Is Pat Sajak Bald? Does He Wear a Hairpiece?

After an April Fool’s Day prank in 2008, rumors about Pat Sajak’s hair have swirled online. People constantly ask, “Is Pat Sajak bald? Does Pat Sajak wear a hairpiece?”

Although he wore a hairpiece during his 2008 prank, Pat Sajak isn’t actually bald.


In the article below, we’ll walk you through Sajak’s toupee prank and how his makeup artists achieved the look. We’ll also provide you with information on how to get the same look with one of our great hairpieces.

Pat Sajak’s April Fool’s Day Prank

People started asking, “Does Pat Sajak have a toupee?” after a prank he pulled during the April 1, 2008 episode of Wheel of Fortune. During the show, he told the audience that he had a big secret that he wanted to finally reveal to viewers.

He claimed that his hair was not his own, but a hairpiece that he wore on his head. Vanna White, the longtime hostess of the show, listened to Sajak as he said that he’d concealed his secret over the course of their decades-long working relationship.


Vanna was shocked, not believing that he’d managed to keep such a massive secret from her for all those years. “I’m gonna ask you to unveil,” he said, prompting Vanna to remove the toupee wig from his head.

As she plucked the toupee from his head, she squealed with surprise. With a broad smile on his face, Sajak turned to the camera, exclaiming that he felt so free now that his secret was out. Vanna clasped the wig in her hands while Sajak wished the audience a “happy April First.”

While Sajak later revealed that the bald head stunt was only a prank, rumors continue to circulate. Many people believe that he wears a hairpiece on a regular basis, mostly because they couldn’t believe his bald head was really a bald cap.

How Wheel of Fortune Created the Prank

Individuals connected to Wheel of Fortune later revealed that they used a baldhead cap and mono toupee wig to achieve the looks needed for Pat Sajak’s prank. The hair and makeup crew applied the bald cap, removed the excess material, and blended the edges to give them a seamless appearance.

Once the bald cap was applied, they placed a mono hair toupee on top. To make sure Vanna White could remove it, they didn’t use adhesive. They didn’t want the bald cap to come off with the hairpiece!

Later, Sajak joked that his toupee for the bit looked better than his real hair. Avid viewers of the show note a slight difference in color between his toupee wig and his regular hair, adding to the credibility of his claim that the whole segment was an elaborate prank.


Ongoing Speculation

Even though the entire scene was revealed as a prank, speculation about Pat Sajak’s hair continues to this day. Many viewers thought they could see bumps from shaving on his head, leading them to believe that the bald head was real (instead of a cap, like Sajak claims).


Most fans believe the rumors since Sajak continues to sport a full head of hair in his old age. The prank and how it’s divided viewers only goes to show how hard it is to tell the difference between natural hair and a high-quality toupee.

How to Achieve Pat Sajak’s Look

People are still talking about Pat Sajak’s toupee prank because of how realistic and convincing his temporary hairpiece was. Although fans can point out small differences between the toupee and his regular hair, the reveal of his bald head managed to shock many viewers.


If you’re looking to recreate his look, New Times Hair has two great options:

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Pat Sajak’s 2008 April Fool’s Day prank continues to be a topic of conversation. Viewers continue to speculate about the status of his hair, wondering if he’s using a hairpiece of blessed with supremely strong roots.

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