What Is a Hair System and Things You Need to Know About Hair System

Hair system, also known as non-surgical hair replacement system, toupee, or hair unit, typically refers to a hair piece made of human hairs designed to attach on the scalp to cover baldness or thinning hair caused by different kinds of reasons.


Hair System vs. Wig: Are they the Same Thing?

Unlike a traditional hair wig that offers full coverage of your head, a modern hair system typically refers to a hair piece of a smaller size designed in accordance with common types of male pattern hair loss characterized by baldness at the top and crown. 

With its hair well-blended with your own hair at the sides and back,  it can present a FULL UNDETECTABLE HAIR LOOK as natural as hairs growing out of your scalp. Being more affordable and handy, hair systems are also a lot more lightweight than wigs for its smaller size, which is why it comes with a greater degree of comfort and ease of maintenance.

hair system before and after


The Hair System Market is Growing Faster Than Ever

Hair loss is more than a health problem to most people given how much it eats away at their self-esteem and confidence by causing an unwanted change of personal image.

The number of people who seek such hair replacement systems to restore their appearances is still ON THE RISE at an accelerated pace. That mainly accounts for why many countries have seen a drastic increase in the number of businesses that sprung up one after another to make the most of this more of an untapped industry.

The hair business is often likened to a GOLD MINE by those who have come a long way in invigorating the development of their businesses.

Yes, that is not hard to believe as hair systems undoubtedly give rise to a super lucrative industry and the profit margin of hair systems outperforms the very most commodities that are commonly purchased in our lives.

So in order to set yourself up for success in the hair replacement system business, what are the things you need to familiarize yourself with?


Hair Systems Pros

After knowing what a hair system is, you might ask: what made it such a popular and highly appreciated hair loss solution across the globe in 2021 among all those hair loss treatments such as hair transplant, laser, medicals and so on?


  • Non-Invasive

Firstly, unlike hair transplant surgeries including a certain amount of associated risks such as scarring, infection, and pain,hair systems come with practically zero side effects given they are completely non-surgical and medication-free.

So you can be totally reassured if you are going to wear a hair replacement system!


  • Affordable

Hair Sytems are the least costly way to recover hair loss ever known, especially in comparison to hair transplants.

Generally speaking, one hair system would only take a few hundred dollars.

For a person wearers, 3-5 pieces are quite enough for a year’s consumption.


  • Instant Change

Non-surgical hair replacements including hair systems fulfill their value of use as soon as they are put into use by instantly presenting the look wanted by the users! Compared to other treatments which will take several months or even a year to see an improvement— sometimes may fail, a hair system however will not take a few minutes to change the wears’ look.


With all its pros, hair system has not only attracted ordinary people, but many celebrities of worldwide fame go for it in an effort to recover their old looks to keep their fans and followers engaged. Get to know the celebrities who wear men’s toupees as you must be familiar with many of them!


What are the Different Types of Hair Systems?

For many of those who have just started their hair business in the hair system sector, choosing the right types of products to sell can pose a challenge in some ways.

However, it is very important that you offer the right things to your customers as the product mix of your business can make a big difference in the sales volume as well as profitability.

Speaking from the global market perspective, there have been a certain amount of models of hair systems prevailing among most regions.

We are here to list a few typical ones for you:


  • Full Lace Hair System

Hair systems with full French lace or Swiss lace enjoy massive popularity in almost anywhere in the world!

Not only does the lace base appear super natural-looking complemented with real human hair, it is also widely appreciated for being incredibly comfy and breathable.

So it is undoubtedly the very best option for summer wear given how much it works against sweating.


Stock Hair Systems: DURO LACE | New Times Hair


  • Full Skin Hair System

Full skin hair systems are also a hit among the majority of hairpiece wearers for ease of use—almost fit for all kinds of tape and glue, and super easy to clean when through wearing.

The thickness of the skin base varies considerably as the thinner the skin, the more natural-looking the hairpiece appears, and vice versa.

However, as opposed to how the naturalness goes with the skin thickness, the lifespan of a skin hairpiece is instead positively correlated with the skin thickness.

So there is always a trade-off between durability and realism of full skin hair replacement. Some of them can be extremely natural-looking but not durable while some can last for a really long time but are not as undetectable.


Stock Men’s System: HS1 | New Times Hair


  • Monofilament Hair System

As another common system base material, monofilament, also called mono, is known for being very strong and somewhat breathable.

It is usually adopted in combination with lace and skin to make for a multi-purpose hybrid base design. It is often used to make up the top area of the base to guarantee a long lifespan and an ideal comfort level.

Thin skin perimeter around the mono base is widely used to facilitate easy attachment and removal due to skin material is very compatible with both glue and tape.

To step up the realism level of the hair system, a layer of French lace with all the knots bleached is likely to be employed at the very front area, thus managing to present a very undetectable front hairline.

Thin skin material can be also used this way sometimes to complement the mono base, but it has to be super thin to achieve the same purpose.

