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New Times Hair offers premium silk top hair systems, which are also known as injected lace. We make the base of our silk hair replacement systems with two layers of mesh material, along with the silk mono top and underlayer of lace. Check out the entire collection here and find out the details of the product you like.    Read More >>

Silk Top Hair Systems for Men

Hair replacement solutions from Newtimes Hair provide those who struggle with baldness or hair loss another lease on life. If you want to provide your customers with a better range of product options, then check out our vast range of products. That’s especially true of our Silk Top systems, which are also referred to as injected lace. It’s one of many hair systems we carry that looks realistic and natural. The base of silk top hairpieces are made up of two layers of mesh material, with the underlayer being lace and the top being silk mono. Soft, light, and durable, these hair systems have an average lifespan of three to five months.

Why Get A Silk Top System?

People suffering from baldness often turn to hair replacement systems. Customers who have only lost the top of their crown but have retained about two-thirds of their hair will benefit from silk top hair systems. A silk top hairpiece offers clients with a non-surgical option for adding more volume on top. The silk is a breathable material and thin enough to make the wig look natural and realistic. The hairpieces we offer are knotless and look very realistic, with the hair knots hidden between the silk mono and injected lace, which makes it seem like the hair grows out of the client’s scalp. Talk to us about the cut and style your customers want for the silk top hairpieces. Send us photos of the hairstyle along with the hair length that your customers prefer so we can use that information when we style your orders. These fine hairpieces—made with human hair placed and knotted by hand—are a quick, painless way to have a full head of beautiful, natural-looking hair that can be washed and restyled to look salon-perfect every day.

When creating wigs, toppers, falls and other fine hairpieces, hair replacement professionals need high-quality materials like silk top systems at a cost-effective price so that they can be competitive. Hair replacement systems are not only for those with thinning hair but are growing popular among younger men and women who want to experiment with new looks, styles, and colors. Having items in stock and being able to depend on fast shipping takes a relationship with an established and experienced company like Newtimes Hair. Our prices and quality help to make a business profitable while producing superior hairpieces, while our fast shipping means minimum out-of-stock issues on bestselling items. Browse and shop, then see what we can do for your salon or store.

Why Choose Newtimes Hair?

As men and women seek alternatives to hair replacement surgery, hairpieces using silk top systems are increasingly popular. Wigs, toppers, falls, and other hair enhancements even offer younger people with healthy hair a way to experiment with new looks without the commitment to the scissors and the stylist’s chair. Silk top hair systems with natural hair look and move just like natural hair and can be styled either by the wearer or professionally to look salon-fresh every day.

When hair professionals look for suppliers, they are all too often stuck with middlemen and a high markup to quickly obtain the materials they need to make top-notch silk top hair systems. Dealing directly with a manufacturer is not just for distributors or big volume companies, but for small shops and individual artists, too. Get the selection to make your products at a price that’s affordable with fast shipping. Newtimes Hair is the experienced and dependable partner you need.