How To Use Tape On a Hair System?

NT 700-300

There are many tapes on the market which come in both roll form and single strips.

With roll tape you can cut it to the size and shape you want.

Tape strips generally come in 3 different hair line shapes A, C and CC.

Different tapes have different lifespans. 3M and red liner tapes are great for 1-3 days if you like to take off your hairpiece every day or every 2 days. Blue tape lasts for 5 days up to a week so it’s a good choice if you take off your system weekly.  If you want a longer lasting tape, you can try ultra hold which lasts about 1-2 weeks.

As you may know, “Walker” is the most famous brand of tape, and we source genuine Walker Brand tape to satisfy our clients’ needs:

Lace Front Support Tape

Lace Front Support tape is a top seller for long lasting hold. Famous for its dull finish and blue liner. It is available in rolls of 3 yards x 1/2” width, 3 yards x 3/4” width, 3 yards x 1” width, 12 yards x 3/4” width, and 12 yards x 1” width.

We have Lace front support tape in 36 piece bags in shapes A, C and CC.

No Shine Tape

No-shine is a leader for its strength and longevity. With its dull finish, it’s virtually invisible through the unit. It’s made with urethane which makes the tape flex with your skin. It is available in 3 yards x 1/2” width, 3 yards x 3/4” width, 3 yards x 1” width, 12 yards x 3/4” width, and 12 yards x 1” width.

We have No Shine Tape in 36 piece bags, in shapes A, C and CC.

Ultra Hold Tape

Ultra hold tape is super tacky and very flexible. It is the longest-holding Walker brand tape available. It’s comparable to super tape, Extenda-Bond, Air Flex and GeoBond. It is available in 3 yards x 1/2” width, 3 yards x 3/4” width, 3 yards x 1” width, 12 yards x 3/4” width, and 12 yards x 1” width.

We have Ultra Hold Tape in 36 piece bags in shapes A, C and CC.

Extenda-Bond Plus

Extenda-Bond Plus has one of the longest hold times of all these tapes (2-4 weeks). It uses fingerprint technology which gives it a dull finish. It once again has a blue liner.

Apart form Walker tape, we also have Super tape in rolls of 3 yards x 1” and 36 piece bags with shapes A, C and CC.

How to use tape to attach a hair system?

If you are a hairstylist then you will probably have no problem but if you sell hair systems online and your clients don’t come to your salon, then they will have to do it themselves. Here are some suggestions to help your clients.

Firstly, the hair system must be clean with no glue or tape left on it. After cleaning any residue off and drying the hairpiece, the client should comb the hair well, turn over the hairpiece so the base is facing upwards and clip the hair at front hairline.

Then the client should set a mirror down on the table so they have a clear view.

Start by taping the front. The client can cut a piece of roll or they can can start by using pre-cut hair system tape. Pre-cut tape may be better because it has a nice shape. Here the client needs to pay attention because there are shapes A, C, CC etc so you need help your client choose the right shape according to the hairpiece’s front contour. Then they must line up the tape as close to the edge as possible. Next, they are going to tape the back and sides so they must take the roll and cut it into pieces and stick them all around the perimeter piece by piece.

To begin the attachment process, the client needs to first look in the mirror and take the sides of the hair system with their hands, making sure they know where the front hairline is going to begin on the scalp. (If the client is not sure, they can make a mark on the front hairline area on their scalp.)

Then, line up the edge of the hair system with the mark.

Next, they should press their fingers across the hairline and gently roll the hair system back. Then press down on the tape and slowly continue rolling the hair system back whilst pressing down on the tape. In order to avoid air bubbles it is important not to rush this step. During this stage, the client can stop and look in the mirror to make sure everything is just right before continuing to stick the hair system on the head.

When finished, use a comb to press the base gently, letting the adhesive stick to the base.

Finally, they can spray a little water on the hair and comb the hair system to their preferred style.

How to remove a hair system? 

The client will need the following: a comb, a hair dryer, a mirror, some shampoo and conditioner, hair clips and solvent spray.

Clip or tie the hair up at the front of the hair system to reveal the hairline and to make sure none of hair falls down. 

Take the solvent and use it as hair spray, by gently spraying it on the inside of the hair close to where the tape is. Make sure it is wetting the tape. If the tape is all the way around the hair system, the solvent will have to be sprayed all the way around too. Try to get the solvent as close to the base of hair system as possible. After wetting the tape, wait 30 minutes to let the solvent do its work. This is really important because if someone tries to take off their hair system too soon, they will lose a lot of hair so patience is key!

When the time is right, the client should slowly push the front of the hair system back (if it is still sticky, they can spray the solvent again and wait for some more time). When the client takes off the hair system, they must ensure there is no hair attached to the toupee tape. Then they can clean the tape left on their scalp and wash the hair system with shampoo and conditioner carefully.

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