10 of the Best Hair Systems for Women and Their Styling Options

Before and after an elderly lady had one of the best hair systems for women installed to her head and the hair styled

Do women wear hair systems or toupees? Yes, toupees and wigs cater to both men and women alike. Toupees or hair systems are a hassle-free and non-invasive approach for men and women suffering from hair loss or thinning.

As with men’s hair systems, women’s hair systems usually cover the area(s) of the head where the natural hair is absent or scarce. The only difference is that women’s toupees typically have longer hair than men’s.

In this post, we’ve listed 10 exquisite hair systems for women as examples to showcase how premium toupees help women combat hair loss or thinning and elevate the woman’s look with elegance.

What Are Women’s Hair Systems?

Like men, women also wear hair systems for the same purpose: to cover bald or thinning areas on the head while looking good at the same time. However, women’s hair systems are also called “women’s toupees” or “hair replacement systems,” meaning a hairpiece covering the head partially for hair loss or thinning.

detailed parts of hair systems for women

How Do Women’s Hair Systems Work?

One significant difference between women’s hair systems (or women’s toupees) and wigs is that women’s hair systems, or toupees, are used to cover hair loss. In contrast, women primarily use wigs for makeovers, except medical wigs are for women suffering from hair loss due to chemo or alopecia.

The toupees or hair systems for women, start at the base. It serves as the foundation of the hairpiece. It is where human or synthetic hair is installed. Bases are typically made from lace, PU, monofilament, or hybrid materials of two or three combined. The purpose is to mimic the wearer’s natural scalp.

Hair systems for women could be attached using tape or glue; some clients will use clips. Toupees or hair systems are made to cover areas where hair is scarce or missing on the scalp. So after being attached to the wearer’s head, the toupee hair blends seamlessly with the wearer’s natural hair, and it looks like the wearer has a full head of lush, natural hair. No one can tell this is a woman wearing a hairpiece.

How Long Will a Women’s Hair System Last?

Most hair systems for women are semi-permanent. The lifespan of hair systems for women ranges from 1 to 12 months, depending on the base material and hair quality. In between, the toupee does get loose and peel off. It’s time to take it off, wash it, and reattach it again. Regular washing, conditioning, and styling are necessary to maintain the toupee’s longevity.

Women’s Hair Systems Before & After

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Before and after our client had one of our women's hair systems installed and styled
Our Client Feedback
Before and after our client had one of our women's hair systems installed and styled (2)
Our Client Feedback
Before and after one of our Afro clients had one of our women‘s hair systems installed in a salon
Our Client Feedback
Before and after one of our older lady customers had one of our women's hair systems attached and the hair styled (4)
Our Client Feedback

What Are the Best Hair Systems for Women?

Now we know the best hair systems for women, how they differ from wigs, and how they work. These 10 of the world’s best women’s toupees offered by New Times Hair represent the epitome of quality and style. Let’s use them as examples to help us explore further and discover the incredible transformations women’s hair systems can bring.

1. INSEU Injected Hair System for Women

INSEU hair systems for women has a 0.08-mm PU skin base. The hair used is 100% European human hair sourced from ethical donors. European hair is the rarest and most delicate on the planet, blending perfectly with Caucasian hair types. The hair is injected into the base, so the roots are knotless, like natural hair growing from a natural scalp. Injected hair can be combed in any direction; styling it is a piece of cake.


  • European human hair is used to help the wearer achieve a soft, sleek, and sheeny appearance.
  • 0.08 mm of thin skin melts perfectly into the wearer’s scalp, making the hairline and parts undetectable.
  • The hair is injected into the base so the roots appear knotless, and the hair can be styled freely.
  • Three hair lengths and six colors are available to suit all sorts of hairstyles and personalities.

