12 Hair Loss Hairstyles for Thinning Hair on Crown With Hair System

A statistic from the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) shows that around 30% of women display visible hair loss symptoms by age 40. That equates to one in three women experiencing hair loss by that age.

Finding suitable hairstyles for balding women is challenging for most hairstylists. Their natural hair is so thin on the crown and regular around the sides that it’s hardly possible to style it into lovely, hefty foliage.

In this post, we will briefly go through 13 female hair loss hairstyles for thinning hair on the crown. Something unique about these 13 hairstyles or haircuts for balding women is that all these hairstyles were achieved by wearing our premium women’s hair pieces and toupees. Read on; you will be amazed by how a hair system can transform a woman’s appearance!

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Why Is Our Women’s Hair Thinning on the Crown?

Unlike men, women’s hair loss mainly occurs on the top of the crown. Based on some well-known dermatologists worldwide, female pattern hair loss is summarized in two categories: genetic and environmental hair loss.

  • Genetic Hair Loss and Hair Loss Caused by Aging

According to Dr. Sam Bunting, a London-based dermatologist, genetic hair loss and age-related hair loss are irreversible. However, in most cases, female hair loss sufferers with genetic hair loss or hair loss caused by aging are mild to moderate. You only need medication if you are overly uncomfortable with your look.

  • Medication Is Limited and Not Curable for All

Medication isn’t safe and curable for all. The FDA, short for United States Food and Drug Administration, has only approved minoxidil as the legal and chemically safe medication for hair loss. Statistics show minoxidil has only helped hair grow in approximately 1 in 4 or 5 women.

  • External Factors Contributing to Hair Loss

If the woman’s hair loss isn’t genetic, it’s more likely environmental. The word “environmental” here denotes more than just our physical environment. “Environmental” encompasses all external factors, such as smoking, stress, and malnutrition.

The hair loss sufferer needs concrete action to develop new habits and healthy living routines. However, before it happens, wearing women’s hair systems and styling them into hairstyles for balding women is a practical method to help women develop an efficient full-head-of-hair look.

Hair System Hairstyles and Haircuts for Thin Hair Women

Here let’s discover the magic of 13 exquisite hairstyles, enhanced by the transformative power of female hair systems and toupees by New Times Hair. You will marvel at how easily hair systems and wigs for women can change the wearer’s look.

1. Middle-Parted Straight Blonde Hairstyle

Long straight blonde hair with a middle part is one of the best hair loss hairstyles for thinning hair on crowns. Its long, sleek locks provide the perfect foundation for a mesmerizing transition from brunette to blonde. Create a flawlessly smooth texture with charming curved ends using a round brush and hairdryer.

  • Mercia’s Hair and our Full Lace Human Hair Wig

Meet Mercia, an end user of our women’s human hair wigs. After the arrival of her second daughter Elizabeth, Mercia experienced an unexpected and distressing loss of all her hair within just six months. Struggling with her baldness, she yearned for a solution and one of the manageable hairstyles for balding women to restore her confidence and sense of security.

  • FLW Full Lace Human Hair Wig

FLW is one of our full lace wigs for perfect breathability and realness. It has hair lengths ranging from 14-22.” The one Mercia received has a hair length of 20″. She can attach it to her scalp using toupee tape or glue. If she has hair remaining, she could still easily clip it on using the clips already attached to the wig.

Mercia was so in love with her middle-parted straight blonde. When she first received it, she delicately caressed the smooth and sleek blonde strands, and her heart fluttered with anticipation. At that moment, a vision of a youthful and enchanting Mercia resurfaced, reminding her of the inner beauty she had never lost.

2. Layered Messy Middle Part Blonde

Considering the top hairstyles for balding women, you can’t go wrong with layered medium blonde hair with a middle part can’t be wrong. With vibrant blonde hair color, the possibilities are endless! Achieve a stunning look by using a 1-inch curling iron to create smaller, edgy waves while maintaining straight ends for a chic contrast.

Elevate your style by styling your curtain fringe with a round brush, gently sweeping it away from the wearer’s face. To ensure a fabulous look that lasts, enhance the hair with a touch of texture spray and a volumizing powder for added oomph and hold.

  • Rachel and Our Blonde Medical Human Hair Wig

At just 32, alopecia left Rachel with patches all over her scalp. She was devastated. Following her doctor’s advice, she boldly shaved off her remaining hair, which took an emotional toll. Rachel wore hats to hide her bare scalp wherever she went. But it kept reminding her of her baldness.


