Did Howie Mandel Ever Have Hair? Why is He Bald?

Hair loss has always been a hot topic, and netizens have been discussing different celebrities’ baldness; one of them is the A-lister, AGT judge Howie Mandel. There is curiosity spread about how Howie Mandll went bald, so we have made this post with complete authenticity to give you accurate information. So, let’s start.

Did Howie Mandel Ever Have Hair? 

Yes, he had. Although the majority of people have never seen Howie with hair, the truth is, in the 80s, Howie was known as a person with a full head of curly hair. You will be even more surprised to know that his hairstyle was not short. Instead, his hair felt voluminous and was long enough to cover the nape of the neck. 

Here is the picture of Howie Mandel with long hair:

September 1989, Howie Mandel at the 39th Emmy Awards / Source  / CC BY-SA

Also, Howie Mandel posted his old picture in 2019 in which he has long hair. Here’s the picture: 


Does Howie Mandel Have Alopecia?

Netizens and people think that Howie Mandel’s baldness is because of alopecia or male-pattern baldness. But if these conditions become worse the person may lose hair on eyelashes and eyebrows. The point is, from when Howie re-entered the spotlight with a bald head in 2005 with the “Deal or No Deal” show, since then, till today, he has had eyelashes and eyebrows. So, fans claim that this is not the alopecia that causes hair loss in Howie Mandel. 

Also, in this YouTube video, Howie Mandel’s son, Alex Mandel, said that “My dad never went bald (naturally)” while in the presence of Howie Mendel, and he nodded in yes.

Did you know/notice? Howie appeared bald in the media for the first time in 2005 for the “Deal or No Deal” show.

Howie Mandel bald Deal or No Deal

What Causes Howie Mandel to Become Bald If He Does Not Have Alopecia?

So, Howie Mandel does not have alopecia or any hair loss disorder; it is the OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) that made him go bald. This is a fact that fewer people know, not even all of his fans. His OCD is mysophobia.

What is Mysophobia? 

Mysophobia, also known as germophobia, is an irrational fear of germs. In this, the person avoids situations that can expose them to germs, or the person does repetitive behaviour for cleaning that affects daily life. 

Symptoms of Mysophobia:

Significant mysophobia symptoms include:

  • Intense fear of germs 
  • Obsessive/compulsive hand washing
  • Refusal to enter a place perceived to be contaminated
  • Overusing or repetitive use of sanitizing products
  • Fear of physical contact with others
  • Extreme fear of getting sick
  • Keep checking on things (more than double-checking)

How do People with Mysophobia Feel or React When Exposed to Dirt and Bacteria?

People with mysophobia OCD start sweating, shaking, crying, or feeling heart palpitations when exposed to dirt and bacteria. You can expect a shout or instant moving back response like running away too. 

When Howie Mandel Revealed About His OCD? Howie Mandel Hair Loss – His Story

Howie Mandel has had OCD since childhood, which was diagnosed in adulthood. According to the lumen, he described it like” I was always incredibly obsessed with germs and cleaning and taking shower after shower after shower. Even when I was very young, I wouldn’t tie my shoelaces because they had touched the ground. I had continuous repetitive thoughts that I couldn’t get past. As a child, my mind was a lot busier than I was. Until I was diagnosed, it was just called Howie. As an adult, I went to a therapist for other reasons, and I told him how I deal with things. And he said, “Y’know, that’s OCD.”

Many people who know Howie is coping with OCD thought that pandemic time will not be hard for Howie as he has already focused on cleanliness. But he told People Magazine, “There isn’t a waking moment of my life when ‘we could die’ doesn’t come into my psyche,” he said. “But the solace I would get would be the fact that everybody around me was okay. It’s good to latch onto okay. But [during the pandemic] the whole world was not okay. And it was absolute hell.”

In a live interview with Jimmy Kimmel during the pandemic on Howie being a germaphobe, Howie said, “This [how people are worryingly cleaning their hands repeatedly] is what it’s like to be Howie Mandel” and “It’s not fun being me.” 

While talking with People Magazine about how painful struggling with OCD can be, Howie said, “If I’m not laughing, then I’m crying. And I still haven’t been that open about how dark and ugly it really gets.”


In an interview with Everyday Health, he has described his OCD experience as “Living in a nightmare.” Also, he tries to anchor himself and stay grateful, which shows with these words of his “I have a beautiful family, and I love what I do. But at the same time, I can fall into a dark depression I can’t get out of.”

In a live interview with Jimmy Kimmel during the pandemic on Howie being a germaphobe, Howie said, “This (how people are worryingly cleaning their hands repeatedly) is what it’s like to be Howie Mandel” and “It’s not fun being me.” 

So, generally, we can assume that Howie Mandel does not have alopecia or any hair loss disorder; it is the mental health disorder that made him go bald.

Did Howie Mandel ever wear a toupee?

Yes, on Jimmy Kimmel’s Live, the world can see Howie Mandel with long hair for the first few seconds of his appearance. It was a toupee that he himself took off while doing harmless humour. 


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When Did Howie Mandel Reveal About His OCD?

Howie talked about his OCD for the first time in 2009 in the book “Here’s the Deal: Don’t Touch Me.” Also, after revealing his OCD, his confidence never has become lower. Howie considers his baldhead as a trademark of his personality and embraces it as a part of his mental health.      


Why Is Howie Mandel Bald? What’s The Connection Between Him Getting Bald and His OCD?

As you read above, how people with mysophobia (germophobia) are so sensitive about cleanliness. Because of that, Howie Mandel chose to shave his head to make it easier to keep himself “clean.”

The proof that Howie shaved his head instead of naturally going bald, in a video, Alex Mandel said, “he shaved it [while pointing at his dad’s (Howie Mandel’s) head].”

While talking about his hair to ABC, Howie Mandel said, “This feels so streamlined and so clean.”  

No matter what the reason for Howie Mandel’s bald head is, people worldwide love his distinct, eye-catching look and praise him for coping with mysophobia OCD gracefully while being inspiringly successful and for talking openly about OCD and spreading awareness. 

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