What Is a Hair System and Things You Need to Know About Hair System

Stock Men’s Hair System: D7-3 | New Times Hair


Hair Systems Must Buys at New Times Hair

If you are a newcomer to hair systems, you may feel confused about so many kinds of hair systems in New Times Hair catalog.

Don’t worry, here we prepare a list of our best-sellings at New Times Hair, all of them are user-friendly to newcomers and can deal with the most common types of male pattern hair loss.

1. HS25-V Ultra Thin Skin Men’s Toupee Human Hair Wig(click to shop)

  • Easy to Attach and Remove
  • Realistic Scalp and Hairline


2. HS1-V Super Thin Skin Human Hair Toupee for Men (click to shop)

  • Easy to Attach and Remove
  • Realistic Scalp and Hairline
  • Longer Lifespan


3. HS1 Super Thin Skin Men’s Human Hair Toupee Wig (click to shop)

  • Easy to Attach and Remove
  • Realistic Scalp and Hairline
  • Longer Lifespan
  • No Hair Shreddings


4. HS7 Full French Lace Human Hair Wig Toupee for Men (click to shop)

  • Extremely Breathable and Comfy
  • Realistic Scalp and Hairline
  • Exceptional Durability
  • No Hair Shreddings


5. HOLLYWOOD French Lace with PU Men’s Human Hair Toupee (click to shop)

  • Extremely Breathable and Comfy
  • Realistic Scalp and Hairline
  • Easy to Attach and Remove
  • Exceptional Durability

Click to get the full list of best toupees for men at New Times Hair, a detailed introduction to each unit and reasons to get it.

Of course, it requires more than a hair systems to have a hair system well attached to head and keep it in good condition when through wearing.

Thus we also prepare a package for new comers with almost everything you may need to start a hair system service business.

It includes several pics of hair systems, tape, color ring, comb, hair system stand, measure tape, mark pen, tutorials in video and PDF, and more you need in this kit.

Click here to check out our hair business startup packages and contact us to shop it.

new times hair startup packages for hair business startups


How Long Do Hair Systems Last

Simply put, the typical lifespan of your hair systems depends largely on several factors. Hair systems made of high-quality materials coupled with an excellent manufacturing process and proper routine care and maintenance will have an average lifespan of 1-12 MONTHS even you use them every day.

However, you need to be mindful of the fact that the 1-12 months given earlier is simply an average. And, of course, a number of factors influence the lifespan of hair systems. These include the base materials, color, hair quality, ventilation methods, and more factors.

hair system lifespan

Out of all the factors, base material plays the most predominant role in the lifespan of men’s toupees as certain kinds of base material are more resistant to damages and wear than the other.

Mono men’s hair systems come with the longest lifespan of up to 6-12 MONTHS, followed by lace and skin men’s toupees.

Full French lace men’s hair systems usually can last around 3 MONTHS, as opposed to 2 MONTHS for full Swiss lace ones.

As to skin men’s hair systems, it is generally the case that the thicker the base, the longer its lifespan. For example, thin skin men’s toupees with a 0.03mm base can be worn for only a month or so, while 0.08mm skin men’s toupees can last about 4 months in most cases.

Hair Systems Tutorial

In order to thrive in this industry, offering well-rounded complementary services to your customers in a considerate and professional way remains no less important than offering them the right products that they like. Services offered in this field mainly include scalp measurement, hair system attachment and maintenance assistance.

In order to help your customers solve all kinds of problems related to hair systems, we will also suggest you take hair replacement training class if you are just wondering to step into the hair system industry.

How to Measure Head for Hair System

To help your customers choose the right hair system and have it attached properly, it is very important to get the right measurement of the bald area on the scalp to figure out what size of a hair system would fit the bald area.



  1. a meter ruler   2. some white eyeliner   3. some tape



  1. Remove any hairpieces and glue/tape.
  2. Take off the metal top of the meter ruler.
  3. Place four fingers above your eyebrows, and use the eyeliner to mark a point as the first start position of the hairpiece.
  4. Place four fingers (the number of fingers may differ according to the position of your receding line) above the top of your left ear, and use the eyeliner to mark a point as the second start position of the hairpiece.
  5. Place four fingers (the number of fingers may differ according to the position of your receding line) above the top of your right ear, and use the eyeliner to mark a point as the third start position of the hairpiece.
  6. Connect the three points through a line that is as straight as possible. This is your minor hairline.
  7. Use the meter ruler to connect the middle of your nose and the line above. Then, mark the crossing point as the middle of your face.
  8. Put tape here and measure from here to the start of your back hair with a meter ruler. Record the measurement (for the model in the video, the size is roughly 22cm/8 inches).
  9. Put tape on the second and third points and then measure the size between them with a meter ruler and record it (for the model in the video, the size is 17cm, 6 inches roughly).



  1. When measuring the size of your customer’s head, white eyeliner is a must.
  2. More tape makes the measurement easy.
  3. When you buy a new hairpiece for your customers, get the exact size that they need so that they don’t have to cut it themselves at home.


