“CC” and “A” Front Contour – Most Commonly Used Front Contour for Men’s Hair Toupee

There are various front contours for men’s hair toupee, and the most commonly used are “CC” and “A” front shapes. Most of the customers like these 2 shapes on the front. CC is more round and A is a little sharper.  Please find the hair toupee pictures with the “CC” front contour below:

And the “CC”  is not only used on the front but also can be used on the back contour, the below picture is just a toupee with a “CC” shape both on the front and back.  


The “A” front shape is also widely used on men’s toupees.  Please find the pictures as below:  


Check out all of our front contour samples via the link below, you can also send your temples to us or send a drawing with the shape you want. Free free to contact us if you have any other questions.

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