How to Design the Front Contour Shape for Custom-Made Hair System

To customize the most suitable hair systems for your customers, it is very important for you to have thorough communication with them concerning their detailed needs for the custom hair systems. So you will have a clear idea of the right way of customization that will make for the right hair systems. The very first thing you need to know has to be what size of the hair system will best fit the hair loss area of your customers’ heads. By ordering the wrong size, the hair system is likely to look very awkward or even be unwearable.

Supplying a template of the wearers’ hair loss area is a fundamental part of ordering a bespoke hair replacement system.  A template is a mold that reflects an individual’s head details. These details include the size, shape of the balding area and curvature of the scalp, etc. The template will be used as a model from which we will derive the correct size and shape of the hair loss area. As a matter of fact, a correct template is a must to ensure the hair replacement system is totally undetectable and fits comfortably.

Here is a tutorial video about how to make a template:

However, in order to make a template properly, it is crucial to find the exact position of the front hairline first before carrying out the following steps. The template is highly likely to end up being misleading and even unusable without the right front hairline. Locating the position of the front hairline for hair system users can be a challenging job since they usually have no hair in that area. Despite that, we will make it much less challenging by teaching you the knacks on how to find the perfect hairline for making a template for your customers who order custom hair systems.

Watch the video below for a detailed demonstration of the steps mentioned above to better understand how it is done:

First of all, place three fingers above the eyebrow and leave a mark using a marking pen.


Next, draw more points in a way that imitates the curve of people’s natural front hairline centering the mark you left in the beginning.


Then draw a line connecting all the points carefully. When doing this step, it is recommended to ask your client to raise his forehead as this helps to divide the forehead zone. 


Now you are ready to make a template from here!


As a hair replacement system manufacturer that has been designing and supplying custom hair systems for more than a decade, New Time Hair has a very mature customization team that is exclusively dedicated to hair system customization. Each member of the team is incredibly skilled and experienced. So that guarantees any custom hair system you are getting from us is made to the exact requirements of your customers, in addition to being of top-class.

We always use top-grade carefully sourced hair material in the production of our custom hair systems. That is one of the reasons why our hair systems are known for coming with the most natural appearance, as well as a longer lifespan.

For any hair system business inquiries, please feel free to reach out to us by emailing and we will be more than pleased to assist you!

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