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Feedback 1

I ordered this custommade humanhair wig before Christmas and the COVID standstill. It finally arrived today and was worth the wait. I think other wig wearers will empathise when I say that I long to be able to tie up my wigs in the same way as I could with my own hair and this can be so easily pinned back. It's absolutely amazing! Came exactly to specification other than being a dark blonde rather than a medium brown, but I think the colour looks lovely nonetheless. Looking at this picture I think it'd be really hard to tell this isn't my own hair. It was really affordable too and is a silk top with a preplucked hairline and all hand tied. Thanks so much.


The system just arrived. Thanks a lot. I want to give you guys 5 stars.


I wanted you to know that I received the unit and I am very pleased with it. I am also very pleased with the great service you gave me. I am certain that the client will be happy. I have other clients and I will be looking out for them as well. As a result of the pandemic, many have been wearing old units and it's hard to get them to get back in the groove. I am also interested in custom units and how that would work? I am very skilled at cutting down units myself and I rarely use templates, In fact, I cut down the unit I just got from you and it fit my client perfectly, other units (custom) I can cut down myself within reason. Again, thank you for your great service and I am very happy with your product. It's very go od quality. I was happily surprised. Thank you!


Feedback 6

I got the hair today and i really love it. It was what I want so thank you so much for it. Now I know it takes a little while to do it so I will buy another one with time and don't be rushing you. I'm really happy with the hair.Thanks again


We get the hair yesterday.. thank you very much.The quality seems to be very nice. And the customer very happy. He want to order 8 pcs after attach/cut the hair. Everything is perfect.

——Anonymous Customer

I saw you guy's on youtube. I said that looks really real hair. So I thought I should try it. Before i didn't wanna try it cause it doesn't look real. But i technology evolves and you can't tell the difference. Have my confidence back. Thank you so much.

——Anonymous Customer

Bonjour, j'ai bien reçu les compléments capillaires, ils me semble très bien, je fais une liste de ce que j'ai besoin et je reviens très víte vers vous pour une nouvelle commande.

——Catherine from France

New Times Hair is so damned good! I get all colors I like. The hair, humm, feels so real and comfortable on my head. I’ll definitely get spread your pieces to more!


The hair feels natural, I like it. I’ve tried both lace and skin hairpieces. I can’t even feel it on my head. It just feels like real hair. When I had a head massage, the hairpiece stayed on. The hairline is invisible. If I don’t say it, you are not gonna tell I’m wearing one. Their service is awesome, they are very onto their trade. New Times Hair is one to go with.


You are the best! You guys provided me with great service, very patient and answered all my questions. This is will make me a loyal customer of New Times Hair.

——Anonymous Customer

hoy recibí. mi pedido.. gracias es lo que yo esperaba... la semana que biene voy a pedir 3.

——Gabriel from Argentina

New Times Hair is an amazing company to work with. You guys know exactly what I want. Professional, quick response and patient.

——M&JM Studio

I have just received the shipment today! I really would like to thank you. This time the hair unit is really really really good! Thank you very much...


Feedback 8

I started to wear them and they look better than natural hair..people are drown to how nice it looks..lots of compliments..I would like to know things like the density or they are made...I have already asked for a catalogue of the different units from New Times Hair have, I may take some hair cutting lessons and start my own side business.


What we like the most about hair systems by New Times Hair is their lace. The knots are so tiny, and almost equally small. Obviously they invested a huge amount of time and effort in making the knots and getting things right. That makes them stand out, and become our most reliable hair supplier. We were close to shutting down during the toughest time of the Covid, because most of our suppliers died out. New Times Hair didn’t. They proved themselves as trying everything to survive, and they did, and with lots of updated products. They helped us survive too! Thanks New Times Hair!


I received the hairpieces today and at first glance everything looks very good. The hairline has become very natural and the gray part is also right. It's nice that our communication works so well.Have a nice day.

——Anonymous Customer

The quality of the hair is amazing. My client is very happy. Think next time maybe a little less density.. I had to do some customising around the front otherwise it's great the colour is perfect too. I'm used to ordering from vendors that lie about the density it's always thinner than the percentage. Will be ordering again.

——Anonymous Customer

I received the tapes for the hair. Thank you very much! However, before I received, I just got home from hair salon, to have my hair done. I had to use the tapes from Hair Club for Men, but it' s okay, I am sure I can use them next time! Also, just to let you know I like my new hair it fits perfectly on my head, and the black color matches my real hair. Perhaps, either next month or in August I will order another hair piece. I hope you saved the exact measurements and the color in your system/computer.


