What’s Keeping Wayne Rooney Bald? Should He Wear a Hair System?

wayne Rooney in red Manchester United attire clashing towards camera showing an obvious receding hairline

Why is the soccer legend Wayne Rooney bald despite a few hair transplants? Should he start using men’s hair replacement systems? These are some of the most frequently asked questions.

If you are into soccer, you’re no stranger to Wayne Rooney, the all-time scorer who cut his teeth at Manchester United from 2004 to 2017. For a record, the legend netted 250 goals for the Reds throughout his prime years.

Sadly, Wayne Rooney is just as famous for his heavily receding hairline as he is for his stellar performances on the field. Along with his on-field prowess, which has captured global attention, the topic of Wayne Rooney’s hair transplants is also widely discussed.

Rooney’s hair loss started when he was still young. And he has been absolutely transparent about it. He admitted to the media that he had lost considerable hair since 2008, when he was barely 25, resulting in a significant widow’s peak that marked the front half of his head.

He turned to hair transplants to escape his balding nightmare. However, when writing this post, Wayne Rooney’s newly transplanted hair has thinned out again. Did his hair transplants work? What exactly has kept Wayne Rooney bald? I believe you are among those looking for an accurate answer to this question. Let’s figure it out in the following text.

When Did We First See Wayne Rooney Bald?

When did we first see Wayne Rooney bald? Wayne Rooney kicked off his soccer career at 16 with Everton. In his early photos, we see a young Wayne with a ton of hair in a buzz cut—a typical vibrant teenager indeed. Yet by 2009, as he neared his mid-twenties, a distinct widow’s peak had etched itself into his hairline, a look that could hardly please anyone, including himself.


In 2010, 24-year-old Wayne Rooney appeared in one of Nike’s TV commercials. The ad captured him grabbing a hair clipper, starting right at the front of his hairline, and shaving his head. Despite the apparent widow’s peak, Wayne’s decisive swipe with the clippers was a spirited attempt to conquer the looming pattern of hair loss.

Perhaps he wasn’t quite ready for a shaved self; in his autobiography, Wayne Rooney lamented his hair loss, saying, ‘Bloody hell, I’m only 25, and already bald.’

When Did Wayne Rooney’s Hair Transplants Take Place?

Wayne Rooney has always been transparent about his hair transplants. His first hair transplant occurred in June 2011, and he boldly announced it on his Twitter account.

We can easily tell Wayne Rooney was happy about the result from his tweet. We can see that most of the widow’s peak was covered with hair after the hair transplant.

Almost two years later, in June 2013, Wayne Rooney returned to the same clinic for a top-up, the second phase of the procedure, to increase hair density.

Both hair transplants were performed at the Harley Street Hair Clinic in the UK. We know this because the clinic proudly quoted Rooney’s Twitter post about his first hair transplant on their website. I believe it because I don’t think a reputable hair clinic could afford to lie about these essential details.

How Did Wayne Rooney’s Hair Transplants Go?

Wayne Rooney was thrilled with the outcome of his hair transplants. The initial procedure brilliantly filled in his widow’s peak. By the time he had his second, Rooney’s hair had transformed dramatically, achieving a robust, C-shaped hairline that looked incredibly natural. After these two hair transplants, Wayne Rooney’s hair just looked perfect.


The clinic takes pride in offering lifelong care to its patients. Wayne Rooney’s 2013 procedure was part of a meticulously planned top-up treatment. According to their latest updates from 2013, both of Rooney’s hair transplants were a resounding success.

However, some sources also claimed that Wayne Rooney’s second hair transplant was to cover the newly balding areas as his hair loss progressed further back!

Did Wayne Rooney Have an FUE or FUT?

The hair transplant procedure Rooney underwent was known as a Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), a method favored by top clinics. It is a minimally invasive procedure involving the extraction of individual follicles from the donor area, usually the back of the person’s head, and re-planted into the bald areas of the scalp.

Hair Transplant mechanisms: FUE vs FUT

What’s Made Wayne Rooney Bald Again?

Multiple sources have reported that Wayne Rooney’s battle with hair loss is non-stop. By mid-2020, seven or eight years after his two hair transplants, the top of his head was apparently thinning again.

Looking at this photo of 35-year-old Wayne Rooney as player-manager, it’s clear that his crown thinned out significantly compared to the heyday of his successful transplants back in 2013. I can count the remaining hairs on his head in under two hours!

Wayne Rooney bald again despite his two hair transplants

Why did he lose the hair again after two hair transplants? What had kept Wayne Rooney bald?

Hereditary Hair Loss Is the Answer

Based on reliable sources, Wayne Rooney’s hair loss condition is hereditary. It follows precisely the Norwood scale, namely, male pattern baldness.

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Men with this condition typically see hair thinning on the top and the front hairline, as hair follicles are susceptible to a testosterone by-product called Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT is a hormone through which male sexual characteristics are developed during puberty.

