Tape-In Hair Extensions

Tape-in hair extensions have become very popular among hairstylists because of the ease and longevity of the installation. Tape-in extensions feature double-sided tape, so it adheres to both the natural hair and the extension. They are semi-permanent and stay in place for a minimum of two months. Newtimes Hair tape-in hair extensions are made of 100% Remy human hair and can be re-used up to three times because the hair can stay in pristine condition over a year with proper care!

Tape-in hair extensions look so realistic that you won’t even know the difference. They take 30-40 minutes to install and are made with US-made white tapes, which is the best tape for this method according to the market.

Our tape-in hair extensions come in various lengths and color options. Whether you’re a professional hairstylist or a hair enthusiast, use our high-quality tape-in extensions for a more glam look.

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Is New Times Hair a tape hair extension factory or wholesale supplier?

New Time Hair is an original tape-in hair extension manufacturer with our factory and a wholesale tape-in extension supplier with complete procedures from design, and production, to shipping.

At New Times Hair, we’re eliminating the middleman and empowering hair business owners and resellers, including local hair salons, hairstylists, hair extension supplies, beauty supply stores, wig retailers, and wholesale distributors in the USA, Canada, UK, and more countries worldwide, to buy wholesale hair extension online directly from us.
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What type of hair do you use for making tape-in hair extensions?

Most of our hair extensions are made using 100% natural human hair, the most popular type of hair for the high-end hair extensions market worldwide.

How long do tape-in hair extensions last?

Adhesive weft tapes are used for the tape-in hair extension method. Tape-In Hair Extensions can last around 4 to 6 months. With our premium Remy hair tape in extensions, they can be used up for a year.

Besides, every six weeks, the wearer still needs a stylist to maintain the hair extensions by appointment.

Do tape-in extensions damage my client’s hair?

No, tape-in hair extensions won’t damage your client’s hair.
Light weighted, least damaging, and easily attaching summarizes the merits of tape-in hair extensions. Light weight means less stress caused by the hair extension to your client’s natural hair. Tape-in hair extensions never pull on your client’s natural hair, as many other hair extensions do. 

Are tape-in extensions good for thin hair?

Tape-in hair extension is one of the best hair extensions for fine or thin hair. Typically comes in lightweight, thin tape wefts and bonded with tape, they cause minimal damage to fine, thin hair only if they are correctly installed by professional hairstylists.

Can I apply heat to tape extensions?

The answer is ‘Yes.’ Applying heat can help cure the tape and give a tighter, stronger hold. With tape-in hair extensions made of natural human hair, she can. 

Can my client shower with tape-in hair extensions?

Your client can take showers with tape-in hair extensions on. But she does need to watch how often she gets her hair washed, as over-washing the hair extension will make the bonds loosen up and cut its life short. She should try not to wash her hair if she doesn’t have to. Get her to wear a shower cap.

Can my client sleep with tape-in extensions?

Absolutely yes!

Firstly, your client needs to ensure that her hair is dry when sleeping.
She should keep a good habit of brushing and braiding her hair or bunching it up into a ponytail before bed.
Use a pillow in a silk or satin case.
Apply overnight hair conditioner to her hair once a week.

How many times can I reuse tape extensions?

Tape-in hair extensions can usually be reused for 3-4 times. Given that they must be put on correctly. They are super easy to put on compared to many other hair extensions. But it’s always good to have your client have a professional hairstylist to put it on for her.

How long should my client wait to wash the hair after getting tape-in extensions?

At least 48 hours. Once your client’s tape-in hair extension gets put on, ensure she does NOT wash or even let her hair sweat excessively within 48 hours of application. The adhesive usually takes 48 hours to give a tighter and longer attachment.

Do and don’ts for tape in extensions?

Starting with dos:
– Do use good hair products: After your client has got her tape-in hair extensions, it is essential to take the correct steps or procedures to maintain them. Make sure your client listens to the hairstylist as to what hair products to use for the best care of her hair extension.

– Make sure your client has a hair expert or a stylist work on her hair extensions: this cannot be overlooked. Don’t take any hairdresser or stylist for granted. She does need a licensed professional to work on her hair extensions. Never be stingy when it comes to hair extensions. They require a lot of skills and expertise from a stylist who works on them.

– Make sure to get your client loosely braid her hair before bed: Try not to go to bed with the hair dripping and tangled. That will create knots during sleep. It’s worth keeping a good habit of drying, combing, and untangling the hair before bed. Using a silk pillowcase will prevent the hair from getting knots. 

– Do get a dry shampoo for hair wash.

– Do press the panels tightly together daily: this ensures that the tape in extensions is tightly attached to the hair, so its weight doesn’t pull on the natural hair.
Now comes the don’ts:
– Make sure your client doesn’t dye her own hair: Yes, the hair on the hair extensions is human hair indeed. But they are different from natural human hair growing on our scalp. When our natural hair is dyed, the dye is expected to have a chemical reaction with the pigments in our natural hair to alter our natural hair color. But most hair extensions are already dyed before they are purchased. The standard way of dyeing the hair may not achieve the color the wearer wants. Let a certified stylist dye it for your client. At least they know what products are the most suitable and cause minor damage to your client’s natural hair.

– Don’t let your client shower or have her hair sweat excessively within 48 hours of applying for the hair extension. The hair extension takes around 48 hours to adhere to her natural hair.

– Make sure your client doesn’t let her hair extensions slip or fall out. This, however, depends on the brand. In general, the first application will last 6-8 weeks before the next. If her hair extensions are slipping, make sure she lets her stylist know, ensuring she’s been wearing them correctly.

– Don’t let the panels show. If the hair extension has been installed correctly, your client should then be able to rock the bunch of hair (be it a ponytail or braid freely). The panels showing may imply that the extension hasn’t been installed in a solid state.

– Don’t let your client play with her hair extensions: Our hands are not plastic. They sweat and produce oil that can potentially build up around the hair, causing them to slit sooner than it should. Also, as our fingers fiddle with the hair extension, our hands will pull on the hair; this could also cut its life short.

Can you wear a ponytail with tape in extensions?

Yes, tape in hair extensions can go well with ponytail hairstyles. To ensure the tape is invisible, we suggest you opt for a low to medium ponytail so the tape tab will lay flat against your head and be undetectable.