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Hair loss has become a common situation for men and women around the world. It affects not only ordinary people, but celebrities also experience hair loss as they get old.

One of the most common ways to deal with this problem is to use a hair replacement or a toupee to cover the baldness, which could provide partial coverage, making it a popular choice for men with receding hairlines and thinning hair.

Because there’s such a need for hair replacement, it’s a great industry for new business owners. This niche industry has lower competition and is more profitable than other niches in the beauty and fashion industry. For savvy entrepreneurs interested in the beauty and fashion industry, it makes sense to start a hair business.

How to Start Your Hair Business

To start a hair business, there are several things to keep in mind. The following six steps walk you through the process of getting started in the hair replacement business。

1. Come up with Hair Business Ideas.

Even within the hair business, there are lots of options for business owners. Take some time to research hair business models to determine what kind of hair business interests you the most. There are mainly two ways to start a hair business for beginners, that is, selling directly to customers or providing hair replacement installation service.

Hair replacement retail can be developed through a brick-and-mortar retail store or selling online through an e-commerce store or social media. These retailers sell hair replacement products directly to customers. Many of them offer consulting services from skilled hair replacement professionals.

A hair replacement service offers a hands-on approach to hair replacement. Instead of selling products for a customer to use at home, customers visit a hair replacement salon. At the salon, a skilled hairdresser or hairstylist helps provide customers with a better hair replacement experience.

haircut in salon

2. Analyze Your Competitors.

Take some time to learn from major competitors in the hair replacement industry. Look at businesses in the same space as you to see what reviewers have to say. By taking the time to learn from your competition, you can improve the marketing and execution of your business plan.

If you’re planning on opening a brick-and-mortar retails store or offer hair replacement in a salon, find out what other businesses offer these services in your area. Consider beauty supply stores, salons, and other businesses catering to individuals with hair loss.

When you take the time to analyze your local competitors, you’re better able to determine the local demand and appropriate product pricing.

3. Get Advice from Someone in the Hair Replacement Business.

You don’t want to go to someone local for this advice. After all, they’re your competition!

However, with online resources like forums and Facebook groups, you can find other entrepreneurs in the hair replacement industry.

Take some time to talk to small business owners who are already working in this space. Because you’re looking for people in a different market than your own, you may be able to glean more information from your conversation.

Ask them about marketing, roadblocks, and any ongoing difficulties with their business. By getting an insider’s perspective on the business, you can better develop your business plan.

4. Complete Hair Replacement Training.

There are several ways to train yourself for hair replacement.

First, you can take hair replacement training classes from hair replacement specialists. New Times Hair worked with hair replacement specialists to provide non-surgical hair replacement training courses. Click here to learn how to start with us.

Hair Replacement Training from Stylo Canarias S.L.

Before and after 2

Hair Integration Training from Sharni k hair & Sharni K Coaching

Before and after 2

You can also learn from YouTube hair replacement specialists or from industry blogs.

New Times Hair also provides hair replacement tutorials for beginners to learn. Here is a list of our tutorials created for newcomers in the industry, which normally costs several thousands of dollars in a paid class, but here at New Times Hair, we offer them TOTALLY FOR FREE for the convenience of our clients.

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Of course, if you’re opening a salon, taking the non-surgical hair replacement classes at your local cosmetology school and get a certification is also necessary. Having this certification is an important step in properly running a hair replacement salon. And if possible, hiring an experienced hairdresser at your salon is a good idea to help you successfully start your salon business by helping you dealing all kinds of emergencies.

5. Create A Brand Identity & Get Appropriate Business Licensing.

Figure out how you want to brand your hair replacement business. Consider the preferences of your target customers, your location, and the hair replacement industry. With these things in mind, select a business name and create your logo.

Hiring a professional designer to create your logo and brand identity may be a good investment, especially if you’re running an online-only business. Freelancers on sites like Fiverr, Upwork, and 99designs can offer your business with the professional appearance it needs to succeed.

Once you’ve determined your business name and brand identity, get the appropriate business licensing. For online-only stores, this may only require registering your business name and acquiring an Employer Identification Number (EIN). Brick-and-mortar stores and especially salons will require more licensing. Speak with a small business advisor in your area to find out the particular requirements of the state you live in.

Brand logo of a hair salon

6. Buy Hair Replacement at Low Price

 a)Buy bulk hair replacement at a wholesale price.

In order to make your hair business competitive and profitable, it’s important to find hairpieces with high quality but low price.

If you search hair replacements online, you will find the price will vary a lot, from a few hundred dollars to even thousands.

How to choose from them?

The secret is to find the hairpiece factory on the market and buy hair units in bulk from them at wholesale price, which normally only takes 1/2 or even 1/3 the price compared to hair replacement distributors or brokers on the products of the same quality.