Enter HW1-S-613—one of our blonde medical wigs. It can be clipped on the remaining hair or get taped or glued to the fully shaved scalp. The moment Rachel tried it, magic happened. With newfound confidence, Rachel sported countless hairstyles with the wig, but her fave? The sleek, layered, middle-parted blonde.

3. Haircuts for Long, Straight Hair & Blunt ends

Indulge in the timeless charm of the long straight haircut with blunt ends. As one of the most commonly adopted hairstyles for balding women, this classic haircut is perfect for those seeking a refined and traditional look. With its even and uniform length, achieved by maintaining blunt ends throughout, this hairstyle offers a sense of symmetry and sophistication.

To keep this long haircut looking its best, regular maintenance is key. Pay attention to the ends, ensuring they maintain their blunt shape, with all the hair strands at the same length.

Embrace the allure of this enduring, timeless hairstyle, allowing its sleek and polished aesthetic to accentuate your client’s natural beauty. With proper care and attention, the long straight haircut with blunt ends will continue to exude its classic charm, making your client feel confident and effortlessly stylish.

  • Alicia and Our Full Lace With Adjustable Straps

Before Alicia picked what she picked, she tried a few other models. We have around 15 colors for each wig. Trying them all on and deciding which suits the best is a task. At last, she said the one she chose was close to her bio hair color.


“I must tell you, I was blown away when I opened the wig box!” She said during our feedback interview. “I instantly noticed that this shade, #8, is identical to my bio hair color! I lost my hair to Alopecia 9 years ago. When I placed this wig on my head, I looked like the old Alicia again.”

Alicia’s experience also taught us that abundant hair colors are critical to our products. Many wig wearers are only into their bio hair color.

4. Hairstyles for Balding Women: Straight-Angled Blonde Bob

When it comes to hairstyles, simplicity can be an absolute stunner. Picture sleek and minimalistic straight locks that exude effortless elegance. Imagine channeling the timeless appeal of Jennifer Aniston’s iconic blonde Friends cut but with a contemporary twist in a shorter length.

This look captures the essence of effortless chic, allowing your customer to rock a sophisticated yet understated style that turns heads wherever she goes. If your customer craves a no-fuss, smooth, and sleek hairstyle that embodies timeless beauty, this is the perfect choice for her. Prepare her to embrace her inner Jennifer Aniston and flaunt those shorter, stylish locks confidently and gracefully.

  • Maxine and Her Custom-Made Hair System

Imagine encountering an extraordinary transformation: a woman in her 60s, Maxine, with a completely bald scalp from the whorl forward. It was an astonishing sight when she first stepped into the salon. But fear not, for the salon had a brilliant solution. A custom-made hair system was explicitly crafted for Maxine; the results were remarkable.

womens hairstyles for receding hairlines with toupee

Witness the stunning metamorphosis as Maxine is now a vision of beauty. Her friends and family couldn’t believe their eyes as they saw her transition from a half-bald elderly woman to a stylish and confident individual rocking a chic-angled blonde bob. This remarkable transformation is a testament to hair systems’ power and ability to enhance and elevate one’s appearance.

5. Hairstyles for Balding Women: Blunt Collarbone Bob With Fringe

This is the ultimate effortless hairstyle for balding women! This haircut takes the crown for being super low-maintenance. It’s all about that unified length, with just a hint of waves to add some flair. This look is wearable. You’ll be trying it wherever you go without a care.

No need to fret about your hair. This hairstyle is the epitome of easy-breezy, ready-to-go style. So get ready to rock this fabulously laid-back cut and let your natural beauty shine effortlessly.

  • Sue and our ANN Women’s Lace Hair Topper

Sue’s hair may not have been severely thin on the crown, but her hair is black, which makes her scalp more visible, accentuating the thinness. However, the solution was at hand.

The stylist’s introduction of our ANN women’s hair topper transformed the situation entirely. This ingenious piece only covered the top of Sue’s head, perfectly addressing her concerns. The topper’s silk top created a seamless illusion of hair naturally growing from her scalp, completely rootless and undetectable.

haircut for thin hair women with hair system before&after

The result? A flawless and effortless bon with a fringe set, Sue fell from all worries. Sue said “goodbye” to scalp worries and “hello” to a stunning hairstyle that appears effortlessly natural.

6. Hairstyles for Balding Women: Angled Undercut for Elderlies

You can transform this haircut into something unique by infusing a touch of femininity. Enhance the overall look with a silver-blonde hue, adding depth and dimension to the wearer’s locks.

Consider incorporating subtle layers into your hairstyle to avoid a flat pageboy appearance and add extra volume. These layers will bring movement and body to your client’s hair, creating a dynamic and captivating effect.

