20 Classy Older Men’s Hairstyles: Thinning Hair

Everyone looks at male models and admires their looks, including their beautiful, thick hair. However, most men realize that a full head of hair doesn’t last long.

Some guys start noticing their receding hairline as early as 18. Usually, the first signs of hair loss begin near the forehead or on top of the head in the center. While many men expect to have balding hair, that doesn’t mean they’re happy about it.

Just put yourself in the shoes of an 18-year-old guy who is already starting to experience tiny amounts of alopecia. He’s about to go off to college (Ivy League) and he wants to look as successful and attractive as possible. Now he’s concerned that he will look like an old man before he even graduates.

Now, think about the men with thin hair in their 50s and older who are just trying to salvage what they have left. As a hair stylist, older men are going to turn to you for help with their hair loss. In fact, this is probably a problem that you are already very used to.

Some men decide to get rid of their bald spots by shaving their heads altogether. However, you know that not everybody wants a shaved head. Even more importantly, not everyone looks good with a shaved head. With the variety of face shapes, hair color, and style preferences, there has to be more in your hair styling arsenal when these men come in for a haircut.

While you are very good at finding men’s hairstyles for clients that come in for a haircut, we know that your creativity can feel a little drained at times.

For that reason, we’ve put together a list of hairstyles for older men looking to hide their receding hairlines.

We have included modern styles, classic styles, ultra-masculine styles, and styles that fit men with both short-length hair and long hair.

Haircuts and Hairstyles for Older Men with Thinning Hair that Look Good

Short Stand-up Hair Style

This hairstyle is perfect for thin hair because it adds a little extra volume without needing the strands to be grown out.

You might suggest this hairstyle to one of your clients who is 50 years of age or older. It’s also a great choice for men who have begun to lose the hair on the sides and lower back of their heads. Because of the nature of this hairstyle, it draws attention away from the sides of the head and focuses it on the middle front of the hair line where the hair is thickest.

It also goes great with a partial beard like the one you see in the picture. It’s better to have the beard cut short rather than have it grown out. This will help it match the short haircut.

Don’t use this men’s hairstyle on your clients who have large balding patches on the top of their heads. The shaved sides would bring attention to the bald spots and you wouldn’t have enough hair to cover the ball areas.


Semi-Shaved Side and Back With Spiky Top

If a client comes in that is between 27 and 50 years old, they might like this older men’s hairstyle. It has a young vibe while still allowing you to cover up thinning hair.

This short hair look is perfect for your clients with a receding hairline of up to 2 inches. Some men in this scenario will try to grow the front hair out so that they can drape it over the balding patch. Instead, this style allows you to keep very short hair on the top with slightly longer hair right at the front.

The hair will be directed towards the front of the head and the longer pieces right at the front will be sticking upwards so as to draw attention to the area of the head with the most hair.

This hairstyle is ideal for thin, straight hair, but can be used on hair that has a curly texture as well.


Smooth Sides With Top Curl

This style is perfect for men over 50 years old whose hairline has not completely receded. It works better with men who still have a little bit of thick hair, but thin hair can also be revitalized by using this style.

It combines a long, smooth hair type on the sides with a flip at the top near the forehead, where the hair will be the thinnest. This gives the illusion of your client having a full head of hair because the volume of the flip takes attention away from the receding hairline.

It also looks good with a short-trimmed beard if your client prefers having some facial hair. You’ll want to use a bit of hair gel or styling paste for the flip.


The Side Part Flip

One of the best ways to hide thinning hair is to concentrate all of it in one place. The side part flip does that perfectly in a variety of men’s haircuts.

This is the ideal hairstyle for men who can still grow long hair on the top of their heads. When the hair is flipped to one side, it will give your client more volume, especially if they have wavy hair. Because the hair will be at least 3 in long on top, you won’t have to advise your client to use hair gel or hair spray products to maintain their new look.

The best part about this haircut is that it works very well with long beards, short beards, and men who prefer the clean shaven look. Use this on your clients with graying hair who are 40 years of age or older.


Short Beard With Shaved Sides

This hairstyle works great for your clients who prefer shorter styling options. Men 28 to 50 years old will enjoy this hairstyle because it gives so much volume on the top while allowing them to keep the sides shaved short.

The beard is cut short while being slightly longer on the chin. This perfectly mirrors the strongly tapered fade on the sides and the back of the head. This bottom and top reflection will outline your client’s face shape and give them more volume while still keeping their thinning hair trimmed short.

You can add in some sideburns to this look if your client really wants them, but otherwise, it’s best to keep that area of the face shaved. The point is to have the beard slowly fade out into the clean shaved area near the ear and then slowly fade back into the full hair on the top of the head.


Pulled Back and Trimmed Sides Pompadour

When it comes to “old man haircut”, this pompadour haircut is a classic. It provides a professional look and easily hides the fact your client has thinning hair.

