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Full Cap Hair Systems 

Men’s full cap hair system is an excellent recipe for individuals suffering from extensive hair loss or thinning hair. They are hair wigs for men designed to provide complete head coverage, ideal for those who are entirely bald due to conditions like alopecia or chemotherapy. Newtimes Hair, a leading full-stack men’s hair wigs manufacturer, specializes in producing a wide range of high-quality full-cap human hair wigs for hair businesses worldwide. With a diverse selection of base designs, shapes, and hair colors, our hair wigs for men are meticulously crafted using top-grade, 100% natural human hair and premium base materials.

Source top-quality men’s full-cap human hair wigs from Newtimes Hair and watch your business thrive! Contact us to learn more about our exceptional men’s full-cap wigs. Click here to get a wholesale account, and you will save heaps. Partner with Newtimes Hair and take your business to new heights with our premium men’s full-cap wigs.

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What are the full cap hair systems?

Full cap hair system is a popular hair loss solution, mainly designed for those who are entirely bald. It covers the wearer’s entire head with natural-looking human hair.

At New Times Hair, we only customize full-cap hair wigs for men according to the measurements you send to us, as scalp size and shape vary from individual to individual.

How much does the full cap hair wig for men cost?

The cost is higher since men’s full-cap hair systems are much larger than regular-sized crown hair pieces. Most full-cap wigs for men cost between $300 and $600. You can save up to 50% if you order in bulk with our wholesale prices.

How do full-cap hair systems stay on?

Full-cap hair wigs are usually attached by tape or glue and sometimes by clips.

➀ Firstly, you need to place the hair wig on your customer’s head and keep it in place.

➁ Then, you can gently move it forward or backward to ensure the front hairline is aligned with your customer’s natural front hairline.

➂ After securing it in place—probably with some attachment tools, such as tape, glue, or clips—style the hair however your customer prefers.

How long do men’s hair wigs last?

The lifespan of a men’s hair wig depends on various factors, such as its base material, hair type, and craftsmanship, as well as how well it is looked after. Out of all these factors, base material plays the most predominant role in determining the lifespan of men’s full-cap wigs, as some bases resist damage and wear better than others.

Typically, mono hair wigs for men have the most extended lifespan of up to 6–12 months, followed by lace and skin wigs. Full French lace hair wigs usually last 3-4 months instead of 1-2 months for full Swiss lace ones.

As for skin base men’s hair wigs, those with a thicker base generally have a longer lifespan. For example, thin skin hair wigs with a 0.03mm skin base can only be worn for a month, while 0.1mm skin wigs can last for 3-6 months.

Base Material


Skin 0.03mm

Around 4 Weeks

Skin 0.06mm

2-3 Months

Skin 0.08mm

3-4 Months

Skin 0.1mm

3-6 Months

Swiss Lace

1-2 Months

French Lace

3-4 Months


6-12 Months

In addition, the lifespan of a men’s full-cap wig may vary depending on whether it is manufactured by a professional men’s wig manufacturer. Men’s hair wigs may last longer than expected if aligned with strict quality control procedures and high-quality materials.

Thus, it is ideal that men’s hair wig vendors and salons partner with a reputed hair system factory or manufacturer that offers premium male hair wigs. That’s the only way to build an excellent reputation and help your business thrive in the long run!

How to make a full cap hair system look natural?

How natural a men’s full cap wig looks is strongly associated with the appearance of the front hairline. The front hairline is the most noticeable area to many, especially with pull-back hairstyles. To have a more natural-looking full cap hair system, the front hairline is the area we should focus on.

An effective way of increasing the naturalness of the front hairline is knot-bleaching. The hair is knotted to the base with lace hair systems. Looking closely into the hair, the knots appear as tiny bulbs, which is noticeable to many. Bleaching these knots in the front hairline section with bleaching powder will effectively invisibilize the hair knots, giving a natural-looking hairline. However, knot-bleaching only works for lace hair systems.

Another common way of achieving a more natural-looking front hairline is to sew the hair of the front hairline section in a graduated pattern. This way, the hair around the front hairline runs in an irregular “Z” pattern instead of a neat line across the upper forehead. A graduated hair pattern makes the front hairline more natural.

Full cap hair systems with a graduated hair pattern around the front hairline resemble a person’s natural front hairline to the fullest, which makes the hair wig look the most natural.

Click to check the techniques we use to craft a more realistic hair system hairline.

Why should I order wholesale full-cap wigs for men from New Times Hair?

As a leading supplier of wholesale full-cap wigs for men, New Times Hair has many attributes that make it your ideal supplier.

Reliable Base Quality
All base materials used in our men’s hair wigs, including French lace, Swiss lace, and monofilament, are carefully sourced from trusted and reputable European suppliers. You can trust the reliability and excellence of our European suppliers when it comes to delivering superior sound quality in our men’s hair wigs.

Top-Grade 100% Premium Human Hair
We only use ethically sourced, 100% natural human hair to make all our men’s full cap hair systems. That is why the hair you get from us looks luscious and silky-smooth. Such premium-quality human hair also maximizes the hair system’s lifespan.

A Wide Range of Choices
New Times Hair manufactures all types of full cap human hair wigs for men. Whether choosing from our preset designs or you have a design in your mind, we can bring it out into reality exactly how you want it.

Competitive Wholesale Prices
New Times Hair provides the best value-for-your-money full cap hair systems. Partner with us, and you will be granted factory-direct prices and save even more when ordering in bulk at wholesale price!