Other Specifications:

Base MaterialInjected thin skin 0.08mm
Base Size8″x10″
Front ContourCC
Hair TypeEuropean hair
Hair Length6″, 8″, 10″
Curl & WaveNatural Straight
Hair DensityMedium
Hair Color (NT COLOR RING)#2, #4, #5, #6, #7, #20
Lifespan2-3 months

Styling Options:

Women’s hair systems can also be trimmed, curled, straightened, etc. There are 3 hair lengths available for our Inseu women’s hair systems: 6″, 8″, and 10″. Each can be styled into its own specific hairstyle. As a stylist, you can also dye the hair to your client’s desired color.

inseu women's toupee styling options
  • A Brunette Makeover: With 8,” you are looking at medium-length hairstyles. A brunette makeover of the toupee hair is a gentle way to add definition to her facial features. If your client’s hair tends to wash out easily, get darker versions.
  • Center Part and Soft Waves: Again, with 8″, get the #7 color, make a center part and soft waves, and gently dye the hair system hair and the wearer’s natural hair into face-framing balayage highlights. This will create an easy-to-style hairdo.
  • Dark Blonde with Curled Ends: With the 10″ one, you will have many more options for longer hairstyles. A dark blonde with curled ends is always in style. If you like the waves of the girl on our product page, get one with the #20 color, and boom, there she is.

2. HS27 Monofilament Hair System for Women

It is said that durability and beauty cannot go together regarding women’s hair systems or toupees. But with HS27, the two are in perfect harmony. Monofilament is the most durable material for toupee bases. HS27’s base is strengthened by a PU perimeter and weft in the back. This also allows for easier attachment of tapes and glues.


  • 100% premium human hair is tied to the base in double-split knots, which will never come off.
  • A monofilament base with a perimeter and weft strengthened by PU creates a sturdy base structure.
  • A perfect choice for hairstylists, salon owners, cosmetology schools, and hair clinics across the globe
  • Over 20 hair colors suit a wide range of preferences and personalities.

Other Specifications:

Base MaterialFine mono with skin gauze front and NPU sides and back
Base Size8″x10″
Hair TypeIndian hair
Hair Length5″
Hair Curl30mm
Hair DensityMedium
Hair Color (LTD COLOR RING)#1, #1A, #1B, #1B10, #1B20, #1B40, #2, #210, #220, #240, #3, #310, #320, #340, #4, #410, #420, #440, #4ASH, #5, #6, #7, #7ASH, #18, #22
Lifespan6 months

Precautions: You may also use glue or other harmless liquidized adhesives. But this must be very meticulously done. Put the glue or adhesives on the PU straps, and when you press the hairpiece to the scalp, ensure the glue will not seep through the edges and get stuck on the hair.

Styling Options:

This batch of hair systems for women has a unified hair length 5″, but around 20 hair colors are available. HS27 is only for short hairstyles. You may have to stick to various pixie styles for a look of confidence.

hs27 women's toupee styling options
  • A Short Pixie with Fringe: A short pixie with fringe can go with any hair color. Given that the hair system hair is mixed well, if your client wants a low-maintenance style, this is an excellent option for her. It doesn’t require frequent touch-ups, alleviating the hairpiece from heavy styling. It particularly suits women with round or heart-shaped faces.
  • Side-Swept Pixie: When the women’s toupees only have a length of 5″, a side-swept pixie with a gray balayage is another excellent try. #1B40 is the suitable color to go with. You can go directly for the balayage without lightening and toning the hair in advance.
  • Wavy Pixie: A wavy pixie with a side part proves how easily toupee hair can be shaped. A soft pixie ‘do with a side part works ideally to be edgy and elegant on the same canvas. A lighter or grayish color will go great with this style.

3. HS27+ Fine Mono Hair Systems for Women with Skin Gauze Perimeter and Lace Front

A smartly designed PU skeleton strengthens the fine monofilament base of HS27+, making it simpler to attach adhesives or tape. The women’s hair system has a lace front to give the most realistic-looking hairline. HS27+ is also for wearers with short hair.


  • A durable monofilament base with a skin perimeter strengthens it and makes it easy to attach tapes or adhesives.
  • A lace front is super breathable, giving a natural-looking hairline.
  • The hair at the front is bleached, making it look like natural hair.
  • Over 20 hair colors, some with a percentage of gray hair, are available to suit all age groups and ethnicities.
  • The hair can be curled to 30 mm.

