Essential Skills for Salons and Hairdressers Doing Hair System Business

The hair system market has seen a rapid rise in the number of hair salons taking part in the hair system business globally, given how magic it can transform your balding client and how quickly it can increase your salon revenue.

For another, as many people might have noticed, hair salons are widespread places where hair system wearers usually seek various assistance associated with their hair systems, such as attachment, maintenance, cleaning, and hairstyling.

So if you are a hairstylist or you are owning a hair salon or studio, you would not want to miss out on such precious opportunities of getting new clients and growing your salon revenue.


Despite that, for hair salons without very professional and well-rounded hairdresser skills, pulling off tremendous success in doing hair system business is never a piece of cake, especially as there are many more competitions going on nowadays.

Aside from the quality and variety of the products, what really sets hair salons apart comes down to the services they offer to their customers, which are strongly underpinned by the skills of the hairstylists from the salons.

As a leading well-reputed hair system manufacturer with more than ten years of experience in this industry, New Times Hair has helped thousands of hair salons from over 100 countries in doing hair systems. As we dealt with them on this journey over the last decade, we have gained a keen insight into what hairdresser skills genuinely matter to their businesses and how such skills for hairstylists are associated with their customers’ needs.

1. Scalp Measurement-Hairstylists Must-Have Skill

This is the first thing you should focus on as you understand your customers’ actual needs and figure out the suitable hair system base designs. It goes without saying how necessary it is to know the hair loss size of your customers to settle on the right fit that is at least wearable for them.

As you might know, people’s hair loss area varies considerably depending primarily on what hair loss stages they are at. That is why there is a wide range of hair systems available differing in their base size to cater to the needs of different user groups.

Typically speaking, the standard base size of men’s hair systems is 8”x10”. Still, bigger and smaller ones are widely available, considering that people’s head size varies. For guys with complete baldness, a full cap wig that offers complete scalp coverage is usually the best option. In contrast, a partial hair system is designed for guys with a smaller hair loss area. So, a partial frontal hairpiece would be enough for your customers who have a receded hairline.


To properly get the hair loss size for your customers, the length and width are basically what to be measured with a measuring tape, unless the person is completely bald. However, many customers often end up getting the wrong size when measuring wirh improper methods.

Check out this article to learn how to get the right size for your clients, otherwise, you will waste your time and money on getting the wrong hair system at last!

How to Measure Head for Hair System

2. Making Hair System Template-Hairstylists Must-Have Skill

Making a hair system template is also a necessary hairdresser skill every hairstylist must learn to better serve your client.

When your client has a special baldness shape or they ask for a special type of hair system, you need to make a hair system template and send it to your hair system supplier to customize the hair system.


Unlike stock hair systems designed for most hair system wearers that you can hold in stock, custom hair systems can often require more than just a general hair loss size to be exactly the right match. With a template of the users, hair system manufacturers can customize their hair systems in accordance with the right specifics of the wearers, including hair loss size, head shape, scalp curve, and so on.

The things you would need to use for making a template include scissors, plastic wrap, transparent tape, and a marker pen. This article will walk you through complete instructions on making a template for your customer’s step by step.

How to Make a Toupee Template

You can also use this easier method as shown in the video below to make a template with this head template replicator.

3. Hair System Base Cutting-Optional Skill

In some cases, the hair system base of your customers can get slightly larger than their hair loss size, which is usually not a big problem. But to achieve the fittest wear, base cutting, as an extra hairdresser skill, is needed.

Most hair system suppliers will provide base-cutting services so this skill is optional. However, in case you may need to cut the base yourself in the future, you’d better have this skill.

Base cutting is not a complicated job at all, and all you need is just a pair of scissors. Base cutting is not difficult to master, and you will be very good at it after practicing a few times.

For a detailed guide on cutting hair system base effectively, read this article here to find out.

How to Cut the Base of a Hair System to Size

3. Hair System Installation-Hairstylists Must-Have Skill

This hairdresser skill is probably the one that you are going to perform most frequently for your customers. The significance of doing an efficient and outstanding installation job is huge. Attaching the hair system in a way that’s natural and can last long is strongly associated with your client’s satisfaction and whether your client will return back to your salon.

hairstylist must have skills hair-system-installation

Hair systems are usually attached with tape or glue. Which one to choose between tape vs. glue primarily hinges on the base material of the hair systems they wear.

Generally speaking, tape adhesive goes better with the impermeable lace material. Glue, as a liquid, tends to seep through the base and cause damage to the hair consequently.

On the other hand, glue is a more ideal option for the poly base as the hair would be kept entirely away. For another, because glue appears more invisible than tape adhesive, it is recommended to apply glue to more noticeable areas of the hair system, such as the front hairline, to make it appear undetectable. In comparison, the tape is better for strong and durable materials such as lace and PU. Such materials are less vulnerable to tearing and damage.