Good on you, New Times Hair! You people really make things happen! You do what you say you would do for us, and give what you say you would give. It really touches our hearts to see you trying so hard to get things done and get our required products. You have so many product options. They are all top quality. We’ll definitely order more hairpieces and toppers from you!


Very pleased with the new piece, colour good, I will order two more later, have a nice day.


Feedback 3

I just received it.Thank you. I really love it. Thanks for your help.

——Anonymous Customer

Feedback 4

It looks great. I just cut it today and everything is fine for me.


All good here. Hope all is well there. Just to let you know I did receive the parcel on Thursday morning. One day earlier than estimated- even better. Really pleased with the service. Product and colour looks really good. I will have cut in and try it in two weeks.Top Quality Toupee.

——Cinil Mukundan from UK

I received my hair piece on friday and I'm very satisfied with it. It looks totally amazing guys did a great job. It's by far the best hair piece I've ever had so far. Crown area looks perfect and I like it that there isn't too much hair around crown. I really like the way you did it. When it comes to density (75%) I wasn't sure if it's going to be good since I hadn't had a hair piece of this density but now I have to say it looks way more natural than medium light. I've never been so happy with a hair piece like I' m now. I'll always go for 75% density from now on. Thank you soooo much. My brother Mark likes my new hair piece so much that it made him want to buy another one. He'd like to place a custom order sometime after New Year.


The package has arrived.The toupee looks well made to me.I got a little angry for the delays, but lately it's the fault of Covid and the closure of Korean production. I have had a thousand quality problems and delays.Thanks for your kindness and your patience.I believe we will do other business together.A hug.

——Anonymous Customer

Very professional. I'm looking forward to doing business with you for many years.

——Anonymous Customer

I have received both and they look great so far but they both came in uncut. I had added and paid for the cutting service for both pieces but even with this being missed, I am very ha ppy overall with my experience from our great communications, looks great so far before cutting and attaching, and happy with shipping as well.Thank you so much. I look forward to hearing from you and attaching these new pieces and ordering future ones from you.


I want just thank you. The system quality you sent me is good. Hair quality is good also lace is good Bleaching also good. I just want thank you again.

——Anonymous Customer

My first impression of the order we have is it looks fabulous I'm really happy with the unit. Thank you so much. Untill next time.

——Anonymous Customer

The system arrived. Thanks a lot to Rosie. I want to give you 5 stars for the hairpiece and your service.


The system arrived. Thanks a lot to Rosie. I want to give you 5 stars for the hairpiece and your service.


Thank you bro. you guys are the best and i look forward to always buying from you guys. i'm so happy, i hope you're well and all your family and colleagues are good. the best service anyone can receive. you have given me a 10/10 experience


I cut one of the hair i've got from you on one of my client today, oh my god!! it looked sooo amazing!! he was so happy so was i just wanted to say thank you. it was colour # 4 but this one was a bit thicker then the other ones. Thanks again!

——BAHA Hair

Feedback 9

My client Johnny is very happy! The quality of the system is amazing,thank you!


I received the three replacements.My client loves the quality of those units the hair is soft and better than he's had from any other companies and I've done is Sarah 25 years. So thank you for everything. I love your hair better than others anywhere.

——Anonymous Customer

Every time I forget to thank you for the great service! There was already a chargeback on my card! and I want to thank you for the excellent service! thank you so much!!!

——Anonymous Customer

We received shipment today. We were pleased with the finished product of our test order. And we are currently considering a larger order.

——Anonymous Customer

I just put my latest system. You did a good job making sure the knots are bleached and the hair quality is a lot better than the one I had problems with. It easier to style ans knots look great. I am hoping the 3 systems that you will ship this coming week will be like this one.


My last custom made order is great. I am wearingone piece and the hairline is perfect, the hair is beautiful and I am very happy. I would like to reorder one piece. Thanks.


The system is fantastic fantastic fantastic. Beautiful in fact. Spot on love it!

——Anonymous Customer

Feedback 10

This is the tranformation I did with tape in hair extensions from New Times Hair. Super soft hair. Everything is wonderful.