Other Specifications:

Base MaterialFine mono with skin gauze perimeter and French lace front
Base Size8″x10″
Hair TypeIndian hair, (Grey hair for up to 50% is synthetic)
Hair Length5″
Hair DensityMedium
Hair Color (LTD COLOR RING)#1, #1A, #1B, #1B10, #1B20, #1B40, #2, #210, #220, #240, #3, #310, #320, #340, #4, #410, #420, #440, #4ASH, #5, #6, #7, #7ASH, #18, #22
Lifespan3-6 months

Styling Options:

The HS27+ has a hair length of 5″, made explicitly for short hairstyles. The base has a reasonably strong PU skeleton and is particularly robust at the top and back. Various pixies and pixie bobs will be ideal for these women’s hairpieces.

hs27+ women's toupee styling options
  • Dark Copper Pixie Bob with Layers: A messy, dark copper-layered pixie bob with a tapered nape perfectly frames the face and keeps it light and airy. You can easily make it using a round hair brush and a flat iron to add textures and finish it with a light hairspray.
  • Messy Dark Brown Pixie Bob: Wearing a messy texture will give the pixie bob a lived-in and modern feel. Don’t cut it too short around the face and ears to keep it softer and more feminine.
  • Bixie with Feathered Layers for Fine Hair: This style goes well with women over 60, particularly for its short layers. The pixie cut with feathered layers will bring life back to limp hair, especially for wearers wanting an uplifted look and style with little to no maintenance or time to style.

4. N6W Swiss Lace Hair System for Women

When attached, do you think the hairline will be visible to you? Can you tell the person is wearing a women’s hair system? I don’t think so. Lace is considered the best base material for being breathable and looking natural. When installed, lace appears colorless against the wearer’s skin.


  • The Swiss lace base is thinner, finer, breathable, and natural-looking.
  • The knots at the front are bleached to achieve a knotless look along the front hairline.
  • A clear PU perimeter strengthens the hairpiece, making it easy to attach adhesives or tapes.
  • With a medium-heavy hair density, 100% premium human hair is used, making it ideal for many styling options.
  • Four hair colors and four lengths are available, so wearers can sport a wide variety of hairstyles.

Other Specifications:

Base Size7″x9″
Hair Length14″, 16″, 18″, 20″
Hair TypeIndian hair
Hair Color (NT COLOR RING)#1B, #2, #4, #6

Styling Options:

Not to worry. Our premium hair systems for women have the best colors and lengths for countless styling options. The hair lengths of these Swiss lace toupees for women range from 14 to 20″. The hair is mainly dark, giving it a unique allure and adding an abstract charm that enhances the wearer’s attractiveness.

n6w women's toupee styling options
  • Live-in Blunt Cut with a Soft Undercut: With long hair, heaps of ‘dos are possible. A lived-in blunt cut with a soft undercut is perfect for women on the go. Recommend the #4 color for your customer, and add a few waves to add texture to her hair. This style will be perfect if she wants a fun and effortless look.
  • Long, Blonde Ombre: A long, blunt ombré will act best when using a 30-inch one. We guarantee that only some of your clients will refuse ombre. Keeping the ends blunt with sharp lines will create a sense of fullness.
  • Long, Dark Brunette with a Bang: If your client prefers dark tones, get her a #1B. Bangs can never go wrong with a long, dark brunette. Long, dark brunette hair with choppy fringes is the name. It combines the beauty of long hair with the edginess of a choppy fringe. Cut the hair to a long length, adding layers to give the hair movement and texture.

5. Silicone Wig for Alopecia and Medical Hair Loss

Many call it a wig, but it is not really a wig in our terms. It is one of the women’s hairpieces that covers those who’ve lost all their hair due to chemotherapy or other medical reasons. Of course, it transforms the wearer’s look completely. It is not attached to the head using adhesive or tape; the silicone strips make the installation super easy.


