Survival Guide for Hairpieces with a Broken Base and Hair Loss

Recently, we at New Times Hair received a repair order. After checking, we discovered two issues with this wig. Firstly, there was glue residue on separate portions, which made the hair very messy. Secondly, the back area suffered from a severe hair loss issue. This was especially noticeable when we pulled a strand of hair from the back area, the hair broke easily, and we could clearly see that the hair was almost broken from the roots while the roots were still on the base. Besides, the broken hair turned out many white dots, which indicated that the hair quality had been damaged. So why could such a phenomenon appear, and why does this hair loss issue only on the back area exist?


To begin with, we may infer that the wearer doesn’t wash the wig very often and doesn’t maintain the wig properly based on the glue residue problem. We realized that many wearers of hairpieces do not understand proper maintenance. So, what is proper maintenance for hairpieces? We prepared a guide for your customers. Just CLICK HERE to master the skills to properly maintain your hairpieces! 

One more thing that has to be mentioned is that, according to the description from our client, the wearer herself never takes off the wig even when she is sleeping. Based on this information, we believe that this habit is why the hair loss is only occurring on the back of the wig. Moreover, we know that sweat and glue can erode the hair, and friction can not only make the hair messy but also tangle it. All of these factors can inevitably damage the hair quality and result in further hair loss. In consequence, it is advisable that your customers should avoid such circumstances mentioned above, in particular, by not wearing hairpieces when they sleep.

Fortunately, we provide such services for your customers. That is, we provide a thorough service system and are able to assist your customers in dealing with the following situations: 1. How to fix a broken base (CLICK HERE to learn more about real cases), and 2. How to solve hair loss. Never hesitate to contact us within one month of your customers receiving our products: rapid and professional service is guaranteed. The contrastive effects of hair loss repair are surprisingly shown in the listed video – see how distinct the before-and-after visuals are!

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