Men’s Frontal Hair Pieces Introduction and Tutorial

Men’s frontal hair piece, also known as frontal hair system or hairline hair system, has become increasingly popular in recent years as a hair solution for men with receding hairlines. Many hairdressers or salons will also suggest that their clients wear a partial frontal hair system if they want a more instant, non-surgical way to cover baldness.

In order to help you make better decisions when choosing a hair loss solution for yourself or your clients, we’ll explain what a front partial hair system is, how it works, and how to install it. Now, let’s dive in!

What is a men’s frontal hair piece?

A men’s frontal hair piece is a special type of hair replacement system that is designed for people with partial alopecia that is restricted to the front of their head.


Compared with a typical hair system, a frontal hairpiece is smaller and covers just the front hairline. Thus, it is more suitable for people who are suffering from a receding hairline instead of balding on the crown or the whole head.


  • Easier to wear and take off than normal hair systems
  • Instant effect, no need to wait
  • Non-surgical, no pain
  • Less detectable due to the small size, usually 6″×0.5″ or 6″×1″
  • Less maintenance and less clean-up
  • More affordable


  • Short lifespan (only several months)
  • Some customers will need a hairdresser’s help to install

How to install a frontal hair piece?

To make a front partial hair system work, the first step is to install it. For this, we usually use a specific glue or tape to affix it to the bald area. Then, it is important to style it, which involves making it more natural by blending the front partial hairpiece with the client’s own hair.

The video below shows how to correctly attach a frontal hair system to your customer’s head and style it properly:

Men’s Frontal Hair Piece Before&After

Before using a partial frontal hairpiece
After fixing the receded hairline

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In conclusion, a men’s frontal hair piece is the perfect choice for those who have a receding hairline at the front of their head. By using a partial hairpiece, your customers will get a fuller and more beautiful hairline.

As a professional wholesale human hair wigs distributor, New Times Hair can offer both custom and stock hair systems. We have front partial hair systems in stock that can be shipped out within 24 working hours after payment.

We hope this blog will help you better understand front partial hair systems, and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

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