  • 100% premium hair is used for the women’s hair system, including Chinese hair, Chinese virgin hair, European hair, etc.
  • The hair is lifted and injected into the base to give it a bouncy look. It is available for many styling options.
  • Without using adhesive or tape to attach, it has silicone strips, so the wearer can simply put it on, and it will stay.
  • Silicone women’s hairpieces are available for wholesale, retail, reselling, and hair specialists.

Styling Options:

The hair length of 18″ is medium and will meet all their styling needs. The toupee hair quality is excellent and can endure various coloring and styling options. However, as they are not glued or taped to the head, cutting gently without much pulling or rubbing is better.

md02 women's toupee styling options
  • Balayage Black Hair: Balayage has long been a hair color staple, as it gives the woman a subtle, flattering lift. Recommend balayage caramel highlights to create dimension and movement in your customer’s style.
  • Black + Brown Highlights: Adding some highlights to the black base color can be a little tricky and also depends on the undertones of your client’s skin. Caramel and coppery auburn will work beautifully with the black locks if she has warm tones. Blend the highlights from mid-lengths, creating a ‘sun-kissed’ effect, illuminating her face.
  • Black Hair Lob: All fashion editors worldwide adore the black hair lob. It’s a low-maintenance hairstyle that can be adapted for all hair textures and face shapes. The toupee hair length of 18″ has the most styling options available. It looks excellent when styled wavy or kept straight and smooth.

6. Full French Lace Women’s Hair System: Custom Made

A smartly designed full-lace hair system for women, the hair system has a full-French lace base. Lace is the most breathable and comfortable material and looks natural on the head. If your client wants a hairpiece tailor-made for her, you can order directly from us.


  • The full-lace base is soft, comfortable, and has the most natural-looking hairlines and parts.
  • The elastic strap allows for easy adjustment.
  • Custom-made, clients can choose their favorite hair colors and lengths.
  • Robust, lightly colored Chinese hair is used, enduring heavy styling options.

Styling Options:

Most of our clients who have selected this hairpiece tend to gravitate toward the exquisite beauty of the blonde shade. Who knows! Long blonde hairstyles may inspire your next bombshell look.

ntw8020 women's toupee styling options
  • Buttery Golden Blonde on a Long Straight Cut: We can color for you before we ship these hair systems for women. Get this rich, buttery golden blonde balayage; light brown roots blend with baby lights to create a seamless look from top to bottom. You or your client can wear it naturally straight or curled, and the color will pop.
  • Side-Swept Style for Long Blonde Hair: Buttery, soft locks with a side-swept style is always worth showing off. A long blonde, when done correctly, can be super low-maintenance. Pairing it with a side-swept part will give it a fuller-looking appearance.
  • Long Blonde Hair with Curled Ends: This one is pretty straightforward but does all the tricks. To achieve this look, remember to use heat protection. Blonde hair needs tender, loving care to maintain its healthy shine.

7. Custom Women’s Hair Replacement System with Highlight Blonde

NJC2070 has a French lace base, making it perfectly breathable and comfortable. The PU perimeter around the edge strengthens the base, makes attaching it easier with tape or adhesive, and is easy to clean. The blonde hair color has a checkered pattern; keep it on top of trends. Again, it’s custom-ordered; if your clients prefer a full-lace hair system tailor-made, contact us immediately.


  • A soft French lace base maximizes breathability and comfort while giving the wearer the most natural look.
  • The PU perimeter strengthens the French lace and makes the hair system easy to attach and clean.
  • It is custom-made to suit each individual’s needs.
  • Chinese virgin hair is used for durability and multiple styling and dyeing options.

Styling Options:

The default hair length is 14″, which fits into the medium-length category. Though not long, it’s long enough to put up and be styled into several hairstyles, such as funky, modern, fun, and flirty, for every toupee wearer to try and test.

