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What is a medical wig? Medical Wigs refer to those wigs specifically designed for cancer patients and others whose medical condition results in moderate to severe hair loss. The most important feature of medical wigs is that they do not irritate the patients' scalp. Therefore, the cap material must be soft and comfortable, and still secure. Glue or tape cannot be used as these may irritate the scalp. Double layers or 100% hand-tied caps are ideal, especially for those whose scalp is sensitive. They are extremely light-weight, more comfortable and softer to the touch than regular traditional or machine-made wigs.

Next, let’s explore the differences between medical wigs and normal wigs and some different medical wig designs. The first difference is the cap design. Take a look at the medical wig pictured below and pay particular attention to the cap material. The back is a soft net. It is very comfortable and soft to the touch. The crown and sides are a stretch net with holes, which increase breath-ability. The neck area is composed of an elastic band to easily adjust to the size of the head and helps to secure the wig. Additionally, both temples are made with anti-slipped silicon. Finally, the crown is made of a silk top which looks very much like the scalp to achieve a very natural appearance. The top center area is also made with anti-slip silicon. Having these features means that when the wig is don, there is no need to use glue or tape. The result is no irritation, no slippage and easy to put on and take off。


As suggested above, the anti-slip silicon is an important characteristic of a medical wig. As the name implies, non-slip silicone is anti-slip and designed to keep the wig securely fixed on the head and not move. The effect is equivalent to glue or tape. Ordinary wigs do not have anti-slip silicone. Since silicone does irritate the scalp or make the scalp itchy, it is ideal for those whose scalps are much sensitive due to chemotherapy and other treatments.


To increase the realistic and natural effect of a medical wig, we have designed the top of the head with silk top. This technique uses two layers. The first layer as the knotted hair, the other layer is used to hide the knots. It looks like the hair is not knotted on base, but injected into base, so it appears the hair grows out from the head. This silk top process maximizes the natural effect of this wig.


This medical wig designed and developed by our company is specifically for customers with special needs.

However, as due to customer demand, we have introduced another model of the medical wig. See the below picture:


medical wig

This wig cap is made by French lace at top, stretch net at middle and back, the two types of poly around the perimeter. The front is very thin clear poly which is applied on French lace. The back poly is anti-slip silicon which is applied on the stretch net. Since the top and back material is stretch net, it can fit different capsizes. The black elastic band seen on the previous wig is replaced by the anti-slip silicon. This wig achieves the effect of adjusting to various head sizes, the net cap is secure and this is done without the use of tape or glue. No adjustment straps are needed on the back of the wig so it looks less thick and more natural. We have seen more customers preferring this medical wig.

The next medical wig we shall discuss comes with different cap material. See below picture:


medical wig

This wig cap is made totally of poly material, with injected hair to achieve the natural look. This is very normal wig. But the client asked us to apply anti-slip silicon at the crown and perimeter area. By adding non-slip silicon, this wig becomes a medical wig. Without anti-slip silicon, tape or glue must be used to attach this wig on head. But using anti-slip silicon, there is no need to use tape or glue. This type of wig is especially nice in cold weather. Since a full cap poly is not breathable, it keeps the head a little warmer. As you look at the base, you can see the hair is injected into poly. The hair is not tied on to the base, so there are no black knots on the scalp. Even when people look closely, they cannot see it is a wig. Both the injected hair and silk top actually get the same effect. As a result, some people like the silk top, others prefer clear poly. Even though there are two layers, the silk top is more breathable when compared with full poly. People will order wigs according to their preferences.

There has been an interesting phenomenon occurring over the past two years. More and more ordinary wigs have joined the ranks of medical wigs. Such as the wigs below:




  • PC1 is just a silk top wig, but after adding anti-slip silicon at both temples, it becomes a medical wig.
  • PC2 is just full lace wig, but after adding anti-slip silicon at the back and sides, it is classed as a medical wig.
  • PC3 is just mono top wig, without any anti-slip silicon, but it with elastic band at the nape to adjust the size, it becomes a medical wig.
  • PC4 is just glueless lace wig, because of the adjustable band at back, it also becomes a member of the medical wig family.

There are many requests for medical wigs recently. A wig becomes a medical wig if it meets two conditions:

  1. Soft and comfortable
  2. No glue or tape

Our company, as a professional wig manufacturer, is not only eager to provide clients with good quality and service, but also consultation. Should you have any needs in this area, please don't hesitate to contact us Or, if you have some new ideas, you can contact us to design new models. We are very happy to help you develop the market to attract more customers.

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