There are also a few points you need to pay attention to when you buy cheap hair replacements: first is to make sure they are made of 100% human hairs but not synthetic hair, another is to check the craftmanship of the hair units. All those factors decide how natural the hair replacement looks on your client’s head.

Stock men’s toupee: HS1VP

b)Dropship Program: start a hair business even with no money.

Starting your own hair replacement retailer comes with some amount of risk.

If you are purchasing materials and holding inventory, there is always the risk that you’ll spend more money than your business can make.

Although the hair replacement industry is growing rapidly, running a traditional retail business isn’t for everyone, especially those without enough initial funds.

Creating an e-commerce business with a dropshipping structure can be a profitable way to get into the beauty and fashion industry.

The dropshipping business model is simple. An online retailer sets up a shop, where customers purchase items online. Once an item is purchased, the order goes directly to the manufacturer. The manufacturer ships the purchased item directly to the customer.

Owners of businesses with a dropshipping business model are responsible for creating an online brand and ensuring that only quality products are sent to customers.

If you’re interested in starting a dropship program for an online hair replacement business, determine your business name, logo, and package. Use this newly created brand identity to either create a website or build a store through an online marketplace like Amazon.

Once you’ve established relationships with trustworthy wholesalers, promote your business. Use social media, online advertising, and your website to promote your business’s products. As customers order hair replacement items from your shop, the items will be sent directly to them from your wholesaler.

New Times Hair Dropship Program


If you’re trying to start a hair replacement business, there are a lot of important steps you need to take.

After coming up with business ideas, you should conduct market research by looking at what your competitors are doing.

Once you’ve talked to other business owners in the hair replacement industry, acquire the necessary training.

If you’re only providing retail hair replacement, online learning through free courses on YouTube may be all the training you need. For business owners opening salons, though, it’s important to get the proper certifications before opening for business.

Take time to create your brand identity and get all of the appropriate licensing.

Your business’s licensing requirements will mostly depend on which business model you choose. Once your brand’s identity is created, you can begin searching for a trusted wholesaler to provide your products.

Alternatively, you can create a business with the dropship business model. These businesses carry no inventory and less risk, making them great for entrepreneurs with very little startup capital. You can enjoy the benefits of starting a business without the need to worry about carrying unnecessary inventory or paying for unneeded retail space.

Partner with New Times Hair

Having a high-quality hair replacement product is absolutely essential to the success of your hair replacement business. As one of the best wholesale human hair wigs distributors and hairpiece factories in China, partnering with New Times Hair can help your budding business flourish.

At New Times Hair, we provide high-quality hair replacements at wholesale prices. Our dropship program offers an alternative to traditional retail, making it a great solution for startups that don’t have sufficient funds. We use our hair replacement knowledge and techniques to help empower business owners to run a successful business.

With New Times Hair, you won’t just get great hair replacements. Our great prices, flexible business options, and freely available training resources will help you to become truly successful in your new business venture.

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  1. I am looking to start a business providing hair replacement. I would like some information on how to seek out licensed cosmetologists and or barbers to do the cutting and styling aspect of the task.

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    Hi there, thanks for your interest in our product. Our sales representative would contact you ASAP. You can also get in
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    Thank you great information. Can you tell me how I can partner with you to get hair for my business.wholesale for me clients

  4. New Times Hair

    Hi Raman, thanks for leaving a comment. We are so glad to hear that you are starting your business, and here are some tips, hope they are helpful.

    To find a hair fixing expert, you can reach out to professional hair salons and stylists who specialize in hair replacement or hair extensions nearby. They may have experienced professionals who can provide the service you’re looking for. Online platforms and forums are also great place to find an expert. You can post job listings or inquire about available experts in those communities. Beside, you can consider partnering with beauty schools or academies that offer courses in hair replacement. They may have skilled graduates who are looking for opportunities. Industry events, trade shows, and conferences related to hair and beauty is also a great way. This will give you the opportunity to network with experts and professionals in the field.

    For marketing, you can build your online presence through social media like IG and Tiktok. You can get tremandous traffic with great content on social media nowadays.

    And last, if you are looking for a hair system supplier, we would like to recommend ourselves, New Times Hair. As a leading hair system manufacturer and supplier in China, we have sufficent experience working with popular salons, stylists, retailors and hair clincs in Europe nad the US. You can start to work with us by trying our products with our exclusive sample price for first order. And you can still return it within 30 days if you are not satisfied with it. If you are happy to work with us, you can order in our wholesale price for bulk orders in your later orders.

  5. I am retail professional and currently researching to open Hair replacement service centre for that need information such as how to source hair fixing expert, Marketing and shortlisting right vendor.

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