Check out our blog of the best tapes and glues that are popular among hair system wearers.

Before installing a hair system, make sure to thoroughly shave and clean the area to be attached to the scalp. For a complete hair system installation guide, please check out this article below and a video demonstration to better understand.

Men’s Hair Piece Installation Tutorial: From Beginning to End

4. Haircutting and Styling-Hairstylists Must-Have Skill

This hairdresser skill ought to be a piece of cake for you as that is your specialty as a hairstylist.

However, to save your time, many suppliers would also provide pre-cutting services. At New Times Hair, you can request for hair pre-cutting service when you place the order. So after installing the hair system to your client’s head, you just need to style it in the way your client like, which can save lots of time for both you and your clients.


5. Hair System Removal & Cleaning&Reattachment-Hairstylists Must-Have Skill

In addition to performing hair system attachment for your customers, mastering the right ways of removing and cleaning your customers’ scalps properly also proves an essential hairdresser skill for salon owners and hairstylists.

Typically, your client will return to your salon every 3-4 weeks for hair system removal and reattachment.


There are pretty significant differences between cleaning skin hair systems and lace hair systems.

Regarding removing skin hair systems, spray remover is recommended to release the adhesive before lifting the base away from the scalp. Try to avoid soaking the hair systems in liquid for too long to preserve the shape.

On the other hand, lace hair systems inevitably require more work since the base is not impermeable. It is recommended to soak the lace hair system in water first. And gently peel the hair system tape from the base. Then soak the hair system in liquid solvent for about 30 minutes. And take it out and lay it in a sink.

For a detailed guide on skin hair system removal and scalp cleaning, read this article below to find out.

How to Remove and Maintain a Hair System

7. Hair Dyeing-Hairstylists Must-Have Skill

Like hair styling, hair dyeing is more of a specialty for salons. Most salons already have hair dyeing services. Some hair system wearers want the hair to be dyed into different colors if the hair system is not available in the colors they want. Despite that, there are few differences between dyeing people’s natural hair and dyeing the hair of hair systems, given that most hair systems are made from natural human hair. In addition, the hair of hair systems can be dyed both separately and when worn on the head.

Check out this article along with a video demonstration on how to dye the hair of a hair system properly.

How to Dye Human Hair Toppers

8. Knots Bleaching-Optional Skill

This is a less commonly used hairdresser skill compared to other hairdresser skills mentioned above. You can also request for bleach knots service when you place the order. But it is still good to know how it is done as there are a few customers who could ask for such assistance from you.

Knots bleaching is a very innovative technique in the hair system industry. It works by removing most dark color pigment from the hair roots to make them appear more undetectable and natural-looking. Bleached knots are practically invisible, making the hair appear like it is growing right out from the scalp.


The knots bleaching process is rather complicated and requires numerous steps to be implemented carefully, or things could get messed up easily. One thing to keep in mind is this technique only applies to lace hair systems and does not work for hair colors that are too dark.

On the other hand, as this hairdresser skill is very challenging and demanding, having a good command of it can further distinguish your salon from your rivals and give your business an edge over other hairdresser skills your salon is capable of performing.

Check out this article to have an informative guide on how to perform knots bleaching and the things needed for this hairdresser skill.

How to Bleach Knots on a Wig Like a Professional

New Times Hair Can Help You Succeed

We have finished summarizing all the essential hairdresser skills for salons to succeed in your hair system businesses. Successful hair system salons are usually led by hair system experts that are very knowledgeable about their products and services. After starting a hair system salon, your products are not all your customers need from you. You and your fellows will also be responsible for teaching your customers about the essential skills, such as reattachment methods and maintenance tips, and answering all sorts of inquiries.

As a leading hair system supplier globally, New Times Hair can help fulfill your dream of doing the hair system business successfully. You can expect the very best hair systems on the market for generous offers here. Click to apply for our exclusive wholesale discount if you order in bulk. Apply to be a drop shipper if you are starting a business with a low investment.

If you are new to hair systems and not sure what you need the installation, you can try our startup package——you will find the necessary tools and the most beginner-friendly hair systems for a successful hair system installation.

Still, you can also expect to get all the valuable information and industry knowledge needed to pull off the competition. We have all sorts of professional resources regarding the essential hairdresser skills, including comprehensive product knowledge and business guidance booklet, hair system attachment, and maintenance video tutorials to help you better navigate your hair system business.

Having been a hair system supplier for more than ten years, New Times Hair takes huge pride in helping our salon partners thrive in their hair system businesses. It is known as one of our most important missions. By taking this initiative, we are also helping advance the progress of combating global hair loss problems with our salon partners.

For questions about the other hairdresser skills you are interested in or any other inquiries, please contact us by emailing, and we will get back to you in the most timely manner!

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