Does Jimmy Fallon Really Wear a Toupee?

Hair loss is a pretty common problem that happens to a large number of the population, especially guys, due to various reasons.

There has been an online debate over whether Jimmy Fallon, a household name in the US, is wearing a toupee or a hairpiece to hide his hair loss and keep his highly rewarding career going.

Many social media platforms and websites are flooded with questions like “Does Jimmy Fallon wear a toupee?”, “Is Jimmy Fallon bald?”, “What is going on with Jimmy Fallon’s hair?” as well as answers from different perspectives.

Today we are going to share with you whether he’s wearing a toupee or not and how to get his hair look with our hairpiece.

Who Is Jimmy Fallon?

It is actually not hard to understand how such topics can be so intriguing to the public, given where this 47-year-old stands in the US.

In case you are not very familiar with him, Jimmy Fallon is a famous American television host, comedian, and actor. He is known for his work in television as a cast member on “Saturday Night Live” and as the host of the late-night talk show “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.”

Apart from his television work, he has released two comedy albums and seven books, primarily aimed at children.


Why Do People Wonder Whether Jimmy Fallon Wears a Toupee

Neither Jimmy Fallon himself has ever admitted that he wears a toupee in public, nor there has been any evidence suggesting that Jimmy ever wears a toupee.

So why are so many of those who know him wondering whether he wears one or not?

One of the reasons must be that his hairstyle has been so consistent for such a long time with little change.

Whenever and wherever he appears on the screen, people always see the same hairstyle with the same hair length, which seems not very realistic to many people. Having the same hairstyle for such a long time is simply so strange and unusual to many of those who questioned him.

On the other hand, Jimmy made fun of his hair on several occasions in the past, and he had tried different wigs a few times just for the sake of acting.


Besides, he often comments on his guests’ hair in his TV show and brings up topics related to people’s hair.

There was once a time when he asked to touch Donald Trump’s hair in a show to see if his hair was real or not. In many people’s minds, Jimmy Fallon seems to have an intense fascination with people’s hair. Despite that, Jimmy denied that he had ever worn a toupee on any occasion when being questioned.

Does Jimmy Fallon Really Wear A Toupee

So far, there have been various opinions on whether Jimmy Fallon wears a toupee or not on the internet.

Most people seem to believe that they are seeing his natural hair. “No. If you view videos of his Tonight Show at Home Edition during the quarantine, there are a couple where his hair is a mess like he didn’t comb it. You can tell it’s real and also that it’s thinning.” says an online user.  


Whether Jimmy Fallon wears a toupee or not still remains a question today. As a matter of fact, that does not matter at all to most of his fans and followers. It has little to do with them.

What truly matters to them is that unique charisma filled with a sense of amusement and wisdom that can only be delivered from him.

In other words, people will still like him as always as long as he stays the Jimmy Fallon they have always known, regardless of whether he wears a toupee.

Besides, over the past decade, the number of male celebrities who seek different hair loss solutions to maintain their stunning images on the screen has been rising.

The consequences of exposing their balding head would be devastating to their careers in most cases, as their appearance is one of the primary conditions for what they engage in throughout their professional lives.

Therefore, it would be quite understandable for this middle-aged top-earning television host to wear a toupee in public, provided that he really has a balding head.

The Best Toupee For Jimmys Hair

Suppose Jimmy Fallon wears a toupee; what kind of toupee can achieve the sleek and professional hairstyle he wears?


Our best-selling hairpiece HS7 hair system can be a great option.

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First of all, the base of the hairpiece is solely made from a breathable and lightweight woven material called French Lace. It does not only feel soft and silky; the thousands of tiny holes across the base design would be what allow Jimmy’s scalp to fully breathe against stuffiness and itchiness.

Being the best hair system for summer wear, it is mainly craved by those sporty guys who want a hairpiece that can achieve the full extent of comfort and breathability no matter how much they sweat. So Jimmy would practically feel as if there was nothing on his head with this hair wig on!


In addition to comfort, the naturalness of toupees remains another fundamental factor to take into account for Jimmy’s hair.

And the HS7 would never fail him in that regard, either!

The front area of the base has got all the knots thoroughly bleached to make for an appearance of hair growing right out of his scalp. So this hairpiece for men can go with any hairstyle while showing an undetectable front hairline.

With an approximate lifespan of 4 months, depending on how well the hairpiece is taken care of, the HS7 is available in several colors and gray hair options to meet Jimmy’s needs.

At New Times Hair, we have a very considerate pre-cut service before shipment. We could have the hair cut and styled into Jimmy Fallon’s hair or whatever hairstyles you prefer. So you will not need to go through the hassle of styling your hair by yourself after receiving the toupees.

The Bottom Line

As a highly specialized and experienced hair toupee manufacturer, New Times Hair has a wide range of top-class men’s hair toupee products differing in base design. We are privileged to have built strong connections with thousands of men’s toupee distributors and salons from more than 100 countries, mainly in Europe and North America.

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