Styling options of njc2070 hair system for women
  • Medium Blonde with a Bright Money Piece: The hair in a checkered pattern has already been highlighted. Having daylight highlights near the root will give her natural root some lightness. You can also use a shadow root to defuse the root even more.
  • Dark Dirty Medium Blonde: A creamy, bright blonde will liven up the style she already has and keep her modern. Mix purple shampoo with regular shampoo if the purple tone is too grabbing.
  • Blonde Layers for Medium Hair: Blonde layers will always keep her glowing like a bombshell. A soft money piece combined with face layers is a perfect match.

8. Frontal Hair Systems for Women: A Invisible Hairline

It’s better to show than to tell. But I still need you to tell us if you can see the lady wearing a women’s hair system. I don’t think you can because I can’t. The PU base is fused into the scalp as one piece. The hair is just like the wearer’s natural hair. That’s how we use frontals to help fix ladies’ receding hairlines. They are easy to use and cheaper to have.


  • 0.06 mm ultra-thin translucent skin base merits a comfortable and weightless wearing experience.
  • The frontal base melts perfectly into the scalp, presenting an undetectable hairline.
  • 100% human hair is v-looped to the base, creating the look that the hair is growing out of her natural scalp and can be freely styled.
  • It only covers the front hairline section, making installing it cheaper and easier.
  • Over 10 hair colors are available to suit various looks.

Other Specifications:

Base Material0.06mm thin skin
Base Size7″x4″
Front ContourStandard
Hair TypeIndian hair
Hair Color (Frontal)#1, #1A, #1B, #2, #3, #4, #4ASH, #5, #6, #7, #7ASH, #18, #22
Hair Length5″
Hair DensityMedium-light to medium

Styling Options:

Another bunch of excellent hair systems for women, their hair length is only 5″ for this frontal, and it only covers the front hairline section. You can cut the toupee hair to the wearer’s desired size and let it be an integral part of the overall hairstyle. What I can see are bangs.

hs1vfrontal hair system for women with styling options
  • Medium to Long Layers with a Curtain Fringe: If your client’s hair is medium to long, add long layers and cut the frontal hair into a curtain fringe. The best way of keeping this look is to book regular haircut appointments.
  • A soft Curtain Fringe on a Short Bob Cut: Spice up your client’s short bob with a soft curtain fringe. A curtain fringe accentuates her features and also adds interest to her shape. If you are nervous about fringes, try going for a length between the lip and nose with a soft layer.
  • Choppy Bangs on Long Ombre Hair: Long ombre hair with choppy bangs creates a bold, textured look. It’s perfect for women wanting a modern and trendy style. This style works best for women with square-shaped faces.

9. PU Frontal Toupee for Women: Another Partial Hair System for Fixing Receding Hairlines

This is another masterpiece for helping women fix receding hairlines. It’s available in 3 sizes to suit all wearers’ heads.


  • Premium human hair from ethical donors is used and is available in over 10 colors.
  • 3 base sizes suit all head sizes: 6 * 1″, 6 * 1.5″, and 6 * 2″.
  • Lightweight and economical, they fix all receding hairlines.
  • An invisible base melts into the scalp, achieving an invisible hairline.

Other Specifications:

Base Material0.06mm thin skin
Base Size6″x1″, 6″x1.5″, 6″x2″
Front ContourStandard
Hair TypeIndian hair
Hair Length5″
Hair Color (Frontal)#1, #1A, #1B, #2, #3, #4, #4ASH, #5, #6, #7, #7ASH, #18, #22
Hair DensityMedium-light to medium
Hair Curl30mm

Styling Options:

Hair frontals with a hair length of 5″ are mainly used to cover the front hairline. What are the best hairstyles for these frontals? All I can think of are bangs and fringes. Let’s just get a few more of them.

pu-frontal women's toupee styling options
  • Short Baby Bangs: One of the edgiest looks that draw great attention is blunt baby bangs. Unlike the classic bob, this chin-length sharp cut is updated with semi-short bangs.
  • Long-Layered Hair with Short Uneven Bangs: This style will give your client something quirky and fun. It lets her keep long hair on the fun side with a textured bang. They will easily last your client a few days for a perfectly effortless look.
  • Short and Thin Bangs: Cut your client’s hair to neck-length and use the frontal with #18 color to get this cut. The blunt bangs will add texture and visual interest. The shorter length keeps the hair from becoming weighted down.

