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●   Introduction

Like most of our team, Vivian is from Shandong Province, and she swapped one picturesque seaside city for another when she came to Qingdao more than 15 years ago. An abundance of seafood and a good climate are very important to her! Vivian is responsible for all sales-related matters for our existing clients. She is adept at emphasizing with others so you can be sure she fully understands your situation when you deal with her. With a strong background in international trade, Vivian is also focusing on expanding the overseas business of the company.Vivian likes to relax in her free time and for her, that comes in the form of burying herself in a good book. She’s the studious type and is always looking to learn something whether that be history, poetry or something less serious, cooking. All this acquired knowledge explains why she is said to be the most intelligent person in the office!

●   Favorite quote?

Books are the stepping stones to human progress.

●   Do you have any pet peeves/hates?

People who take things like food preparation to the extreme i.e. washing their vegetables five times before cooking!

●   Which hair system do you think you have sold the most?

The HS7. People seem to appreciate how light, comfy and breathable it is, not to mention natural-looking. A great choice if you have a sensitive scalp too!

●   What kind of wig would you wear if you wore one?

The HS25-V because the skin base is so thin. The thinnest we do in fact.