——Anonymous Customer

Feedback 2

I can't say enough good things about New Times Hair! I've been partner with them for years, and they're a fantiatic supplier to work with. Seriously, the quality is off the charts, and the clients in my clinic love them. They look so natural, it's hard to believe they're not real hair!Their quality is always consistently off the charts. No wonky strands or wonky colors here, just pure awesomeness. And the best part? The prices are a steal! I can offer my clients affordable options without breaking the bank. So, if you want your clients to rock the most realistic and wallet-friendly wigs out there, trust me, go with New Times Hair. You won't be disappointed!


My client Ifty. He had ordered a custom unit. It was done very well, he is so happy. Please let the person know who made the unit they did an awesome job. He is so happy he will order another unit. If possible we get same person to make the next unit for him. Please tell the person or people who worked on his unit thank you for doing a great job. Thanks!


I received the package and good as always. Thanks.


Untill the next order. Let me know when you have a sale for the same one. Thank you.


I want to just say these color 565 turned out beautiful I hope all my hair systems turn out this way.

——Anonymous Customer

Feedback 7

I want to share my testimony. I have alopecia areata since I was 7 years old. Ten years ago it became universal. I decided to buy the wig for oncology patients (although I am not) and I want to tell you that it is excellent: the quality of the hair, the softness, the density. it is also very comfortable and as an extra benefit it looks like natural hair. I am very happy, it has allowed me to feel confident in my work and personal activities. I want to add that your attention has been wonderful, always answering all my questions, with great respect and delicacy. Thank you infinitely for everything you do for people who go through this type of problems. Thank you for working with so much respect and superior quality. You are a wonderful company.

——Alejandra Ortiz

The hair feels natural, I like it. I’ve tried both lace and skin hairpieces. I can’t even feel it on my head. It just feels like real hair. When I had a head massage, the hairpiece stayed on. The hairline is invisible. If I don’t say it, you are not gonna tell I’m wearing one. Their service is awesome, they are very onto their trade. New Times Hair is one to go with.


I received the hair topper today and it's great. And lightweight. Glad to have it Thanks much I would like to order the same piece as backup.

——Charuta Kogekar

Your system is still my favorite! I will get more soon. Cheers from New York!

——Lorenzo from USA

New Times Hair is an amazing company to work with. You guys know exactly what I want. Professional, quick response and patient.

——M&JM Studio

I received the prototypes! Wow the hair is so nice. I can't wait to build my prototype with the wonderful tools you've helped me with. The remy hair extension is just so soft and beautiful. It is truly gorgeous. I haven't felt hair this soft before.


WOW!! I just received the hair, it is the exact same texture as my hair. I just wanna thank you Rita, for understanding my needs Thank you.

——Anonymous Customer

Got the package. It's really nice and upto my expectations. Didn't go the bleech knots though. But its fine. I Il YouTube it and do it on my own. Thank you so so much.


I was referred to New Times Hair by someone in a FB hair loss group. I'am really happy to find New Times Hair - you make a real good job and service 🙂

——Anonymous Customer

I really love your hair extensions, so do our clients. The package looks simple and humble. But, when you pull the hair out from the inside, it looks so beautiful, best quality hair. It feels so smooth; tangles not; the scale-like cuticles are arranged very well, not fractured. They don’t look expensive. And they are not expensive. Most of my clients can afford. But as you got it out from the bag, you’ll know it is premium quality, it is what expensive hair should be like. Well done, New Times Hair!


Clinton my hair stylist friend said I must tell you that this wig is the best wig he has seen. Compliment to your company.

———Anonymous Customer

I received my shipment. I want to tell you the finish products look beautiful. I hope my clients are pleased. Thank you and I'll be sending you more to have made. Again, beautiful work!!


I am so good today I worked with your hair and I wanted tell you something I am so so glad to have met you your hair is really really good and the full head Wig that I'm using on a cancer patient is really going to be comfortable in her I'm so thankful

——Anonymous Customer

You guys got what I want. The clips feel nice and solid, the hair is just like feather, it’s smooth, and real on your head. The tones seem real and natural. All these tell us that the products are good quality. I’ll stick with you if you can continue send us products like this.


You all have done an incredible job! We never imagined we would reach this point, and yet here we are. Your hairpieces and extensions are adored by all our customers in town. Your exceptional customer service, quick response time, and above all, seamless communication, coupled with outstanding product quality, make you stand out in every way. We will continue to depend on you to create even more wondrous products in the near future!


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