Wholesale Wigs And Hairpieces In Australia

As a wholesale human hair wigs distributor for over ten years, New Times Hair has been involved in the wholesale wig and hairpiece business in Australia for a long time and has developed a strong reputation in the country.

Australia is one of the better markets for the hair replacement systems business.

There is a large demand for hair systems in the country and like North American and European people, Australians are well-established hair replacement system wearers.

The service of non-surgical hair replacement systems in Australia is mature too. There are many salon and clinic owners who have been in this industry for over 20 years and some for even over 30 years.

So, in comparison to other markets, business is relatively simple to do.


Our Australian clients are mainly located in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart and surrounding areas.

Some of them are salons and clinics and others are large, local suppliers and wholesalers that sell hairpieces in bulk.

Through working with them for so many years, we have a lot of experience and knowledge about the Australian market which we would like to share with people here to help them learn more about the Australia wig and hairpiece business.

The Australian hairpiece market can be primarily classified into women’s extension hairpieces, women’s toppers and men’s hair replacement systems. Australians are people that care about their appearance and this is reflected in the market there. 

Hair extensions

Australia is a really booming market for women’s extension hairpieces. Women here are after the latest fashion trends and that is are so why hair extensions popular. 

1.    Clip-in hair extensions


Clip-in hair extensions, because they are easy to wear and are not just one-time products, are the biggest selling type of hair extensions in Australia.

You just need to open and close the clips for the extensions to stay securely on the hair. They are as equally straightforward to take off.

Moreover, if they are looked after well, they will last three to six months and sometimes even over one year.

There is also no need to go to a salon or see a specialist as women can attach them by themselves.

That is why women normally just buy them online.

So if you are an owner of an online business, clip-in hair extensions would be a good item to sell.  

2.    Tape extensions/I-tip/U-tip/Micro ring loops


Unlike clip-in hair extensions, these types of hair extensions cannot be attached at home.

They need to be done by a professional stylist.

However, they are still big sellers because of their flexibility that means they can be permanent or semi-permanent.

So, if you are a salon owner you should think about offering this service.

Women’s toppers


Women’s toppers are also a very good business opportunity in Australia.

A single piece of hair topper gives more volume to a woman’s hair and more styling options.

Recently, the best-selling toppers have mono in the middle with (or without) machine-made wefts on the back and sides.

They normally all have 1/8” of folded lace on the front. Mono is the most durable base material but it is still very natural in appearance.

However, as we know, mono cannot be used on the very edge of a hairpiece, because it frays easily.

So, there must be another material around mono on the edge – usually poly or ribbon. In order to make the front edge more invisible, 1/8” of folded lace will be added to the very front.

This makes the front very natural. Apart from mono, silk top is also a popular request instead of mono.

There are no knots on a silk top thanks to the injected lace technique.

They have a very natural appearance where the hair looks like it is growing right from the scalp.

Hair toppers can also be divided into clip-in hair toppers and pre-bonded hair toppers.

Clip-in toppers are very easy to wear and can be easily attached at home.

Pre-bonded hair toppers are normally for women experiencing problems with hair loss.

In the beginning, they will go to salons or clinics and find the solution with hair toppers.  

 Men’s hair replacement systems

This kind of hair system is a good solution for men who suffer from hair loss.

In Australia, men care about their appearance too. The men’s hair replacement system market has had a long history in Australia.

A lot of our Australian men’s hairpiece business clients have been in this line of business for over 20 or 30 years.

People in Australia now want the most realistic look with advanced techniques.

So, lace hair systems with perfectly-bleached knots are popular here. Now, Iet’s look at three specific products which we sell a lot of in Australia.

The first one is our HS7 stock men’s toupee. Its base is made completely of French lace.

All French lace in the men’s market is very fine. It is not the same material as the “French lace” in the women’s hair market. “French lace” in the women’s market is actually Korean lace.

The thread of that “French lace” is thicker and not as invisible as the real French lace in the men’s hair market.

The French lace in the men’s market is all imported from famous lace companies in Europe.

The thread of the lace is very fine.

The whole lace is undetectable when placed on the skin.

Moreover, French lace has bigger holes which make it very breathable. It also has a very soft feel to it so French lace bases offer a very comfortable experience.

All our stock HS7 products have perfect bleaching all over the base so it is not just the base that is invisible but also the knots. Therefore, the HS7 is very realistic and meets a lot of people’s requirements.

Another very popular in the Australian market is the N6.

The base is mainly French lace but there is clear PU on the back and sides which is different from the stock product HS7.

Clear PU is smooth and does not have the holes that lace has.

So when the wearer puts tape or glue on it, the glue or tape will not go through the holes to the hair on the top side of the base.

The residue from the glue or tape would be very hard to clean here.

Many people, especially those who are not so experienced or confident with hairpiece cleaning, like this stock product very much.

For better realism, the hairline of the N6 is French lace and not PU.

It offers an invisible front hairline and allows people to fashionably brush their back hair and reveal their hairline.

The third popular product is called Australia.

The base design is French lace in the middle with clear PU all around.

French lace in the middle ensures the hairpiece is breathable and comfortable.

The PU perimeter is an easy surface to handle when it comes to putting on and taking off the hair system.

This base design is, therefore, both breathable and practical. 

All our years involved in wholesale hairpieces in Australia have taught us that the Australian market is favoring lace hairpieces which are realistic and breathable more and more.

Of course, traditional mono hairpieces still have a place in Australia too but the demand for them is decreasing.

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