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Hair pieces have improved a lot over the years.  They more and more natural.  The bases are getting thinner and thinner and the knots have become smaller and less visible.  Single knots are often the most popular choice, especially for the front hairline.  But have you ever wondered if any hair systems have only double knots?  The answer is, ”Yes”.  Although it may seem counter intuitive, some clients also like double knots on the front hairlines.


Most times, we use double knots on the top, crown and back of the hair system because of double knots are more durable and in these areas, the importance of invisible knots are less important.  They will all the covered by hair.  So why would you choose double knots for the front hairline?  Because double knots have good hair direction.  It’s much easier to control and style.  Moreover, double knots give the hair more lift than single knot.  It is very similar like Asian natural hair. 


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