Different Types of Wigs Dominant in 2021 Hair Wig World

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Different Types of Wigs Dominant in 2021 Hair Wig World


In the modern society featured by rapid economic growth and advanced commercialization, people’s needs for the variety of products keep changing and getting more and more diverse, which is also the case in the hair wig industry. 


The number of people who choose hair wig products as their hair loss solution never ceased to grow in the last decade, which leads to a larger variety of hair wigs for both men and women to meet their needs and expectations the exact way they want.


Given how lucrative the hair wig industry is and how much more common and prevalent both men’s hair wig and women’s hair wig are than they used to be across the globe, the market has seen a continuous growth in the amount of businesses tapping this golden mine.


However, in order to pull off the competition in this field, you need to gain an acute insight into what types of wigs best go with your business mode and are in best alignment with your local expectations! So we decided to step in to give you a brief sum-up of the most popular types of wigs that are increasingly taking up the hair wig market!


►Lace Wig


Lace Systems: HS7R | New Times Hair


Lace wig must be the first one to discuss about in the summer months like right now as this is when its popularity peaks throughout a year.


Lace wigs usually come with a base made of woven French lace material in the very most cases, followed by Swiss lace and German lace. They are the perfect fit for hot weathers and people living a sporty lifestyle with that extraordinary level of breathability. People are often amazed at the way such lace wigs make them feel as if there was nothing on the head however they sweat.


Speaking of the realism aspect, it rarely lets people down either. The super thin threads making up the base become super undetectable beneath the hair, especially when the knots get bleached.


Lace base is more commonly seen in men’s wigs from countries where there are summer months and it even manages to dominate the hair wig market in tropical countries such as India and Mexico.


►Skin Wig