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If you’ve been worried about not being able to deliver different styles of synthetic wigs to your clients, you’ve come to the right place. NewTimes Hair is a leading wholesale synthetic wig manufacturer with fashionable styles. We have a highly-experienced staff with proficiency in working with quality hair wigs. Get high-quality synthetic wigs on wholesale at your convenience!


Product Categories

  • ntw8039-ash-blonde-synthetic-wig-6-1ntw8039-ash-blonde-synthetic-wig-4

    NTW8039 Ash Blonde&Grey Two Toned Short Synthetic Women’s Wig

  • shoulder-length-synthetic-wigs-2shoulder-length-synthetic-wigs-1

    NTW8038 Sideswept Blonde Shoulder Length Two-Toned Ladies Synthetic Wig

  • NTW23 Blonde and Brown Tapered Neckline Pixie Cut Ladies Synthetic Wiglet

  • ntw8037-rose-gold-wig-syntetic-hair-4ntw8037-rose-gold-wig-syntetic-hair-5

    NTW8037 Pastel Rose Gold Shoulder Length A-Line Cut Ladies Synthetic Wig

  • NTW8036-blonde-lose-curls-synthetic-wig-4-1NTW8036-blonde-lose-curls-synthetic-wig-5-1

    NTW8036 Glamorous Long Blonde Loose Curls With Dark Roots Ladies Synthetic Wig

  • NTW22 Short Platinum Blonde Pixie Cut Women’s Synthetic Wig Wholesale

  • NTW8035 Naturally Straight Honey Blonde Short Bob Ladies Synthetic Wig

  • ntw8040-golden-red-hair-sysnthetic-wig-6ntw8040-golden-red-hair-sysnthetic-wig-3

    NTW8040 Long Golden Red Hair With Loose Curls Women’s Synthetic Wiglet

  • Dark-Hair-with-Golden-Highlights-Synthetic-Wiglet-5Dark-Hair-with-Golden-Highlights-Synthetic-Wiglet-6

    NTW8035 Women’s Dark Hair With Golden Highlights Synthetic Wiglet

  • NTW8034 Short and Kinky Warm Red Layered Inverse Bob Synthetic Women’s Wig

  • NJC1796 Mono Top Brown Synthetic Wig for Women Wholesale

  • ntf8015-womens-synthetic-machine-made-wig-3ntf8015-womens-synthetic-machine-made-wig-6

    NTW8015 Blonde Synthetic Lace Front Wig For Women Wholesale


Why choose wholesale synthetic hair wigs?

There are plenty of reasons to offer high-quality synthetic wigs to your clients.

If, for example, your customers are suffering from hair loss as a side-effect of chemotherapy, if they have been diagnosed with alopecia, or if they just want to dress up for an event, getting a synthetic hair wigs product is always a good option. Women especially love the ability to change their look completely with simple act of donning a new wig. And with a huge range of styles, brands, and types out there, no two synthetic wigs for women are alike. Remember, too, that your customers are as diverse as their needs – they’ll be looking for everything from subtle pieces for hair replacement for everyday wear to flashy pieces to wear for special events or a night on the town.

Whatever your customers’ reasons for turning to a synthetic wig may be, we offer plenty for them to choose between, from synthetic wigs lace front options to synthetic full cap wigs. Maybe your clients want to add a bit of volume on top? Or maybe they’re more comfortable with hairpieces that offer full coverage. Our catalog includes every synthetic hair wig in wholesale that your clients might need. Go over the array of items we manufacture at Newtimes Hair. Partner with us and take advantage of our extensive selection. If your clients want high-quality and durable hairpieces from an authentic synthetic wigs manufacturer in China, work your way through our inventory!

Unlike human hairpieces, synthetic wigs for women are a cheap option that makes choosing new wigs affordable for more clients. This is great news, since many women who choose synthetic, full-coverage wigs also opt to own more than one.

The hair fibers of synthetic wigs are also designed to retain their style and allow easier styling. Apart from the ease in maintenance of your preferred style, women’s synthetic hair wigs are also weather-proof, versatile, and look as great as real hair wigs. They’re available in an endless array of colors, some of which may be more exciting than that which natural human hair is capable of offering. All these qualities make synthetic hair wigs products a sound addition to your own inventory.

Why wholesale synthetic wigs from NewTimes Hair?

Newtimes Hair is a leading synthetic wig wholesale supplier in China, we offer an extensive lineup of high-quality synthetic wigs wholesale. Whether your clients are simply looking for fun hair replacement solutions or are undergoing a lifestyle change, our inventory is well-stocked with options that are sure to fit everyone’s needs.

Let us know how we can help. We provide stock and custom options. Browse through the cheap synthetic wigs on wholesale that we have on-site. We can personalize the product according to your specifications. If you want a wig that’s best for your clients in every way, talk to us. Our team of experts can help you achieve the look your customers are searching for with the perfect hairpiece.

What is the best synthetic hair for wigs?

Several synthetic hair types may be the best for certain individuals according to their needs and style. Thus, there is no single choice that is perfect for all.

Do synthetic wigs look realistic?

Synthetic wigs look as realistic as human hair wigs do. They also retain their style and allow easier styling. People will not be able to identify it as a wig.

How to wash and dry synthetic hair wigs?

Synthetic hair wigs are easy to clean and maintain. They can be washed with a mild shampoo and water, as well as air-dried or towel-dried like normal hair.

How to distinguish synthetic hair wigs and human hair wigs?

Although synthetic wigs are made of synthetic fiber, unlike human hair, it is nearly impossible for people to distinguish them from human hair wigs. Both offer a natural look and feel.

How does heat style synthetic hair wigs?

Mild heat from a curler or straightener does the same job on a synthetic wig as on normal hair. However, synthetic wigs come pre-styled and do not need much restyling.

Can I dye synthetic wigs?

Using special dyes, you can do that. However, it should be avoided on your expensive wigs. Additionally, synthetic wigs are available in several colour shades that you can choose from.


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