Instead of using a very short haircut on the entire head, you can leave the top part of the hair two to three inches long. Then you will slowly taper down to very short hair on the neck and temple area.

As you can see from the picture, this look goes very well with a clean-shaven face and is a great choice for men 40 years of age and older. However, it can still look good with a shorter beard if your client really wants to keep their facial hair.

Because this is typically considered a haircut for “Old Men,” you will probably only use it for your older customers.


Full Volume

This is one of the best men’s hairstyles for thin hair over 60 years old. It takes the thin hair and transforms it until it looks like your client has a full head of healthy, thick hair.

This hairstyle will work on almost any hair type and is easy for your client to maintain with a quick comb-over. If their hair starts to fall out around the side of their forehead, this type of hairstyle will draw everyone’s attention back to the center of the head where the hair is the thickest. People also won’t be able to notice any bald spots from behind because the longer 2-in hair will help cover any bare patches.

This is why this hairstyle is one of the most popular for old men with thin hair and a receding hairline.


High and Tight Ponytail

Try this style on your clients who have long, thin hair. It’s very easy to maintain, adds a bit of extra texture near the temple area, and can be used for tight hairstyles like a high ponytail or a man bun.

Men between the ages of 50 and 65 can often maintain healthy, long hair. However, their thin hair can look unkempt and tangled if it isn’t styled correctly. This style allows you to provide your client with a simple solution to this problem.

It’s also great for men who are beginning to experience hair loss in the upper back portion of their heads. The long hair will cover up any bald patches and make it look like no loss has occurred in the first place.

Also, if the man you’re working with can’t grow hair past his shoulders, you can simply adjust the style to make it a shortened high ponytail. This style will work on men of all ages, but it works better with straight or slightly wavy hair.


Bearded Semi-Buzz Cut

Men 40 to 60 years old will love the finished look when you use this style for haircuts. Not only is it extremely low maintenance, but it looks great with either a long or short beard.

The top incorporates your traditional buzz cut, but you’ll leave the hair on the top front part of the head about an inch long. For the most part, the hair will stay up on its own but as it begins to grow out your client may need to use a hair product like gel, hair wax, or hairspray. This shouldn’t be much of a problem since older men’s hair can sometimes grow slower than it did when they were younger.

You’ll want to leave the beard longer, about 2 to 3 in, and trim the bottom so that it has a flat, chiseled look instead of a round taper. The flat bottom side of the beard will enhance the client’s jawline and works perfectly with the semi-buzz cut on top.


Short And Stiff

For an older gentleman with thin hair and a receding hairline to almost the middle of his head, this style could be the perfect solution. It requires a minimum amount of hair, requires no maintenance, and gives any remaining hair extra volume.

It will look similar to a longer buzz cut once you’re finished, but it also has that raised front to give it more flare. As you can see from the picture, it works very well for men 50 years and older who wear glasses.

It can also look good with a short beard or stubble. Sideburns are okay with this look, but you’ll want to keep them trimmed down so that they don’t contrast with the almost-shaved temple areas.


Top and Side Volume Flip

This older men’s hairstyle works for people of every age. In fact, that’s one of the reasons this particular hairstyle is so popular.

If an older man comes into your salon and has some thinning hair or hairline recession, this volume flip will revitalize his hair and provide a youthful look.

You can double the volume as long as the client’s hair is around 3 inches long. Because the part is almost on the side of the head, all of the hair on top will overlap each other. This will provide even more volume. Just make sure that you supply your client with the proper shampoo and hair supplies to take care of their hair since this longer style requires more maintenance.


Beard with Flat Top Hair and Skin Fade

Sometimes, you’ll have a client that comes in with short, thin, light-colored hair that you won’t be able to add more volume to no matter how hard to try. When this happens, one of the best things to do is to let the beard make up for what the hair is lacking.

Assuming that the older gentleman you’re working for wants to keep his facial hair, you can leave 2 to 3 inches of beard length. Then, all you will have to do is shave the sides and back of the head, leaving only the top covered in thinning hair.

Shaving the back and sides can make someone look younger than if you were to leave the thinning hair all over.


Forehead Straight Cut With Shaved Sides

If an older man is experiencing a receding hairline, one thing you can do is direct all the hair forward. This will cover the hairline completely.

This particular hairstyle is similar to a crew cut. However, it doesn’t have the same volume. It also uses a very precise, straight cut going across the forehead. The sides and back are almost completely shaved, leaving the top covered.

This final look goes very well with the medium-length beard that you see in the picture. However, it also looks good with a clean shave. The short cut on the sides and straight cut on the front helps define the man’s face and gives him a more chiseled look.


Salt and Pepper Peak and Beard

Instead of trying to cover up a balding forehead, make it look good with this hairstyle for older senior men.

