Does Tyler Hynes Wear a Toupee

Discussions about the hair of middle-aged male celebrities never stop.

Questions like “Does Tyler Hynes wear a toupee?”, “Is Tyler Hynes bald?”, or “Is Tyler Hynes’s hair real?” started to go into our eyes in recent years.

Is Tyler Hynes, the handsome young actor really wearing some kinds of hairpieces due to hair loss? Or does he wear it for other reasons?

In today’s blog, we will walk you through all your doubts about his hair. Now let’s dive directly in!

Who is Tyler Hynes?

Tyler Hynes is a Canadian actor and filmmaker born in 1986 in Toronto, Ontario.

Unlike most other actors and actresses, Tyler started acting professionally very early in life, at only 8 years old, after his parents enrolled him in a summer camp at Young Peoples Theatre.


After getting his start in Theater, he moved in front of the camera with his first feature film, “Little Men,” starring Mariel Hemingway.

He then starred in various television and film productions alongside Tim Roth, Andie MacDowell, James Franco, Sienna Miller, Henry Cavil, Elliot Page, Billy Bob Thornton, etc.

At only 36 years old, he has won a number of very prestigious awards in his career, such as “Best Performance-TV Drama Movie- Hollywood Young Actors Awards”, and “Best Performance Ensemble-TV Movie Comedy-Hollywood Young Artist Awards”, and “Spirit of The Capital Award.”

When and Why People Start to Talk About Tyler Hynes’ Hair

Doubts about whether Tyler Hynes wearing a wig or not can be traced to his appearance in Sweet Carolina, Hallmark’s latest flick, featuring Tyler Hynes and Mean Girls’ very own Gretchen Wieners, Lacey Chabert.

The film was released on Saturday, 15 May 2021. 

In that movie, Tyler flaunted a new look featured by a head of long hair and a beard that had never been seen before, which came as a big surprise to his fans.

It was seen as highly deviating from Hynes’ usual look with a cropped haircut and no facial hair that had already been deeply rooted in people’s minds.


As Tyler Hynes had a significantly longer hairstyle that looks unnatural in that movie, some Hallmark viewers thought he was wearing a toupee wig or certain kinds of hairpieces.

And there are also voices saying that he wore it due to hair loss.


But is that really the case?

According to Tyler’s statement, he was growing his hair out to change up his look for acting roles.

He had a post with his long hairstyle on Twitter in 2019 with his long hair look in Flip That Romance that responded to his fan, “Appreciate all the beard and long hair support. Spent 6 months growing it in preparation for this role. I get all my acting powers from it”. 

So it seems that Tyler Hynes continued to grow out his hair since filming FlipThat Romance and didn’t wear a wig actually.


Another reason why his fans suspected Hynes wearing toupees or not is that he had diverse hairstyles in his movies- typically most male celebrities do not change it very frequently.

However, this is not the evidence for Hynes is wearing hairpieces.

Possibly his hairstyles experienced some transformations just in concert with the characters starred by him in his movies in many cases, just like how female celebrities change their hairstyles so much.

How to Achieve a More Natural Hair Look If Tyler Hynes is Bald?

Complaints from Tyler Hynes fans that they dislike his longer hairstyle is that it looks very unnatural on his head, just like wearing a wired wig.

If Hynes is experiencing hair loss, the modern hair replacement system is a more natural solution than the wig he wore in his movie to conceal the baldness.

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Different from the traditional full cap wig, the modern hair systems are smaller hairpieces installed especially by hairstylists.

They can blend seamlessly into the wearer’s own hair, creating a seamlessly undetectable look others won’t find.

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As a matter of fact, no matter if Tyler Hynes is using a wig or not, he is still the Tyler Hynes people have always known.

And all of his works still remain as influential and impressive as always to those who know him.

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13 thoughts on “Does Tyler Hynes Wear a Toupee”

  1. Avatar
    Kelly Braam

    Tyler Hynes is a wonderful actor and a good soul! You are perfect the way you are Tyler! I love Hallmark and all the awesome guys and gals. Hallmark lifts my spirits !!!

  2. Avatar
    Christine Ade

    However Tyler wears his hair is HIS business. I think he looks gorgeous in all the different styles.

  3. Credit to his hair stylist/ makeup artist for making real hair look fake. Just glad I’m not the only one who thought his hairline looked unnatural.

  4. I just finished watching Sweet Carolina.. I am not familiar with the actor Tyler Hynes, and have discovered I am not alone in belief that Mr. Hynes hair style appeared fake. While the beard was very becoming and compliments his features for his part in the movie, the longer locks and sides are distinguishing, the front part if his hair style just didn’t work with the rest of it. It looked pasted down, heavy, and unfortunately, fake looking as what a hair piece would produce. Layer or fluff the fronts a bit so it doesn’t .appear over gel or sprayed down and I believe it would provide a more natural look. Try leaning over and blow drying it to fluff or give it a lighter look. Long locks are great and very appealing. Just avoid the goop that can weigh it down and cause it to look weighted, heavy, flat, or glued. New hair styles will always take time to figure out.

  5. Avatar
    Blanca Dora Quijada

    I really enjoy watching his movies I actually look for them . I admired him . Tyler Hynes I’m your number one fan ; and I wish I will meet you some day . A great actor , kind sweet, handsome , perfect.
    Thank you for being you ! Keep up your work , we want to see you in new movies .
    You’re awesome ❤️

  6. Avatar
    Sue Johnson

    Tyler Hynes is a great actor. However he decides to wear his hair is his business. Somethings are just personal. It does not take away from the handsome and kind hearted person he is. I’ve watched many videos of him and he is always so kind, courteous and respectful of everyone. He also has an appreciation of his fans that is outstanding.
    Please, Tyler, another Hallmark movie soon.


  8. Tyler Hynes, is a natural. So, the parts he play’s, I’m walking along side him…. It’s been decades, I’ll say it. I would so like to meet Mr. Hynes….. Will he be in the South in 2023? Just Hoping……..

  9. Avatar
    Paula DiCesare

    Tyler Hynes is perfect… no matter hair style.
    His acting is so natural and his characters are. believable. 👍👍

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