more durable than lace. We bleach knots around the crown and at the front so this model is very natural looking.



We not only have stock systems with different base materials, but you can also choose from a medium-light density or a medium density.

Popular medium-light density stock hair systems include the HS7, HS1, Q6, and HS25-V.

Popular medium-density stock hair systems are Australia, the HS27+, D7-3, D7-5, and P1-3-5. Many medium-density stock men’s toupees are new models this year and come in different base sizes: 6”x8”, 6”x9”, 7”x10”, and 8”x10”, and in #1B or #1B+ color. We predominantly sell these models to the India and Middle Eastern markets so we do not offer them in lighter colors.

All our stock hair systems are available for instant delivery and are sent out within 24 hours. They will take just 3-5 days to arrive. If your customers need a hair system urgently, or if you want to check our quality before you make regular orders, we suggest you place a trial stock order. As we mentioned earlier, please email [email protected] for our toupee price list and our latest inventory.



Stock hairpieces sometimes cannot meet your requirements but that need not be an issue as we can make custom hair systems for you. To make a custom hairpiece we need the following basic information: hair length, hair color, hair wave, hair density, base size, base design, and hairstyle. Different knotting methods can also be catered for: some clients want bleached knots on the front lace section; others want V-loops instead. We can meet any requirements for custom-made orders.


As far as custom-made hairpieces are concerned, the most two important pieces of information we need are the base size and hair color. From our past experience, in order to make a perfect hairpiece, it is best if you send us a template and a hair sample to get a color match. That is the biggest advantage of custom made hairpieces. You can get any kind of hairpiece made in any way you want, but you have to be prepared to wait around 2 months for it to be made. For many, a two-month wait is a small price to pay for that perfect hairpiece.


Please feel free to get in touch with me at [email protected] with any questions you may have or via WhatsApp +8618561569657.

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