Did Elvis Wear a Wig? An Exciting Journey Through Elvis Presley’s Hairstyles

Elvis Presley, the King of Rock’ n’ Roll, is renowned for his chart-topping albums and iconic hairstyles. However, speculation surrounding his use of wigs has persisted. Did Elvis wear a wig? Let’s delve into this question in this post.

With his albums, Elvis Presley is remembered for that slick, jet-black pompadour. This iconic hairstyle wasn’t just a hit; it was a defining part of his classic image. He would have used heaps of hair gel to get his hair to sweep up and curl back just right, setting the trend for the ’50s and beyond.

Now, as we dig into the topic of Elvis Presley’s iconic look, you might wonder if he helped it along with wigs or hair replacement systems, adding another twist to his already intriguing persona.

How Did It All Start: Elvis Presley’s Hairstyles

Elvis Presley’s iconic hairstyles, along with his talents, have inspired many. People style their hair or wear wigs to emulate Elvis, especially at dress-up parties.

Similarly, just as many wear wigs to emulate ancient or classic figures, they also use wigs to achieve that perfect Elvis look. Why? Because only a few men these days have an ideal hairline like Elvis Presley’s.

Hence, many of them wonder, “Did Elvis wear a wig like we do?”


Did Elvis Wear a Wig? The Pompadour Hairline Was Too Good to Be True

Did Elvis wear a wig? In 1957, Elvis Presley shook up the music charts and movie screens with his “Jailhouse Rock” MV. His look, no doubt about it, became legendary and won him millions of fans worldwide.

Elvis Presley hair pulled back from an MV

Dressed to the nines in a sharp black suit, striped shirt, and laceless brogues, it was his hair that stole the show—jet-black sculpted high with a generous dollop of gel. It wasn’t just any hairstyle; it was the “Elvis cut,” a legendary look that would forever be linked to the King of Rock’ n’ Roll. Did Elvis wear a wig? I don’t think it was that early.

But here’s a fun fact: the Elvis pompadour dates back to the mid-18th century, initially inspired by Madame de Pompadour, the trendsetting mistress of French king Louis XV.

Now, fast forward to today. Sporting the Elvis pompadour requires a decent hairline, and let’s face it, only some in their mid-thirties and beyond have a hairline as pristine as Elvis did.

But for those wondering if Elvis wore a wig, think twice before you make a fuss. “Jailhouse Rock” debuted in 1957, and Elvis was just 22. Without the stress of modern life, why couldn’t a young guy in the 1950s own a perfect-looking hairline?

So, did Elvis wear a wig? I don’t think he did. Let’s enjoy the legend for what it was—pure, iconic style!

Are any Giveaways on Rumors About Elvis Wearing a Wig Back in the 60s?

Tony Curtis, another Hollywood big-time in the 50s, inspired the 30-something Presley of the early 60s. He adopted the sleek ducktail hairstyle, slicing the hair sides back to meet in the center.

Did Elvis wear a wig n his 30s? Let's see what we find

Elvis added his flair with more volume and a wave at the front to complement his strong, full hairline. That suggests that Elvis’s hair still looked perfect with a perfect-looking hairline in his 30s. This style was key in shaping his rock ‘n’ roll image, giving him a look of cool rebellion. Did Elvis wear a wig? Still unlikely, as his hairline didn’t seem to move much.

However, in the late 1960s, as Elvis’s music evolved, his hairstyle also changed a bit. Elvis moved slightly away from the sharp ducktail to a more tame look. It became shorter and less voluminous.

This shift matched the broader changes in men’s fashion during the decade. Even with these changes, Elvis’s hair remained a symbol of his enduring appeal.

Did Elvis wear a wig in the 60s? No official sources have said that. His hair seemed all his, and he cared to keep it looking just right. Plus, considering his age, he still could have an intact hairline.

What Did Elvis’s Hair Look in the 70s?

Did Elvis wear a wig in the 70s? Well, in the 70s, Elvis Presley took his iconic look to the next level by growing his sideburns. This move created a sensation that continues to inspire fans today. Many people now sport the “Elvis look,” mimicking his famous Elvis hair and sideburns.

Elvis Presley dressed up in his Elvis hair hugging an older lady in a sports field

Elvis sideburns were real showstoppers. While parents may have been skeptical, they drove fans wild, with many scrambling to find the hair products he used, hoping to catch their crushes’ eyes just like Elvis did.

Elvis Wig Rumor: Surfaced, Yet Unsolidated

Did Elvis wear a wig? There’s no concrete evidence to back up such a claim. Though Elvis famously transformed his natural blonde hair to a striking black throughout the ’50s and ’70s, his hairline remained steady, and his hair appeared lush, even if it thinned slightly by the early ’70s. There were no signs of significant hair loss.

Elvis Presley wearing an army hat, covering his Elvis hair, with his mate in the background

However, an intriguing tale surfaced from Bunion News, a lesser-known media outlet. They report that Elvis’ daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, disclosed that her father developed a skin disease, lichen planus, during his stint in the U.S. Army. This condition allegedly began after an unsanitized razor was used during his first military haircut in 1958.

Fueled by anecdotes from an army pal, Mark Wilson, who recounted Elvis’s complaints of severe itching, Lisa Marie made use of the Freedom of Information Act to verify the diagnosis from army records.

The most astonishing claim is that Elvis’ iconic sideburns were fashioned from his chest hair. These hairpieces, crafted by toupee guru Sy Sperling—who would later establish the Men’s Hair Club—reportedly netted Sperling a cool $2 million.

If true, Elvis’s signature full head of hair was a masterful disguise, meticulously maintained from his return from military service. Yet, despite the buzz from the Bunion, no other sources have corroborated the Elvis hair loss story.

What’s the Role of Elvis’s Hair Trick?

Whether you’re ready to admit it or not, hair loss is affecting increasingly younger demographics. Alarmingly, many men under 40 are watching their hairlines retreat more and more each year.

Elvis hair in various styles as posters filling a wall

In his heyday, Elvis Presley sported all his signature hairstyles, all styled with a swooping pull-back that would make anyone envious. The secret behind Elvis’s famously impeccable hairline remains a mystery, but it’s one that countless men have admired and wished to emulate.

Unfortunately, not everyone feels confident enough with their hairline to obtain an Elvis-style pompadour. So, the trick of a full head of hair that makes the person confident and makes him shine is the hairline.

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Did Elvis Presley wear a wig? Despite persistent rumors and intrigue about Elvis hair, there is no definitive evidence to suggest that Elvis Presley wore a wig. His signature jet-black pompadour and the striking Elvis sideburns were likely the result of meticulous grooming rather than artificial enhancements.

The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll’s iconic hair, integral to his image and appeal, appears to have been his own, styled to perfection and setting trends that endure today. With the help of Newtimes Hair, a perfect hairline by wearing hairpieces and wigs like Elvis’s is no longer a dream.

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