10. Hair Patches for Women with Alopecia

Women suffering from alopecia areata could have one or multiple hairless spots on their heads. WPT hair patches, which are lightweight, easy to apply, and economical, are the perfect fix. Pick a hair patch similar in size and shape to the hair loss spot, cut it into the same shape, and stick it. That’s all you need to do. The hair will blend perfectly with the rest of the wearer’s hair and go nowhere.


  • WPT hair patches are lightweight, clingy, economical, and easy to attach.
  • It only covers the hair loss spots, keeping the wearer’s head nice and cool.
  • 100% Remy hair suits all styling options and holds color permanently.
  • 3 sizes are available to fit all hairless spots, and each patch can be cut into smaller sizes for a perfect fit.

Other Specifications:

Gross Weight0.003 kg
Base Material0.08mm thin skin
Base Size1″×1″, 2″×2″, 3″×3″
Hair Length14″
Hair TypeRemy hair

Styling Options:

All our hair patches have a default hair length of 14″. It can be applied everywhere that’s hairless. The premium women’s toupee human hair will blend perfectly with the remaining hair; no one can tell this is a hairpiece wearer. It can easily join the rest of the hair to be styled into your client’s desired look.

Why Do I Source Women’s Toupees from New Times Hair?

  • New Times Hair offers on-time delivery; most clients receive orders within 7 days.
  • All our women’s toupees have human hair. We source hair from reliable suppliers worldwide, ensuring high-quality product materials, and have built great repute.
  • All our base materials, such as monofilament and lace, are imported from Europe; you can rest assured that our product quality is top-notch.
  • New Times Hair eliminates middlemen; with a factory of our own, we allow all our customers to benefit from a maximum profit margin without compromising on quality.
  • New Times Hair is a full-stack provider offering comprehensive support for online ordering; our website calculates a final wholesale price, including discounts, making it convenient for customers to determine costs.
  • Customers can get a wholesale price by ordering just three pieces.
  • New Times Hair has helped numerous stylists start their hair businesses by offering OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) services.


Women wear toupees or hair systems to cover hair loss or thinning. Unlike wigs and hair toppers, women’s hair systems are similar, if not the same, as men’s toupees in that hair loss areas are covered. The installation techniques mainly include shaving the hair loss area and sticking the toupee using glue or tape. Toupees are a non-invasive and effective method to help women cope with hair loss.

We went through 10 of the world’s best hair systems for women provided by New Times Hair and their styling options. Did we leave anything out? Feel free to add it in the comment section.


What is the difference between hair systems for women and hair toppers?

It’s nothing more than how we define these items. Hair toppers are mainly for women. Conventionally, when we mention “hair toppers,” we mean hair toppers for women. Men rarely wear toppers.

Most women’s hair loss occurs on the top of their crown, so hair toppers are typically designed for them. Women’s hair toppers only cover the top of the crown, not the forehead. Most hair toppers are installed using clips, while women’s hair systems are installed using tape and glue, like men’s.

I want the best human hair systems for women. Where to buy?

There’s nothing so fancy about women’s hair systems made of human hair. Let’s ask ourselves, “What do women’s toupees consist of?”
·    Hair Systems for Women Are Determined by Base, Hair, and Craftsmanship
With most women’s hair systems, such as mono, lace, and PU, the human hair gets injected, v-looped, or knotted to the base. We call these procedures ventilation. Suppose we have the best base material, premium human hair, and craftsmanship. In that case, you can confidently say that you now have the best women’s toupee made of human hair.
·    Order a Few to Test before Ordering in Bulk
It doesn’t matter how much the supplier sells you for. New Times Hair is well-known for providing top pieces for thinning hair at the most affordable prices. Our MOQ is only 3 pieces. We suggest you order 3 of any hairpiece at a discounted wholesale price. Try them out, then decide if you want to order from us in bulk.
·    End Users Will Save Money Ordering in Bulk
Hair systems are semi-permanent hair loss solutions. They won’t remain attached to the head forever. If you are an end user of hairpieces, you may also need 3–4 per year. Getting them in bulk for a discounted wholesale price and installing them at a salon near you will also help you save heaps in the long run.