This short cut looks especially good on older men with darker hair at the very top and lighter hair at the bottom. As you can see from the photo, the temple area is not shaved, but it is very short. This provides extra texture and acts as a frame around the balding forehead.

Some older men are concerned about this technique because they’re afraid it will draw unwanted attention to their forehead. However, the peak at the top helps counteract that attention. The overall style will frame the face and forehead, and then the peak will take all the attention away from the hairline and direct it to the top of the head where there is still plenty of hair.


Fluffed With Short Beard

Sometimes, all it takes to revitalize old, thinning hair is to add some volume to it. This style fluffs the hair, adds a bit of a wave, and hides any thinning hair patches that might be appearing on the top or sides of the head.

It’s fairly easy to maintain but needs proper brushing and hair care products. The customers that will most likely be interested in this particular style will be between 45 and 60 years of age.

The short beard will help define the face shape of your client, especially if they have a longer or rectangular face. Just remember, while this style hides thinning hair, hair loss, and receding hairlines, it won’t do much good if the loss has become extensive.


Raised Front, Flat Sides

If one of the older men visiting your salon has thin hair patches near the front of his head but can still grow his hair out, a raised front may be just what he needs. This older men’s hairstyle directs the hair forward and keeps it all very thin and flat until you get to the top part of the head.

The front of the hairline can be about 2 inches long and will be standing upright in almost a short mohawk style. It spreads across the forehead, which will also draw attention away from any hair recession.

If the client’s hair is not thick or strong enough to stand up the full 2 inches, you can always shorten it down a little. Since the sides and back are so flat, any volume at the top will be noticed.


Medium Length Back and Wispy Front

This hairstyle is for men who are in their mid-40s to late 60s who want a little length to their hair but are suffering from bald patches in the back or side areas of their head.

This hairstyle is also good for men who aren’t experiencing loss of hair.

When you start trimming, you’ll want to leave at least 3 in of hair. It may have to be even longer depending on how large or how defined the bald patches are. Leave the hair in the back longer than on the sides to make sure that you have enough to cover everything.


Full Beard and Fluffed Top

This look combines a full beard (1-2 inches in length) with short hair on the sides and back portion of the head. The final look includes a “fluffed” top section right near the forehead. The raised portion doesn’t have to be very large. It should just be large enough to draw some extra attention.


Old Man Haircut for Thinning Hair Use Hair Systems to Cover Bald Spot

For most men, thinning hair signifies aging. You may have customers suffering from hair loss and not bothered by it. It’s okay. Still, you can introduce these hairstyles. They look good, anyway.

However, if they are bothered by hair loss and prefer a good-looking profile, a hair system can restore the lost lush hair instantly.

Unlike hair transplants, hair systems are surgery-free and restore hair quickly. Shave the thinning spots, stick the hairpiece with medical-grade hair system adhesives, and style it. You’re done! The hair system mixes with the natural hair, looking real.

Most people may hold on to the old impression that hair systems are those 10-dollar wigs they could get at a dollar shop. They are not!

Modern hair systems have thin, breathable bases resembling natural hairlines; hair color, density, and lengths are customizable.

Hair systems, correctly installed, will stay attached for a month. The wearer can shower, exercise, and swim in it. And it doesn’t go anywhere.

20 Classy Older Men's Hairstyles: Thinning Hair

Below are feedback images from our partnering stylists. You will see the incredible transformation before and after a person uses a hair system.

Lengthened Top Cover

Some men decide to completely shave their heads once the balding has gone past the center of the top part of their head.

However, the hair system provides an easy solution without getting rid of the remaining hair.


Simply secure it to the head using professional tape or glue, create a skin fade, and the hair system will naturally blend in..

The hair system used in this haircut is the Hollywood Hair System, a modern hair system made of natural human hair, that mimics the wearer’s natural hair in every way——undetectable hairline, absolutely knotless base, various hair colors blended in, and what’s more, a great user experience.

It is available in stock, so you can order it at any time.

  • Comfortable: Lace base eliminates any itchy feeling that may have been caused by old-fashioned wigs. It is breathable and fits any tropical weather or sporty lifestyle.
  • Realistic: 100% human hair, undetected even in a close-up view.
  • Beginner friendly: The use of a poly skin perimeter makes it easy to put glue or adhesives on it, and easier to clean after each wear.

Interested? Please watch and finish watching our short video on how to install it. Visit New Times Hair Youtube channel or contact us to get more detailed tutorials.

Grey and Blonde Comb Over Old Man Haircut

Receding hairline and thinning hair are common problems among older men.

If you are looking for receding hairline older men’s hairstyles with thinning hair, this grey and blonde comb-over with a hair system is a great option.

If your client doesn’t want a clean shave, a grey or light-shade hair system is a great hair-recovering option.


