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Referred to as injected lace hairpieces, silk top hair systems typically have a base design made up of three different base layers to achieve multiple purposes. When looking at the base from the top, each single hair strand looks as if it was growing right out of the scalp without showing anything such as black knots. As one of the most high-end manufacturers of custom hairpieces for men, our silk top hair systems and silk hair topper have been rapidly gaining popularity since they were introduced to the hair system market. Unlike some other types of hair replacement systems, silk top hair systems are particularly favored by hair system wearers with especially discriminated tastes. These wearers are generally more than willing to pay a premium for the high-end advantages that only silk top hair systems can bring. As one of the leading human hair toupee suppliers in the world, our men’s silk top hair systems command respect and appreciation. Clients rave about the natural look, comfort, durability, and superior material and construction. Aside from offering a wide range of stock hairpieces in a large number of base designs and hair colors, we also provide custom hairpieces for men options for producing custom-made silk top hair systems for men according to your customers’ own requests. By choosing to wholesale hair replacement systems for men from Newtimes Hair, you’re sure to reap the rewards of consistent growth and unmatched prosperity!

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What is a silk top hair system?

A silk top hair system is a hair system with a base that consists of three layers made of silk mono, lace, and diamond mono, respectively.

When looking at the base from the top, each single hair strand looks exactly as if it is growing right out of a scalp. Such exceptional naturalness is actually achieved through a very complicated and time-consuming hair ventilation process that involves both the top layer and the middle layer of the hair system base.

Each single hair has to be tightly knotted onto the middle layer (which is made of very solid lace material to guarantee a superior durability of the hair system) before being carefully pulled out through the top layer (which is made of a special material called silk mono that imitates the appearance of a human scalp remarkably well).

This process hides all of the knots under the top layer, thus presenting a knotless, natural look all over the base. To maximize the comfort level for wearers of this hair system, another very soft and silky layer that is meant to come into contact with the wearers’ scalp is placed at the very bottom of the base. This layer is called diamond mono.

How long do silk top hair systems last?

How long silk top hair systems last depends on a number of factors, such as the quality of the base material, the type of hair, the manufacturer, and how well they are taken care of. When it comes to base material, the higher the quality of the material, the longer the silk top toupee tends to last. Based on the experience of our partners’ customers, most silk top hair systems on the market can last more than six months for most wearers.

The type of hair used in the production of silk top hair systems also plays a part in the lifespan. With top-grade hair materials, your silk top hair systems can probably outlast their expected lifespan since such hair materials are less vulnerable to breakage and shedding. Thus, when wholesaling silk top hair systems to fuel your business growth, it is very important to select a men’s toupee manufacturer with high quality standards and excellent expertise.

Another thing that also accounts for the lifespan of silk top hair pieces is how well they are taken care of, which explains the varying lifespan of the very same silk top hair systems produced by the same manufacturer but worn by different wearers. It is recommended to use tape instead of glue. Since the diamond lace at the bottom is a permeable material just like lace, it would take more work to clean up the glue residue, which, consequently, damages the hair roots. Frequent use of glue on silk top hair systems has proven to shorten their lifespan.

How much does a silk base hair system cost?

As the very high-end hair piece option for users who are less sensitive to prices, silk top hair systems are undoubtedly the costliest men’s hair system for a number of reasons.

First, given how complicated and demanding the hair ventilation process is, it can take more than twice as long to make a silk top toupee as it does to make hair systems with just one base layer. This leads to higher labor costs.

Second, both silk mono and diamond mono are scarce materials that are less commonly used in the hair system industry, so it is more difficult and more expensive for manufacturers to source such materials.

Lastly, being a very well-rounded hair system option, silk top hair systems never fail to impress the wearers in terms of all the things that matter to them, such as realism, comfort, and lifespan. The unparalleled naturalness and undetectable appearance of silk top hair systems is increasing their popularity with more and more hair system wearers across the globe.

