How Long Does a Toupee Last on the Head?

Believably, by the time you clicked on this topic, you had seriously thought about getting toupees for yourself or your clients. But when buying a toupee, you and other toupee wearers may inevitably ask: How long does a toupee last?

Before I delve into the specifics, I must clarify a few things. When you ask, “How long does a toupee last?” The question diverges into two scenarios. One, how long is a toupee’s lifespan? Two, how long does a toupee last on the head?

A toupee’s lifespan is from when you buy it until it is absolutely worn out, at which point you can’t use it anymore and must chuck it in the trash and get a new one. Read our related articles to learn more about a toupee’s lifespan.

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However, this post only focuses on the second question: how long does a toupee last on the head? We are discussing how long a toupee will remain attached to the wearer’s head after it’s installed until it gets less sticky and peels. You must remove and reattach it.


How Long Will the Toupee Glued on Head?

Adhesives and tapes you use play a major role when deciding how long the toupee can stay on.

If appropriately attached, most toupee glues or adhesives will keep the toupee attached to the head for 3–4 weeks.

But we can make adjustments at the wearer’s request.

What if the Wearer Wants a Long-Lasting Hold?

For example, suppose you or your client want the unit to last longer than usual. In that case, consider using longer-acting adhesives.

Typically speaking, glue creates a stronger hold than tapes as they can create a much more seamless intact. However, that doesn’t mean tapes are useless. Some tapes also do a fantastic job of holding. Always check the specifications or ask your supplier before use.

Here we list some popular glue and bondings that provide long-lasting hold.

  • Walker Extenda Bonds: 4weeks+
  • Walker Tape Ultra Hold: 4weeks+

How About If I Don’t Want to Wear It for Too Long and Need Frequent Touchups?

With glued-on toupees or hairpieces, some wearers usually don’t have a long-term plan. They just want to wear them for a little while. Say, they wear them for a couple of days or a week to attend a ball or concert, and then he’ll take them off and put them away. Wearers like these don’t need strong adhesive or tape. All they want is a type of adhesive or tape that grants a fairly strong hold, and when they decide to take them off, washing and cleansing won’t give them a hard time.

There are also wearers who do frequent touchups by themselves. A touchup is when the hairpiece or toupee base lifts a corner or tears a little (usually along the front hairline where it sweats the most), the wearer prefers to clean up the lifting or tearing spot, and apply a little bit of adhesive or tape to re-adhere the lifting or tearing corner. That’s what we call a touchup. They reckon fixing these little problems themselves is way better and more convenient than visiting a hairstylist.

With these two scenarios, the wearer doesn’t need a super strong adhesive or roll of tape. Walker Natural Hold Tape series and Walker Liqui-tape and Mity-Tite are all designed for these purposes.

  • Walker Tape Natural Hold Tape Series, 1-7 Days
  • Walker Liqui Tape,1-7 days
  • Walker Mitty Tite, 1-7 Days

How to Make the Toupee Hold Longer on the Head?

How long does a toupee last on the head? After being attached, with proper care, the adhesive or tape usually lasts 4-6 weeks on average. But how do you make toupees last longer on the head? Here are a few practical tips every wearer and salon owner must know.

Have the Toupee Installed Correctly

How to keep your toupee on longer: Firstly, the toupee must be installed correctly. There’s no room for negotiation. Always remember to get a qualified hairstylist to do the installation for safe hold if you are a newcomer to hair systems.

Finish watching the short videos below. Then you may gain a basic understanding of how to install a men’s toupee.

You can also find more detailed instructions to correctly install a hair system: Men’s Hairpiece Installation Tutorial from Beginning to End.

Cleanse the Wearer’s Scalp and the Toupee Thoroughly

To ensure the hair system stays firm on the scalp, the wearer’s scalp and the toupee base must be as clean as possible before attaching.

The key idea is that the wearer’s scalp and the underside of the base should be absolutely oil-free. Any oil on either the base or the scalp will cause the toupee to slip. Wherever there’s oil remaining, wash it off with alcohol.

Ensure every corner of the scalp is thoroughly cleaned by rubbing alcohol to remove all oils. Then, dry it with a towel. Repeat this step several times till the scalp is absolutely clean and oil-free.

Keeping the underside of the toupee super-clean and oil-free is crucial, too. If you find the tape or glue not sticky to a brand-new hair system, this may be caused by “grease conditioning“, the last process when making the hair system to keep the toupee natural and lustrous. That’s why a new toupee may still have a layer of oil remaining on the underside of the base.

This short 2-min video clearly indicates how to wash a new toupee base oil-free and dry it up properly.

Use of Scalp Protector for Sports Lovers

You probably have noticed in the second half of the video above that after cleansing and shaving the wearer’s scalp, the stylist applied a layer of gluey gel on the scalp surface before using tapes. That’s a scalp protectant.

Scalp protectant is recommended for wearers living an active lifestyle or humid weather, improving hold times.

That’s understandable. Moving around and sweating dramatically, the toupee is prone to come off more easily.

Scalp protectants can create a barrier of protection on the scalp, improving adhesion and duration of bonds.

Not only sports lovers, wearers with sensitive or irritative scalps, and those who frequently get their hair colored or permed may also find scalp protectants beneficial. Here we have Walker again.

A Weekly Check Is a Must!

As mentioned, on average, a toupee usually needs a reinstall once every 4-6 weeks. But that’s not a rule. A weekly touch-up is a must. If the toupee starts lifting from a little corner, dust or other stuff may seep through and build up, causing it to tear or peel even more.

Suppose a tear or lift is found on a weekly self-examination. In that case, the wearer can re-adhere it with adhesives at home. If not, the toupee may soon be lifted even more and gather more dirty stuff. And soon, it will come off completely.

Wearing the Toupee Overly Long Isn’t Recommended

How long does a toupee last on the head? 4-6 weeks on average before a touchup, that’s correct. But say now you use a super strong adhesive to stick the toupee, and it can easily last three months without lifting. Isn’t that good? No! Even if it is a super strong adhesive, we don’t recommend wearing a toupee for too long. Why?

  1. Irritation and itching: Wearing a toupee for too long can cause irritation and itching of the scalp. That’s because the toupee base can trap sweat and dirt over the scalp, which leads to skin irritation.
  2. Hair damage: The toupee can pull on the wearer’s natural hair and cause breakage or damage. The worst scenario is the thinning of the natural hair or even hair loss.
  3. Scalp infections: Wearing a toupee for an extended period makes it warm and moist underneath the base, a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and fungi.
  4. Odor: The toupee traps sweat and bacteria between the scalp and the base, making the head smell. This can be embarrassing and uncomfortable.

To avoid these issues, it is crucial to remove the toupee regularly and clean the scalp and the underside of the base. So it is advisable to visit the stylist for a monthly touchup and get a proper wash. That may maximize the toupee’s lifespan.


After all, how long does a toupee last on the head? That depends on several variables, such as the adhesive or tape used for attachment, toupee quality, and the condition of the wearer’s scalp. On average, the toupee may remain attached for 4-6 weeks before a touchup.

The toupee may last longer on the head with suitable long-acting adhesives or tapes. However, wearing the toupee for an extended period is not advised. For it may cause hair damage, scalp irritation, infections, etc. To maintain scalp and hair health, it is crucial to remove the toupee regularly for a touchup, cleansing it, and giving the scalp a break.

Above all, following the manufacturer’s guidelines for adhesives and attached tapes is advised. To maintain the healthy condition of the scalp, it is best to seek advice from hair experts on keeping the scalp and hair healthy while wearing a toupee.

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