This haircut uses a custom-made hair system to cover up the balding forehead and the middle head area completely.

To improve the realism of the hair, the hairstylist chooses a low hair density for this client and a light blonde color mixed with grey, looking exemplarily natural and reasonable for men over 60.

Once the hair system is glued on, trim down the back and sides of the head a little and adjust the length of the hair system as the customer wishes.

Contact us to customize this unit.

Pushed Back Undercut


The undercut set a trend spanning three decades, from the 1910s to the 1940s. In the early 2010s, men witnessed its notable return, and its popularity never diminished since.

The pushed-back short hair and protruding forehead signify a sense of masculinity and toughness, which blurs the boundary between all ages. 

Does he want to keep this cut, and yet there’s no hair on the forehead and the crown? No worries, hair systems has it covered; shave the balding or thinning top and forehead clean, tape or glue it on, that’s it. 

The hair system for this undercut is one of our most favored HS1Vs. 100% human hair blends perfectly with the wearer’s natural hair, and a PU base melts into the scalp; everything looks 100% real. 

45 hair colors are available, from black to bright blonde. There are white hair options for the seniors, too. We can add gray hair proportions if you want it more natural and reflect the wearer’s age. Try custom orders if you wish to have the hair denser or longer.

Soft Part with Faded Sides

A subtle part is achieved by combing the hair in opposite directions. It is a good option if the wearer’s hair is thin or delicate. It suits wearers with darker hair, such as black or dark brunette, adding a sense of philosophy.


Our D7-3-DYF fine mono hair system is a perfect option for this haircut. The #1 and #1B are hair colors blending perfectly with black or dark-brown-haired wearers. The French lace front makes a perfect-looking hairline. 

The hair density is medium, and the hair length of 5″. Send us a custom order if you are keen on any particular hair color, length, or density. Contact us now.

Long Hair with an Angular Fringe 


Long hair with an angular fringe creates a stylish and modern look. It blends sharp angles with flowing locks, emphasizing the person’s facial features, exuding a sense of individuality.

Can someone with absolutely no hair on the crown and forehead even dream about having this hairstyle? The answer is a solid, thundering “YES!” Get a custom hair system from New Times Hair. 

From hair length, hair color, density, to base material and base structure, everything is customizable. 

Plain Long Hair with Low Undercut


Long hair with low undercut adds good vibes to all personalities. They suit any scene from the office to parties. Long hair with low undercut looks particularly striking with long hair on top. You will notice a visual effect, making hair look higher in volume.

For receding hairline older men’s hairstyles, this fine monofilament hair system with PU perimeter is an ideal option. It is also a durable hair system. When attached, the 100% premium human toupee hair will blend perfectly with the wearer’s natural hair as a whole. 

Long hair with low undercut doesn’t require much styling. Starting from right above one ear and cut around the circumference of the head, that’s pretty much it. 

There are 3 hair colors available: Black, off black, and natural color similar to black. If your client wants other colors or lengths, contact us straight away for custom hair systems. 

Typical Senior Side Part

hair system hairstyle for older men with balding crown

Senior men will look renewed with this typical full head of hair parted softly on the side. This haircut looks natural and doesn’t drive others’ minds to think that this is some sort of wig or makeup to cover his hair-scarce crown.

HS1 is one of our classic PU thin skin hair systems. It gets the hair sorted efficiently and economically. It is one of our top-selling hair systems. When attached, comb and mix the hair around the edge of the base, and taper it with hair clippers. Then finish off the styling. 

With a Proportion of White Hair Added


Many hair system wearers fear not getting old but getting bald. To many, grayish hair signifies a distinguished aura of wisdom, and a full head of gray or white still allows them to maintain their sense of masculinity. 

So, what does a 55-year-old’s hair typically look like? What percentage of gray hair would he have? Our custom-made hair systems can add any proportion of gray hair to the toupee. They are strategically spread between the toupee hair, looking exactly like natural gray hair among the normal-colored hair.

Pushed Back Short Hair Undercuts


Again, a pushed-back undercut works for all age groups and keeps all the older people in trend. 

Our HS25V ultra-thin hair system lasts 3-4 weeks comfortably. For short undercuts, it is an ideal option. There are multiple proportions of white hair added to the toupee. If none suits your client, we can still customize the portion. 

Simply shave the area where the hair system is going to cover, install the hair system, and then give an undercut; that’s it. You have everything now. 

Help Your Older Clients Hide A Receding Hairline or Thin Hair

If you’re running out of hairstyles for your thinning hair older client, our experts have plenty of great ideas. Your clients don’t have to put up with thin hair. Serve them well with styles that look great and help hide thinning hair.

Here at New Times Hair, we are helping you succeed with our top wholesale hair systems for your clients. Shop our collection of products for older men with thinning hair.

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