All of these factors contribute to making silk top hair systems significantly more expensive than other types of hair systems. Generally, most custom hairpieces for men nowadays cost anywhere from USD $300to $600. However, the wholesale prices of the same silk top custom hairpieces are significantly lower than their market prices. In most cases, men’s silk top hair pieces can be sold to wearers by well-reputed hair toupee suppliers at prices that double or even triple their wholesale cost.

Why should I purchase wholesale silk top hair systems from Newtimes Hair?

As one of the most widely recognized men’s toupee suppliers with more than a decade of experience in the hair system industry, Newtimes Hair has many features that make us a top choice for your wholesale skin hair system needs.

Premium base material quality

All base materials used in the production of our men’s silk top hair systems are carefully sourced from the most reliable and reputable European suppliers, which guarantees that the silk top hair toupees you get from us are the classiest on the market.

Top-grade 100% real human hair
We only use top-of-the-line 100% real human hair to produce men’s silk top hair pieces for you and your customers. That is why the hair you get from us not only looks natural and lustrous, but also feels silky and smooth. Such top-grade human hair material also guarantees your customers a very desirable lifespan.

Large variety for your customers’ choices
At Newtimes Hair, we offer many kinds of silk top hair pieces for men. Whether it is stock or custom silk top hair systems, we can fulfill the specific needs of all of your customers.

Extremely competitive wholesale prices
Newtimes Hair is widely recognized as a hair toupee supplier that offers the best value-for-your-money hair systems. Indeed, it is very hard to find another toupee supplier that can offer such top-notch men’s silk top hair pieces for prices lower than ours. We put our reputation and client satisfaction ahead of everything. By offering lower prices, we want our products to reach more and more people who are struggling with hair loss and help them live better lives!

30-Day Free Return Policy
Newtimes Hair offers a 30-day free return policy for every order. If you want to return your order after receiving it for any legitimate reason, we will replace it for free or give you a full refund. This policy should alleviate any concerns you have regarding purchasing from overseas. You can essentially try our silk top hairpieces for the cost of the shipping fee.

Are silk top hair systems better than lace hair systems?

They are just 2 types of very different hair systems with their own characteristics. Which one is better largely depends on the wearers’ own needs and preferences, as both types of hair systems have their own advantages that are valued by different groups of people.

Particularly popular among those with sporty lifestyles or who live in places with a hot and humid climate, lace hair systems are highly favored for their exceptional breathability due to the thousands of small holes that allow the wearer’s scalp to breathe to the fullest extent. There is no way for any type of silk top hair system to achieve the same level of breathability considering the big differences in base design and base material.

Nevertheless, based on feedback from our partners’ customers, both kinds of hair systems feel comfortable enough for most wearers. When it comes to how natural-looking they both appear, silk top hair systems indisputably have the upper hand—not just because the hairs are directly injected into the top silk mono layer to create a knotless look all over, but also due to the fact that silk mono ostensibly resembles the human scalp to a greater degree.

While that is true, lace hair systems appear undetectable enough, especially after all of the knots are fully bleached, for wearers to feel reassured in public. In terms of their respective lifespan, silk top hair systems turn out to be a more favorable option, as they have the ability to last more than 6 months when well taken care of. To sum up, in spite of the wide price gaps, silk top hair systems may be a more favorable option for the majority of hair system wearers who are less concerned with the breathability of their hair pieces.

Does a silk top hair system have the most natural-looking appearance compared with other kinds of men’s hair toupees?

Silk top hair systems are widely recognized by hair system wearers from all over the world as the most natural-looking and undetectable hair system option.

Thus, appearing exceptionally natural-looking is seen as the key advantage of silk top hair systems. Such naturalness is mainly attributable to both their unique base design and highly innovative hair ventilation method. Such realism allows wearers to style their hair in whatever ways they prefer without worrying that their hair system will become visible. Each single hair on the hair system looks as if it was growing right from the wearer’s scalp.

As of now, the global men’s hair system market has not seen any type of hair piece that can present a look as natural-looking as silk top hair systems.