So John Travolta Has been Wearing a Wig?

Grease is a movie that has been and will always be relevant. The iconic soundtrack and the outfit will live on in pop culture history forever. Surely the iconic Danny Zuko, played by the iconic John Travolta, will also go with the iconic combo forever. 

Forty years later, at the beginning of 2019, John was again seen dancing his iconic “Grease” dance with his adorable daughter Ella Bleu in a TV commercial. But he was bald. Where was his hair? How did he all of sudden lose all his hair? Has he been wearing a wig or toupee all those years, then?

Comments like these flooded online forums and social media, Quora, Twitter, Facebook, etc., you name it.

“What’s that man doing over there?” “John, where’s your hair?” “John Travolta must have been wearing a wig!” “Does John Travolta wear a toupee?” The list goes on.

How Did the John Travolta Wig Rumor Start?

In fact, John Travolta has never been cagy about his hair loss. Though he’s never admitted to the media in person that he’s a wig or toupee wearer, it has been accepted throughout the years that John Travolta is bald and a toupee wearer.

Maybe I should oblige myself to say, “he was.” As it’s 2022 now, it’s been almost four years since he hit the world with his new shaved-head look.

How Do I Know John Travolta Has Been Wearing a Hairpiece?

Prior to his TV commercial, John showed off his bald head in an Instagram photo with his daughter Ella. That was the first time Travolta revealed his bald head to the world.

In one of his clips, a well-known Youtuber said that John seemed slightly unnatural in the Instagram image. Maybe his heart and mind were yet to settle on how the world, especially his fans, would respond to his transformation before he did. 


And yes, John Travolta was transformed—a man without hair, and he wasn’t entirely comfortable with it in the beginning. He was frowning in the photo. Obviously, he didn’t look as natural as his daughter.

Next to the image, he left a comment: “I hope you all have had a great new year.”

Well done, John. Little did he know that that image gained him another million fans in the following couple of years—and yes, just for his new baldhead look. 

Other Evidence to Prove a Bald John Travolta

Before Travolta tells the world, we may have to keep the guessing game going its rounds. Soon after the Instagram image of his transformed look—that new bald John Travolta—was posted, the Extra show had him in an interview with the hostess, Renee Bargh. 

In the interview, Travolta admitted that he enjoyed his new look. He said it felt much easier this way (perhaps he didn’t have to try different toupees or wigs anymore). He said he felt like a Zoolander and was excited that the bald image had become his fan harvester.

His Hairlines Gave Him Away

John Travolta has been bald for many years. However, he did do a good job of hiding it by wearing different styles of wigs or toupees. How do I know? Or why did I choose to believe that? Here is the proof.


How do they look? The hair looks natural; no one can tell he is wearing a hairpiece. But how about the hairline, then? Sure, the hairline looks real and natural, too. But that’s not the issue.

The issue is that the two images show the same guy with different hairlines!

How come one is a guy with a beauty tip, and the other doesn’t? It looks obvious to me that either one or both hairlines have been tampered with.


How about this one? Unlike Chuck Norris, John Travolta has never shied away from showing off his hairline. From the slick-back to the faux-hawk, comb-over, to name a few, John has tried them all and never shown the slightest reluctance to hide his hairline. But with this one, some sources say they could see glue residue around the roots. 

It doesn’t look obvious to me, though.

People wouldn’t think the hairline wasn’t natural unless they were experts on hair systems like me. Anyway, having said that, his hairline probably caught your attention. If I have to say something negative about his hairline, I would say his toupee may need a touch-up. Or he needed to add knot-bleaching to this one he was wearing.

Still Struggling to Believe John Travolta Bald?

Still finding it difficult to believe John Travolta wore wigs over the years? How about this one? 


That’s a life photo, alright. He was in a gym, doing workouts. The photo was taken by a Redditor in 2016, who caught up with Travolta at 3 a.m. without his everyday hairpiece.

Don’t tell me John Travolta deliberately had his hair cut like that just to meet up with this guy at 3 a.m. as a special occasion. John doesn’t have much hair, and his hairline is quite far back.


How about this one? Yes, John Travolta had his head shaved, and I shouldn’t be able to prove whether he is bald. But let common sense speak for itself: We can clearly see the contour of Travolta’s hair-growing area. That’s not a beauty tip, not even a widow’s peak. That was a severely receded hairline!


And in this HD closeup, John Travolta, 64, was obviously used to being bald. He allowed us to look closely at his scalp. Sure, he looks bald to me: the front of the forehead doesn’t seem to have any hair growing, simple as that.

Possible Solutions for Hair Loss

Most men panic when they notice excessively shed hair on their pillow cover when they wake up or on their palms after combing their hair. 

According to statistics, 80% of men start to show signs of baldness by age 50. Today, the bald population is getting younger by the year, and celebrities are no exception.

Still, we are not alone. Some methods could help us cope with the hair loss problem.