With this combination of a long feminine top, blonde highlights, and subtle layers, you’ll achieve a stunning and contemporary undercut that perfectly balances femininity and confidence.

  • Barbara and Our Thin Skin Hair System

Unlocking a world of possibilities, balding women can now effortlessly embrace a variety of hairstyles with the aid of a thin skin hair system. Let’s meet Barbara, a vibrant grandma who faced hair loss due to an unknown skin condition.

haircuts for balding women Angled Undercut for Elderlies

At times, her grandchildren referred to her as “Einstein,” but deep down, Barbara yearned to recapture the essence of her youthful self – the sharp and polished accountant she once was, sporting a neat and tidy short hairstyle.

As the stylist worked their magic and the angled undercut started to take shape, uncertainty faded from Barbara’s face, and a smile appeared. “Even if it makes me look 5 or 6 years younger, it’s a big win,” she exclaimed, radiating joy.

With the secure attachment of the thin skin hairpiece, Barbara felt confident and stable. Approaching her 70th birthday, she anticipated months of worry-free wear, thanks to her limited sports and sweating.

7. Hairstyles for Balding Women: Wavy Blonde With Curtain Bangs

Take on the ultimate summer vibe with a lively and captivating hairstyle. This trendy curtain bangs and creamy blonde color, along with the layered wavy haircut, are game-changers. The combination of soft waves and face-framing bangs effortlessly enhances your client’s facial features, lending a feminine and irresistible charm to her overall look.

  • What Is a PE-Line Hair Integration System?

A PE-line hair integration system consists of a strong PE netting with human or synthetic hair strands tied to the PE lines. Attach the hair system to the wearer’s remaining natural hair using beads or threads. Then, simply pull the hair system and the wearer’s existing hair on the top of her head out through the mesh holes, and let them blend effectively. It will give the wearer a great and natural look.

  • Cristal and Our PE-Line Hair Integration System
hair loss hairstyles for thinning hair on crown with hair integrations

Our PE-line hair integration systems are a thing of beauty. When Cristal visited the salon, she still seemed to have little hair on the top of her head. She didn’t want her head shaven. So the hairstylist recommended our PE-line hair integration system to her and styled it into her favorite wavy blonde with curtain bangs. Cristal loved it. It simply looks like her natural hair.

8. Hairstyles for Balding Women: Long and Sexy Wavy Curled Ends

Get ready to rock the ultimate beach babe look with a fun and effortless hairstyle. Achieve dreamy beach waves by using a pair of scrunchies and creating two buns overnight. This simple technique will give your client’s hair that perfect textured and tousled appearance as if you’ve just spent a day by the ocean.

To elevate her beachy vibes, enhance the stunning waves with blonde highlights. The beach waves and sun-kissed highlights will make your client look like an actual beach fairy, radiating that carefree and laid-back summer energy.

  • Amanda and Our Lace Front Wigs

Amanda wasn’t a severe hair loss sufferer when she visited their salon. The hair on the top of her head wasn’t thick, but there was still plenty. She just wanted a wig for a makeover.

The wig was easily attached. The lace front gives her a realistic, natural-looking hairline. She was again filled with confidence and felt 20 years younger.

9. Angled Short Straight Hair

Elevate your client’s hairstyle with a short, choppy haircut that promotes asymmetry. This creative twist adds a unique flair to her look, whether she’s aiming for an edgier persona or injecting life into lackluster hair. You can achieve added fullness and captivating dimension with an asymmetrical cut.

  • From Kinky to Straight: Robyn and Her Hair System

However, Robyn, a 55-year-old woman of African origin, had natural kinks. The hair on the top of her head has thinned out, while the hair surrounding it remains curly and thick but struggles to provide ample coverage.

To cover up the balding crown, the best method would be to blow up the kinky hair around the crown area. At her age, Robyn isn’t so much into hairstyles that are blown up, like a bird’s nest, or appear overly voluminous. She prefers a more conservative look that complements her style and personality. To achieve this, she boldly lets go of her natural kinks and embraces straight hair.

  • Transformed by a Full Lace Hair System

Robyn also used one of our complete lace hair systems for her transformation. Shaving her hair and having the entire top of her head bald was a little hard to swallow. So the stylist didn’t shave her hair off. Instead, she tied the existing hair on top into a bun, applied tape around the edge of the hair system, and stuck it on the scalp exposed around the bun.


The hair system is natural human hair, with some grey strands added to suit her age. Robyn likes her new look: a full head of straight black hair, looking natural and realistic. It’s precisely the hairstyle that makes her feel comfortable and secure.

