The Most Lightweight Breathable Wig for Men in Summer

In the wake of the most scorching days of the year across many countries in the world, New Times Hair has seen a spike in the number of orders for our HS7 full French lace men’s hair replacement product. Actually, this is no surprise at all considering what an awesome summer wear it is.

So what is it about this men’s hair wig that manages to impress our clients that much in this particular season? Let us have it cleared up for you!

1. Base Material

First of all, the base of the hair system is solely made from a very lightweight and breathable woven material called French Lace. Not only does it feel soft and silky, but the thousands of small holes across the base design also come down to what allows the wearer’s scalp to fully breathe against stuffiness and itchiness.


Stock Hair Systems: HS7 | New Times Hair

Being the best summer hair system, it is particularly adored by those sporty guys who want a wig that can guarantee the full extent of comfort and breathability no matter how much they sweat. So they would practically feel as if there was nothing on the head with this hair wig on!

2. Naturalness Level

Aside from comfort, the naturalness level of hair systems remains another basic factor to take into account for hair system users. And the HS7 would never fail anyone in that regard either!


Stock Hair Systems: HS7 | New Times Hair

The front area of the base has got all the knots thoroughly bleached to present an appearance of hair growing out of the scalp. So this hair system for men can go with any possible hairstyle while presenting an undetectable front hairline.

3. Lifespan

With an approximate lifespan of 3-4 months depending on how well it is taken care of, HS7 is available in a large number of colors and gray hair options to meet users’ needs in the most considerate way!

In the effort of helping our partners thrive in both men’s and women’s hair wig industry, our hairpiece factory is always dedicated to producing top-class human hair replacement products of various kinds. At New Times Hair, you will get very generous offers for awesome men’s toupees like HS7 that have been spoken highly of by all our partners!

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