Which one is better? Women’s hair systems or a hair transplant?

Hair transplants are considered a permanent solution for women and men suffering from hair loss. Theoretically, once the hair gets transplanted, it should remain planted for the rest of the person’s life. In reality, this is not the case.
·    Most People’s Hair Isn’t Fit for Hair Transplants
A hair transplant is when the hair surgeon grafts a piece of the scalp that has hair from the person’s head (usually the back) and plants it in a hair-deficit zone (the top of the crown). Less than half of the population has hair healthy enough for a hair transplant. Even if the hair is successfully transplanted, no doctor worldwide can guarantee it will remain planted forever.
·    It’s Not Guaranteed That The Hair Will Stay Planted
Take That star Robbie Williams had a successful transplant in the early 2000s. However, in less than 10 years, the hair fell out again. The myth was that he had to wear a wig or hair system for his 2022 Qatar World Cup show. Plus, hair transplants are expensive. No one can guarantee the patient will get her desired density. A hair transplant is usually painful and leaves the patient with scars.
·    Hair Systems or Toupees Give Instant Results and Affordable
Women’s toupees are a non-invasive solution for hair loss. It’s affordable and quickly adds length and volume to the wearer’s hair. They provide instant results and are versatile. All hairstyles on the planet are achievable with human hair toupees for women.

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Are you new to China or the hair-making industry and feeling a bit lost about where to start? Sherry is your go-to expert. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of our products and services, Sherry will help you identify the perfect product combo aligning with your business needs and client requirements.

Grew up in Yantai, and moved to Qingdao in 2015 with a medical background, Sherry’s thoughts are beyond simply selling hairpieces. She cares about the end user’s health, too. In the process of sourcing the most suitable hairpieces for your clients, it’s worthwhile to pay attention to what Sherry says in terms of scalp health and hairpiece maintenance. You can think of her as a comprehensive, yet concise hairpiece encyclopedia, equipped to offer you top-notch recommendations and ideas for exceptional customer service.

  • How would people in the office describe you?

At our end-of-year conference, my colleagues agreed that I’m a warm hearted, positive, and easy-going teammate. It gives me a sense of reward.

  • Do you have a phobia? If you do, what is it?

I don’t like being confined in a very small space. I believe it was due to a childhood experience. When I was six years old, I accidentally tripped and fell into a shallow well. I had to wait for two hours before I was found. Since then, I’ve found I just can’t tolerate the idea of being alone. I guess that makes me an active team player.

  • You are happiest when…

This may sound boastful, but it’s true. It’s just part of my nature to help others. When I actually see that what I did for them has helped them achieve something, it just makes me excited.

  • Which mens/womens hair system do you sell the most? Why that model?

I recomend HS25V. Oftentimes I’d introduce this model to my new clients to start with, so they can introduce this to their new clients see if hair systems are what really suit them, before they carry on with lace or mono hair systems.


Winni Yu

Sales Representative


Born in Weifang, China’s kite capital, and moved to Qingdao in 2013, Winni has never looked back. Since joining Newtimes Hair, Winni has been a dynamo of efficiency and innovation. She is a problem-solver brimming with ideas and has become a vital part of our team.

From your first contact with Winni to the moment your orders are delivered, Winni ensures a smooth and exciting experience. With her at the helm, the business isn’t just easy but exhilarating, and every challenge becomes an opportunity for innovation.

Transitioning from a client developer to a retention specialist, throughout the years, Winni has successfully assisted numerous clients in solving their issues, particularly concerning product details, logistics, or custom hiccups.

  • What hobbies and interests do you have?

I’m into so many things. All the popular stuff you name: Swimming, badminton, running, all for keeping me in good shape.