It is recommended to watch the video below to see the right way of achieving that:





How to Attach a Hair System to Head

After getting the measurement, it is time to have it attached. Hair system attachment is not as easy as it may seem given it entails a series of tasks implemented in correct manners and you would need a set of tools as well to do that.



1. tape or glue for hair system 2. scissors 3.  rubbing alcohol 4. mark pensil 5. Comb



1. Take the tape and cut it with scissors into thinner, shorter pieces to the size and shape that suits your customer. If necessary, you can use a scalp protector before applying tape to prevent the tape pulling out your customer’s own hair. After positioning the tape, press down on the tape 3 or 4 times.

2: Choose where you want the toupee to be and make marks on the head.

3: Use rubbing alcohol to clean the toupee and your customer’s head. It is very important to clean off dirt and scalp oil before taping.

4: Once the head is dry, apply the glue evenly on your customer’s scalp to give the toupee a better hold.

5: When the double-sided tape is completely flat, pull off the back from one side to the other.

6: Position the hair toupee, slowly apply it to the scalp from the front of the head to the back. Make sure you do not tape down your customer’s baby hair during this process. Continue to apply pressure to ensure the toupee is completely secure to the head.

7: Style the hair as your customer pleases


After a successful attachment, the hair system should appear very natural and realistic with its hair naturally blended with your customer’s own hair, so people would not be able to notice your customer is wearing a hairpiece. The video below will walk you through a typical hair system attachment routine:



Hair System Maintenance: Removal & Cleaning

In addition to installing hair systems on your customers’ heads, mastering how to remove and clean your customers’ scalps properly is also a required skill for salon owners or hairstylists. Proper removal is important for good care and maintenance.



1. adhesive remover  2.C-22 adhesive solvent  3.finger nail brush  4.shampoo 5. towel.


Hair System Removal Procedures:

1: Spray the remover on the base. Then, peel the hair system gradually and carefully from the scalp. Be careful not to pull so hard that you tear the base. This step may take some time. Be patient!

2: Soak the hair system in cool water for a while to make it totally wet. NEVER use hot water.

3: Place the hair system on a flat surface and clean off the adhesive residue. Use your hands to remove any excess residue with short, gentle strokes.

4: For stubborn residue on the edges, use C-22 adhesive solvent. Brush it on with a finger nail brush to loosen the residue. Then, break it free.

5: Wash the hair system with shampoo to make sure all of the residue has been removed. Then, towel it dry.


Scalp Cleaning Procedures:

1: Spray some solvent on the scalp to dissolve the excess residue and use a brush to apply the solvent evenly and thoroughly. Then, rinse and shampoo the scalp.

2: Use a comb to brush out any remaining residue from the scalp.

3: Do the final cleaning with a finger nail brush to make sure all of the residues has been removed. Finally, rinse the scalp off.



1. It is important to wait for a few minutes after applying the remover to allow the solvent to soak in and break down the bond. To avoid damaging the front hairline, you can remove starting from the back and work your way to the front.

2. Typically speaking, most hair systems need washing once every one or two weeks or even less. It is very important to make sure that all shampoo, glue, and conditioner are fully washed out. Try not to rub the hair and use a wide-toothed comb to gently detangle the hair.


Check out the video below to learn how to remove and clean a hair system for your client.


There is yet more for you to know, why not take a look at a round-up of the things in which you should be very proficient regarding hair system maintenance.


We Are With You

Now you have known the things that matter remarkably to your upcoming hair system business journey. However, nothing great can be achieved easily as there will be inevitably many challenges of different kinds on the way that can put a damper on the development of your business. It can be especially hard in the beginning given building up your customer base from the ground up is a slow process. But if you manage to do the right things and stay the course, all the hard works will ultimately be paid off!

As one of the leading hair system wholesalers in the world, New Times Hair is privileged to have built strong and lasting connections with a large number of human hair replacement system distributors and salons in more than 100 countries mostly from Europe and North America. In the effort of helping our partners thrive in the hair system industry, our hairpiece factory is always dedicated to producing top-class human hair replacement products of various kinds.

At New Times Hair, you will get very generous offers for such awesome hair systems that have been spoken highly of by all our partners!  We always look forward to embarking on the hair business journey with you together, in which we will open a new chapter filled with loads of success and excitement!

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With me personally, the best-selling hair system has been HS1. It has what it’s required out of a good quality hair system, in terms of a natural-looking hairline, undetectable scalp, etc. Most wearers and salon owners are familiar with it. Plus, all our clients have faith in the quality of this hair system. According to their feedback, this is an easy-to-attach, easy-to-maintain hair system for both men and women.


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New Australia. When it first came out in early 2023, it made me top of sales. I think most wearers like it because at the design statge, our experts considered all possible aspects people could want from a hairpiece, such as a natural look, a level of comfort, and affordablity; it’s similar to lace, but most wearers can afford.