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Hair loss can be a big setback. For those women who love their head full of hair, we bring professional hair services at New Times Hair Co. With over ten years of experience in this field, our products are formulated keeping the customer’s comfort and style in mind.    Read More >>

Medical Wigs for Hair Loss

Hair loss is a common side effect of chemotherapy and is considered one of the most emotionally devastating experiences for men, women and even children. Many cancer patients have reported that hair loss is one of the side effects they feared the most when they were diagnosed. Many patients and their families turn to hair replacement solutions like medical wigs. At Newtimes Hair, we offer a range of medical hair loss wigs that fit these special needs. After all, it’s already hard enough dealing with the disease. Medical wigs for hair loss are considered a specialty. Browse through these options to find wigs for alopecia specially designed for men, women, and even special products just for kids. Any cut, any color, a wig or topper can make the day a little cheerier.

Please note that patients need to speak with their care team about the requirements for medical wigs. Chemotherapy and radiation suppress the immune system, and therefore everything around the patient needs to be sterile. Medical wigs have to hold up to much more rigorous standards of cleaning, while still being comfortable and beautiful, and not irritating sensitive patient’s skin.

Medical Wigs For Cancer Patients

Cancer treatments not only take a huge toll on a patient’s emotional and physical health, they can lead to side-effects such as hair loss. Many patients express apprehension at the thought of losing their hair. At Newtimes Hair, we provide stock medical wigs that can be customized for the best fit and comfort possible. In designing wigs for cancer patients, our team of experts can help, get the specifics from the hair treatment specified, to the color and length as well as to the cut and style of the hair. Lace-font, silk top, or monofilament bases make a hairpiece that’s durable, cleanable, and style-ready to make a hairline look natural and undetectable. Cancer treatments are hard enough, but a beautiful hairpiece (or two, or even three) can brighten the day.

Medical wigs for hair loss are a specialty among hair replacement professionals. For patients, whether the hairpiece mimics their original style or is a fanciful style and color, it helps patients to feel better when it comes to treatment-induced hair loss. With real hair wigs for cancer patients, patients can get hair replacement solutions that feel like natural hair. That can make a positive difference in how they feel about themselves and how their treatment is progressing. After treatment is over and the patient is in remission, it can take months for their own hair to come back, and for some it never does. Wigs and hairpieces can’t replace the lost natural hair, but they can make up for it with long-lasting, beautiful styles.

Why Choose Newtimes Hair

Newtimes Hair is a manufacturer of hair replacement solutions and has been in the business for more than 10 years. The company’s industry experience and expertise make it the number one choice for medical wigs. Hair professionals looking for hair replacement products that provide a comfortable and secure fit should put us at the top of their call-list. It’s already the go-to option for a lot of salons, hair clinics, hair replacement service providers and wig shop owners. When seeking wigs for cancer patients, our extensive collection should be more than enough to provide hair professionals with the style, colors, lengths, and styles that cancer patients are looking for. We have the customer service and product range to provide high-quality medical wigs for women that everyone is sure to love. Whether made from synthetic or made from human hair, our products can meet every professional standard and need.


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