How to Complete Hair Replacement Training

It has been proved that there exists a niche market in the hair replacement industry given that not only is hair loss a common problem for many people nowadays, but also people’s stronger pursuit of fashion makes them place more emphasis on their hairstyles.

Obviously, it is undoubtedly a good choice to start a non-surgical hair replacement business, but doing so would be hard for those who have little experience in the field. For instance, how do you choose a hair system?

How can you help your clients solve their problems? How to apply a hair system? How much should you charge for the service? Only by getting to know enough hair replacement knowledge can you really think about starting your hair business.

If you are opening a hair replacement salon or starting a hair replacement business, taking time to have the right hair replacement training is necessary.

Why you should take non-surgical hair replacement classes?

By taking hair replacement system training, you can build up your skills as follows:

  • The judgment ability and selection method of high-quality hairpieces
  • Template making
  • Attachment and removal
  • Care and maintenance
  • Cutting and styling
  • How to conduct a client consultation
  • How to recommend products and solutions based on clients’ hair loss conditions
  • How to set a price

How to complete hair replacement training

1. Participating in the in-person training courses

You can search for “hair replacement course near me” to find a hairdressing or cosmetology school that offers replacement training courses nearby your locations.

At New Times Hair, we also work with our salon clients around the globe to provide all kinds of hair replacement system training classes, including men’s hair systems, women’s hair integration systems, hair extensions, and more. Click to know more about it.

Before and after 2
Before and after 2

The advantages and disadvantages of in-person training courses are listed below:


  • Comprehensive curriculum system
  • More in-person observations
  • Interactive teaching with the guidance of professional instructors
  • Acquisition of certification issued by the agency


  • Expensive price, usually hundreds or thousands of dollars
  • Some courses are only offered in big cities
  • Appointment required
  • Courses suspended due to the pandemic
  • Crash course mode (often 1-2 days): learning the follow-up by yourself

2. Participating in e-learning hair replacement training courses

Due to the pandemic, many hairdressing schools or facilities have already closed their in-person hair replacement classes or discontinued accepting new students.

Fortunately, some facilities changed their courses to e-learning or visual classes so you can attend the training class online at home. Take a look at the visual training class if you are now looking for a hair replacement training course that can be finished at home.

The advantages and disadvantages of e-learning training courses


  • Comprehensive curriculum system
  • Not restricted by time and location
  • Interactive teaching
  • Acquisition of certification issued by the agency


  • Expensive price, usually hundreds or thousands of dollars
  • Not as interactive as on-site learning
  • Crash course mode (often 1-2 days): learning the follow-up by yourself

3. Self-study by using network resources

With the continuous development of the Internet, it becomes easy and convenient to collect network resources of hair replacement training for learning through various online channels and platforms.


Search for “hair replacement training” on YouTube, you can find lots of tutorials teaching you how to correctly install a hair system to your customer.

A series of videos on non-surgical hair replacement training filmed by New Times Hair presents a full demonstration of hair system use and troubleshooting, which is suitable for beginners to learn.


Apart from video resources, you can also acquire all kinds of non-surgical hair replacement skills and knowledge from the articles of hair system professors of the industry.

For example, from the blog of New Times Hair, you can find all kinds of hair replacement knowledge in our articles like tutorials concerning both male and female hairpieces,  how to start and expand your hair replacement business, insights into the hair industry – both beginners and experienced hairdressers can learn something from the hair specialists in Newtimes Hair. 

Check out the blog below to get our tutorials for newcomers to our industry.

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The advantages and disadvantages of network resources are listed as below:


  • Completely Free
  • Most comprehensive and professional knowledge in the field of hair replacement from all over the world


  • Not as intuitive and interactive as in person learning
  • Accessing and sorting out the relevant resources by yourself


No matter if you are a salon owner or a retailer, hair replacement training is essential if you want to start your hair business successfully.

For beginners, they can learn basic knowledge through hair replacement system training. For those who are experienced, hair replacement training is also important. They would be able to have a chance to learn new knowledge or skills from peers or industry experts, so as to improve themselves to keep up with the latest fashion trends.

Moreover, the certification issued by professional makeup and hairdressing schools will help you earn the trust of your customers.

Overall speaking, you can choose the way that better suits you to learn the hair replacement course, based on your own circumstances. Then, you can put into use what you have learned in real situations and see how everything goes.

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