10. Practical Haircuts for Balding Women: Sassy Pixie with a Side Part

The sassy pixie with waves and bangs exudes confidence and personality. It is perfect for those who want to make a statement with their hair. With a women’s hair system attached, it will be one of the practical haircuts for balding women. The waves add a touch of texture and movement, giving the pixie cut a lively and dynamic vibe.

Adding bangs further enhances the overall look, framing the face and drawing attention to your client’s eyes and facial features. Whether you opt for soft and wispy bangs or bold and blunt ones, they add style and flair to the sassy pixie.

This hairstyle is all about embracing your client’s individuality. It’s a versatile hairpiece that can be styled in various ways, from tousled and textured to sleek and polished. No matter how you wear it, the sassy pixie with waves and bangs will turn heads and make a lasting impression.

  • La Ronne and Her Full Lace Hair System

As La Ronne walked into the salon, her eyes seemed dull, lacking their usual sparkle. Her whole vibe gave off a vibe of not being too concerned with beauty.

haircuts for balding women with toupee

After turning 45, La Ronne had dealt with quite a bit of hair loss, making her feel insecure. There was still some hair on the sides of her head, but on top, there was just a small tuft you could barely spot among the rest. It was like a tiny key floating in a vast ocean, almost invisible to the naked eye.

  • Customized Full Lace Hair System for Women

Our full lace hair system transformed La Ronne’s look completely. Unlike wigs, hair systems (also referred to as toupees) usually cover only the crown and the front hairline. Its hair joins the wearer’s remaining hair (usually around the existing hair around the sides of the head) to form a full-head-of-hair look.

Hair systems are for both men and women. Usually, we shave the person’s head, which the hair system will cover, and attach the hair system to the shaved area using tape or glue. After the stylist stuck the hair system to La Ronne’s head, she gave her a haircut and styled it into this bright, sassy pixie.

  • Customize this hair system:

11. Hairstyles for Balding Women: Dark Medium Straight Hair + Long Bangs

Want a fabulous new haircut that’s low maintenance and perfectly suits your personality? Look no further than curtain bangs! These trendy, versatile bangs are the ultimate style enhancers.

Curtain bangs are the perfect complement, whether you have curly, long, short, wavy, or straight hair. Not only do they add a soft and stylish touch to any look, but they also work wonders in making your face appear smaller and more youthful.

With curtain bangs, you’ll rock a fresh and rejuvenated vibe. So get ready for the trendiest and best curtain bangs for your unique hair type and texture. It’s time to upgrade your hairstyle game and unleash your inner trend driver!

  • Megan and Our Mono-Silk Top Hair Topper

Megan’s hair loss was just starting to progress, leaving her scalp noticeably exposed, especially along the wide part in the middle of her dark hair.

Determined to get transformed, she visited one of our partnering salons, requesting hairpieces. That’s when they introduced her to our game-changing IN6*6 monofilament hair topper featuring a silk top. The results were simply astounding.

Megan now flaunts flawless medium-length black hair with beautiful, sweeping bangs. This transformation has given Megan newfound confidence and a renewed sense of beauty.

  • Shop this hair topper:

12. Hairstyles for Balding Women: Jaw-Length Bob With Fringe

In search of the perfect short bob hairstyle for your fine, stick-straight hair? Your hunt ends right here! This timeless ash-brown bob hits just at the jawline. It’s packed with an incredibly flattering texture.

Get ready to rock a fringe that adds a touch of sophistication. At the same time, wispy layers and evenly cut ends bring out the absolute best in your customer’s facial features. This bob is a game-changer, elevating your style to a new level of chicness.

  • Jennifer and Our Remy Hair Integration System

Hair integration systems open up possibilities with two length options: 10 and 12 inches! A hairstylist can easily trim it into a sensational jaw-length bob. Just ask Jennifer, an avid fan of our revolutionary hair integration solution.


Bid farewell to concerns about widening parts and exposed scalps as this innovative hair system works magic. Jennifer radiates confidence as she showcases her flawless and natural-looking hair. It’s time to experience our hair integration system’s awe-inspiring versatility and unlock your jaw-dropping bob, leaving a trail of enchantment wherever you go!


Finding suitable hairstyles for balding women is challenging due to typical hair thinning on the crown. Genetic and environmental factors contribute to hair loss, and medication may not always be practical. Premium women’s hair systems and toupees offer hope, showcasing remarkable transformations and empowering balding women to regain confidence, beauty, and endless possibilities.

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