  • How would people in the office describe you?

They keep calling me “pretty Winni pretty brainy.” I’d take that as a compliment. I’d say I’m generally pretty fast in term of thinking and figuring out solutions. My teammates often turn to me for help, too. And It turned out that most of the time my ideas worked for them.

  • Do you have any pet hates?

I’m a typical town girl, you know. I’m into cats and dogs. But things like snakes, all sorts of insects, and hamsters; they are not my cup of tea. So, never get them near me.

  • Which mens/womens hair system do you sell the most? Why that?

Most of my clietns are after Q6. And their clients happened to be guys who are into hair systems that are durable and natural. Q6 is a pretty good pick for them. With proper care, it should easily last 6 months.


Tori Zhang

Sales Representative


Tori or Victoria to be exact, originally from Heze, brought her passion for life to Qingdao in 2016. An avid reader with a Teacher’s Qualification Certificate, Tori is known for her professional yet intriguing persona at the office.

As a quick learner, Tori always looks at customer’s needs from a tutor’s perspective. She has a sharp mind, is capable of picking up anything her client is unclear with, and offers the explanation in detail, making sure you understand it.

At Newtimes Hair, Tori thrives on the thrill of a sale, her triumphs now fueling the empowerment of her peers. Her journey at Newtimes Hair is marked by three profound words: abundant, proficient, and revolutionary.

  • Tell us an interesting fact about yourself other than your qualifications, your job.

I’m always fascinated about an exotic lifestyle. I really wish I could travel a lot, go to many different countries, and try their local gourmet food, and get in touch with the locals to actually have a feel of their culture.

  • Do you have a phobia? If you do, what is it?

I’m always afaid of heights. With any tall buildings, be it a chimney or TV tower, I look at it, and imagine I’m looking down right from the top, it will give me sweaty palms.

  • Do you have any pet hates?

Not at all. I generally love all pets. Dog, cats, guinea pigs, rabits, etc. I love them.

  • Do you have a favourite quote?

When you feel tired,it means you are walking uphill. I believe this quote as a truth that gives me a lift whenever I’m down. I believe there’s no gain without pain. Without trying, we can’t achieve anything.

  • Which men’s/women’s hair system do you sell the most? Why that model?

With me personally, the best-selling hair system has been HS1. It has what it’s required out of a good quality hair system, in terms of a natural-looking hairline, undetectable scalp, etc. Most wearers and salon owners are familiar with it. Plus, all our clients have faith in the quality of this hair system. According to their feedback, this is an easy-to-attach, easy-to-maintain hair system for both men and women.


Ivan Mu

Sales representative


Born and raised in a quiet town named Binzhou, China, where the Yellow River whispers its final secrets to the ocean. Ivan’s life was set to transform in ways he could hardly imagine. After completing college in Qingdao, young Ivan little knew that this vibrant coastal city would capture his heart and chart a new course in his life.

Ivan joined Newtimes Hair in mid-2022 soon after his graduation from his master’s. As a trilingual and someone with a professional understanding of Western cultures, Ivan plays a critical role in establishing customer relations in the US and Europe. His approachable nature and a mind of precision make him an invaluable asset to the team.

  • How would people in the office describe you?

I eardrop, and I hear them talking about me. I’m optimistic, proactive, and very friendly, and eager to help.

  • What is something you would love to do in the future?

I love basketball. And I’m a basketball freak. You can call me that. That’s just me. I’m looking at organizing a basketball team in the near future. 

  • Do you have a phobia? If you do, what is it?

I don’t know why I share the same gene with Doraemon. I’m scared of rats. I’m a 6’3″, but I hate rats; seeing one really freaks me out.

  • Which men/womens hair system do you sell the most? Why that model?

New Australia. When it first came out in early 2023, it made me top of sales. I think most wearers like it because at the design statge, our experts considered all possible aspects people could want from a hairpiece, such as a natural look, a level of comfort, and affordablity; it’s similar to lace, but most wearers can afford.