What Is a Medical Wig?

What is a medical wig? Medical wigs refer to those wigs specifically designed for cancer patients and others whose medical condition results in moderate to severe hair loss. The most important feature of medical wigs is that they do not irritate the patient’s scalp. Therefore, the cap material must be soft and comfortable but still secure. Glue or tape are not usually favored for medical wigs. There are two reasons for this. First, it is not convenient for cancer patients if they need to use a lot of tape or glue to secure their wigs: they want their wigs to be as convenient as possible.  Secondly, tape or glue may irritate the scalp. Cancer patients normally have more sensitive scalps so they need more protection from materials or substances that may irritate the scalp.  That makes a double layer or 100% hand-tied caps ideal.  These are soft enough for those with sensitive scalps. They are extremely lightweight, softer and more comfortable to touch than traditional or machine-made wigs.


With this in mind, we need to make some differences between medical wigs and normal wigs.  So we design this specially wig and also are our most popular medical wig design.

The first difference is the cap design. Take a look at the medical wig pictured above and pay particular attention to the cap material. The back is a soft net. It is very comfortable and soft to the touch. The crown and sides are a stretch net with holes to increase breathability.  As we said above, cancer patients need the material to be as soft as possible for them to be comfortable. 

The other difference is that the wig needs to be easy to put on and take off.  That’s why the neck area is composed of an elastic band which can be easily adjusted to the size of the head to secure the wig.   The anti-slip silicon is also an important feature of this medical wig. As the name implies, non-slip silicone is anti-slip and is designed to keep the wig securely fixed on the head. The effect is equivalent to glue or tape. Ordinary wigs rarely have anti-slip silicone. Since silicone does not irritate the scalp or make the scalp itchy, it is ideal for those whose scalps are more sensitive due to chemotherapy or other medical treatment.


To increase the realistic and natural effect of this medical wig, we have designed the top of the head to have a silk top. This technique uses two layers: the first is the knotted hair and the other is used to hide the knots. The hair does not look like it is knotted to the base but rather injected into the base so it appears as if the hair is growing out from the head. This silk top process maximizes the natural effect of this wig.

However, we cannot use one wig design to fit all the different needs of the clients so we will also introduce other medical wig designs here.


This wig cap is also specially designed for cancer patients.  It is made with French lace at the top, stretch net at the middle and back and two types of poly around the perimeter. The front is very thin clear poly which is added to the French lace.  It is thin enough to create a very natural and invisible front and it makes the front area stay tight on the scalp.  The back poly is a very thin layer of anti-slip silicon which is added to the stretch net. It means the wig can be worn without tape or glue.  Since the top and back material is stretch net, it can fit different cap sizes and it will sit securely on the head of the wearer.  The black elastic band seen on the previous wig is replaced by the anti-slip silicon.  As such, this wig can be adjusted to fit various head sizes and the net cap is secure and this is done without the use of tape or glue. No adjustment straps are needed on the back of the wig so the whole wig is much lighter and more natural. We have seen more customers favoring this type of medical wig.

The next medical wig we shall discuss comes with a different cap material which you can see below:

medical wig
medical wig

This wig cap is made entirely of poly material with injected hair to achieve a natural look. This is a very standard wig but by adding non-slip silicon, this wig becomes a medical wig. Without anti-slip silicon, tape or glue must be used to attach the wig to the head. This type of wig is well-suited to cold weather because a full poly cap keeps the head a little warmer since it is not breathable. As you look at the base, you can see the hair is injected into poly. The hair is not tied onto the base so there are no black knots on the scalp. Even if people were to look closely, they would not see a wig. Both the injected hair and silk top actually produce the same effect. As a result, some people like silk tops; others prefer clear poly. Despite there being two layers, the silk top is more breathable compared to full poly but people will order wigs according to their personal preferences.

We also make wigs for cancer patients which have both soft material and an easy-wearing nature that can be seen below.

  • PC1 is a silk top wig and has anti-slip silicon at both temples. It can be used as a medical wig.
  • PC2 is a full lace wig and has anti-slip silicon at the back and sides. It is classed as a medical wig.
  • PC3 is a mono top wig. It doesn’t have any anti-slip silicon but it with elastic band at the nape to adjust the size. It can be used as a medical wig.
  • PC4 is a glueless lace wig. Thanks to its adjustable band at the back, it is very easy to put on and take off.  It can be used as a medical wig.  We have a large range of these wigs in stock meaning you do not need to wait long to have this wig.

Click this link to view more types of medical wigs:   https://www.newtimeshair.com/womens-hair-systems/medical-hair-wigs/

Above all, a medical wig needs to meet two conditions:

  • Soft and comfortable
  • No glue or tape

As a professional wig manufacturer, our company is not only eager to provide clients with good quality products and a good service, but also in-depth consultations. Should you have anything you would like to discuss, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you have any new ideas, you should also feel free to contact us and we can discuss new designs as we would be very happy to help you develop the market to attract more customers.

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