However, DHT continues to bind to sensitive hair follicles in individuals susceptible to male pattern baldness. This binding triggers a process called follicular miniaturization, wherein the hair follicles gradually shrink. As a result, the hair retreat continues and may eventually lead to male baldness.

A Successful Hair Transplant Doesn’t Mean Forever

What does Wayne Rooney’s hair journey imply about hair transplants? Like it or not, no doctor can guarantee that successfully transplanted hair will remain in place for the rest of the patient’s life. British singer and producer Robbie Williams is a perfect example of this. He underwent a successful hair transplant around 2008 to address thinning on his crown and forehead. Yet, those areas thinned out again within the following 8-9 years.

Hair Loss Might Have Continued Around the Transplanted Hair

Some hair specialists have noted that hair follicles transplanted during surgery are generally immune to DHT. This means that once the hair is transplanted, it should ideally stay in place for life.

However, a key detail often missed is that Wayne Rooney wasn’t wholly bald when he sought hair treatment. He received between 4,500 and 5,000 grafts at the clinic. Since each graft usually includes two hairs, it’s estimated that around 9,500 to 10,000 hairs were added to the front and crown of his head.

But here’s the catch: would that be possible that Wayne Rooney’s genetic hair loss persisted in these areas, which means the natural hair that existed when Rooney had his transplants has now gone, so that even that 9,500 to 10,000 transplanted hairs are not enough to create a full, lush appearance. That’s probably why, years post-transplant, Wayne Rooney’s hair still looked thin.

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hair follicles get pressed causing hair loss

Wayne Rooney’s Third Hair Transplant

If you really want to prove Wayne Rooney bald, then this information may sound plausible to you. For all of you eagerly following Wayne Rooney’s hair transplant saga, it is essential to share a thrilling update. There’s a strong possibility that he has undergone a third hair transplant!

In the later part of 2020, Wayne Rooney was again seen with a dense hairline. Though nobody has said how much Rooney paid for his last procedure, if it existed at all, the evidence speaks for itself.

Hair Systems or Hair Transplant for Wayne Rooney?

We’ve discussed hair transplants as a solution for hair loss. Still, many individuals choose hair replacement systems for instant results and gratification.

There is no definitive answer to which method is superior, as hair systems and transplants are tailored to meet different requirements. Some people may better use hair systems, while others get hair transplants.

Hair Transplants Are Not for Severe Hair Loss

Imagine what would happen if Wayne Rooney’s head were bald over 50%. That means if we graft all his remaining hair, it’s still not enough to cover the area already bald. So, from a logical standpoint, severely bald people won’t have enough hair to cover the areas of baldness. For them, hair systems are the better option.

Hair Systems Are Budget-Friendly

Hair transplants do have their advantages. A successful hair transplant doesn’t require maintenance since the hair is the person’s own. However, Wayne Rooney spent over £30,000 on his two hair transplants, which involved 4,500 to 5,000 grafts, yielding approximately 95,000 to 100,000 hairs. With that price, a person could easily afford to live a lifestyle wearing decent men’s hairpieces or toupees for 20 years.

Wayne Rooney has sported a buzz cut for much of his life. This hair system from Newtimes Hair is made from virgin European hair expertly injected into a skin base. When trimmed short, this system achieves a sleek and tidy appearance, making it an ideal choice for buzz cuts. It offers your clients a flawless Wayne Rooney look.

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Hair Systems Offers Instant Results

Hair Systems grants the wearer instant results, regardless of the cause. Today’s hair systems are designed to blend perfectly with the wearer’s natural hair to look genuine, just like the wearer’s own hair. To stop seeing Wayne Rooney bald, I’d offer him hair systems instead of transplants.

Hair system before and after

Hair Systems Are the Ultimate Hair Loss Solution

Also, Minoxidil (Rogaine) and Finasteride, two widely adopted medications for alopecia, do little or no help for those like Wayne Rooney who are suffering from genetic hair loss. One day, a celebrity salon may have to offer Wayne Rooney hair systems like they do other celebrities, as Rooney runs out of hair in the donor area.

For Better Hair Results With Hair Replacement Systems, Contact Newtimes Hair

Consider this: If your client is eager for an immediate, cost-effective solution to regain a full, lush mane, a hair replacement system is the perfect answer.

Newtimes Hair crafts premium human hair systems for men that deliver instant results, allowing clients to confidently wear the latest hairstyles that are absolutely undetectable. I’d recommend hair systems as the ultimate solution for someone who really wants to stop seeing Wayne Rooney bald.

Distributed globally to hair clinics, studios, and wholesalers in over 200 countries, our hair systems are harmless and designed for everyone experiencing hair loss. With an array of base designs tailored for ultimate comfort and a natural appearance, we ensure that anyone can achieve their desired look effortlessly and affordably. Contact us now. Together, we will transform more lives!

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