  • Hair Transplant

As its name has it, a hair transplant means moving hair from one place to another. Remember that unless the person has a generous friend willing to donate millions of hair follicles, he must have his OWN hair taken from a hair-rich area and planted in a hair-deficient zone.

An older fashioned hair transplant was called hair plugs. Those were done by the doctor cutting a fairly big area of scalp with from the back of the head and join it to the area(s) where there’s no hair. The method was outdated in the early 2000s. Could anyone have done John Travolta hair plugs? I seriously doubt.

With hair transplants, the person has to make sure that after hair is removed from the “hair-rich area” to cover a bald area, the so-called “hair-rich area” still has enough hair to cover itself. Anyone whose scalp is over 50% bald isn’t suitable for a hair transplant.

Dermatologists state that only half of balding men have healthy enough hair for transplants. Even for those tested and found to be good candidates for hair transplants, no one can guarantee that the newly transplanted hair will grow in the new area.

  • Medication

If hair loss is caused by a disease, some medications may be used to help solve the problem. 

Rogaine is an over-the-counter medicine, meaning it’s nonprescription. It comes in liquid and shampoo forms. But the side effects are usually irritation of the scalp and hair growth on the face and hands where it shouldn’t be.

Plus, if the hair loss isn’t caused by diseases but is due to genetic issues or aging, medication will not help much.

  • Laser Therapy

The Food and Drug Administration has given the green light for a low-level laser device to treat both men and women with hereditary hair loss. 

A few studies have shown that laser therapy improves hair density. However, more research is needed to demonstrate long-term effects. This may take another decade.

  • Hair Replacement Systems

I’m not saying that hair systems or toupees are the best way to solve the balding problem. However, they are harmless, with no side effects. Anyone can use them for whatever reason that’s caused their hair loss. This way, hair replacement systems are, so far, the ultimate solution for the hair loss population.

Hair replacement systems, also known as toupees or hairpieces, like the ones made at New Times Hair, are made of 100% human hair that can mix perfectly with the wearer’s natural hair to give instant volume, length, and a most realistic-looking hairline. They can help achieve all kinds of hairstyles on the planet. More balding Celebrities wear hair systems than those who receive hair transplants.

Hair systems are not those cheap ones sold at dollar shops. They need qualified hairstylists like us to install it for the wearer. Specific non-allergic adhesives or tapes must be used for attaching them. Once attached, the wearer can go swimming or do other sorts of exercises, and the hair system doesn’t go anywhere.

So John Travolta Has been Wearing a Wig?

A Full Head of Hair Is Achievable through Hair Systems

Let’s get back to John Travolta. John Travolta is a balding celebrity, a member of the “most famous bald people club.” 

How about this one? We have proved John Travolta to be a toupee wearer for most of his active years. But how did he look anyway? That full head of hair looks pretty good, doesn’t it? Without being told, most people wouldn’t think he was wearing a toupee or a full-cap wig.


We know for a fact that John Travolta is a toupee wearer. We know he is.

But it doesn’t mean he looks like one.

Let common sense speak for itself again. As one of the millions of John Travolta fans, do you rather dig to find out whether he was a bald man or simply let your mind and soul relax and enjoy the image of a pretty cool-looking guy? That hairpiece doesn’t look fake to me, does it?

NTC1861 French Lace Wig

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  • French lace base grants perfect breathability for the wearer’s scalp.
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  • Fully customizable, including hair color and density.

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If your customer is partially bald and doesn’t need to cover the full head with a full-cap wig, toupee is a great choice for him.


LIGHT 0.03mm ultra-thin skin base hair system has a 90% hair density and a realistic-looking base. It can be easily cut and styled into a full-head-of-hair look.

  • 0.03mm ultra-thin skin base joins seamlessly with the wearer’s natural scalp, creating a super realistic and non-glare look.
  • 100% Remy human hair with a density of 90%, mixed perfectly with the wearer’s natural hair, and parts naturally.
  • Hair is sown to the base in v-loop, no knots can be seen around the roots. It just looks like the hair is growing out of the wearer’s natural scalp.

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HS1V Frontal

If you are concerned mainly with your customer’s front hairline, try this one. HS1V Frontal is a partial hair system that only covers the front hairline.

Again, 100% human hair, thin PU skin, and v-looped hair ventilation, granting a super realistic hairline, and for a more affordable price.

HS1V Frontal has over ten colors available, from black to bright blonde, surely one belongs to your customer.

So John Travolta Has been Wearing a Wig?
  • 0.06mm ultra-thin transparent skin base merits a light, comfortable wearing experience.
  • The skin base melts into the wearer’s natural scalp, making it look more natural and authentic.
  • All hair used is 100% human hair, stitched to the base in V-loops, making the hair root discreet and undetectable.
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Final Thoughts

I don’t think anyone, by this stage, still struggles to believe John Travolta is a bald man who wore a hairpiece throughout his active years. 

Yes, John Travolta wore wigs or toupees for most of his active years. And he looked pretty good in them.

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