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Swiss lace, German net, and superfine welded lace are the next most popular hair systems after French lace. But we have them all! Men’s lace hair systems are lightweight and breathable, perfect for hot or humid weather conditions. Lace is also the world’s most realistic-looking base material, featuring undetectable hairlines and parts. You can look closely into the wearer’s hair, but you can’t tell this is a hairpiece wearer. Isn’t that amazing?

As a full-stack hair manufacturer, Newtimes Hair manufactures and wholesales the world’s top-notch men’s lace hair piece. Our products include full lace hair systems, full lace wigs, lace front hair systems, lace front wigs for men, etc. We also make custom lace hair pieces of various base designs to suit all customers’ needs. Newtimes Hair doesn’t only offer the best lace hair systems; we offer the best bargains. With the help of updated technologies, we have established new supply chains to make sure that the quality and value of our lace toupees are the best they can be. Check out our lace hair replacement system collection below and get your best bargain!


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What is a men’s lace hair system?

A men’s lace hair system is a semi-permanent piece used to cover partial baldness. It has a base made of lace or lace-like material. The hair is knotted to the lace base, featuring the best breathability and lightness. Lace hair pieces also look more natural than other hair systems. The hairlines and parts are undetectable.

What are men’s lace front hair systems?

Men’s lace front hair replacement systems have the front section around the front hairline made of lace material; and the main base is made with other material(s), such as PU or monofilament.

Lace front hair systems and lace front wigs for men are designed to be cost-effective (as lace generally costs more than other materials for its breathability and undetectability) and present the wearer with a realistic-looking, undetectable hairline.

What are the differences between French and Swiss lace hair systems?

Men’s Swiss lace hair systems and Swiss lace wigs can be understood as an upgrade of French lace ones. They are softer, lighter, and more breathable than French lace men’s hair pieces. They also look more natural and realistic on the head.

French lace hair pieces are more robust than Swiss lace. French lace hair systems can last 3-4 months, whereas Swiss lace ones can only last 1-2 months.

Swiss lace can only carry medium- or extra-light hair density. On the other hand, French lace is stronger and can hold medium- to medium-heavy hair.

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French Lace

Swiss Lace






3-4 Months

1-2 Months

Hair Volume 

Medium, Medium-heavy, Heavy

Medium-light, Light, Extra-light

What are the benefits of lace hair replacement systems?

Lace bases are generally soft and breathable. They are the most comfortable hair systems to wear. Lace base hair systems also look more natural than other hair systems. The lace material melts into the scalp when attached, giving the wearer undetectable hairlines and parts.

How long do men’s lace hair systems last?

Men’s lace hair systems are not the most durable among all hair replacement systems. Typically, the lifespan of a French lace hair system is around 3-4 months, and with proper care can last up to 6 months or more. Swiss lace toupee usually lasts 1-2 months; with appropriate care, it can last up to 4 months.

Base Material


Skin 0.03mm

Around 4 Weeks

Skin 0.06mm

2-3 Months

Skin 0.08mm

3-4 Months

Skin 0.1mm

3-6 Months

Swiss Lace

1-2 Months

French Lace

3-4 Months


6-12 Months

The most commonly used men’s lace hair systems are French and Swiss lace men’s hair pieces. The list of the hair system’s lifespan means from the moment it gets installed until it can’t be worn anymore and must be disposed of.

Before the lifespan runs out, the wearer must regularly visit the stylist for a touchup or reinstallation. As we sweat and our natural hair grows underneath the base, the hair system will eventually loosen up. Hence, we usually reinstall them every 2-3 weeks at the salon and wash the hair system, which is part of its maintenance routine.

The estimated average lifespan of men’s lace hair piece is only a guideline. There are different subtypes of lace hair pieces. For example, some lace toupees have a lace base and PU perimeter, some have a PU strip across the scalp, and some have a silk top. To know the lifespan of each unit precisely, please check the product’s description.

What are the different types of men’s lace hair systems?

The lace base hair system has a few subtypes. Different hair vendors may classify them differently. At New Times Hair, when we say lace hair systems, we mean all hair systems with bases entirely or partially made of lace. Many hybrid hair systems are in this category.

●  Men’s full lace hair systems: full lace hair systems include full French lace hair systems and full Swiss lace hair systems, which have a base entirely made of lace. Swiss lace toupee is an upgrade to French lace ones, which are finer and more delicate.

●  Lace hair pieces with PU perimeters: they have a base mostly made of lace but with a layer of polymer around its edge to strengthen the base or to easily apply tape or adhesive.

●  Men’s lace front hair systems: they are among the most popular hair systems on the market. Lace is generally more expensive than other base materials. However, men’s lace front wigs and hair systems only have the front section around the hairline made of lace and the rest of the base in other materials. They are cost-effective and feature a realistic hairline.

●   Lace partial front hair systems: they are mini lace hair pieces covering only the forehead section. People only wear them to make up their receding hairlines.

●  Lace toupee with Afro curls: they are typically hair units with the hair permed into the kinky African hairstyle. Africans mainly wear this type of men’s lace hair system.

●  Full cap men’s lace wigs: full cap lace wigs for men cover the whole head. They are designed for clients with complete baldness.

How do I cut men’s lace toupee to suit my client’s head?

One way to do that is to let us cut it for you before we ship you the products. When placing your order on our website, request our pre-cutting service, and our salespeople will walk you through it.
If you want to cut the base yourself, follow our guide on how to cut the base of a hair system to size strictly to ensure you get everything right. Base-cutting can be summarized in the following steps:

Step 1: Measure your customer’s head, and mark down the measurements on the underside of the base: the front, back, left, and right, four points in total.

Step 2: Connect the four points to circle out the contour (or the area of the lace base coverage).

Step 3: Cut the base with a very sharp pair of scissors along the contour line just drawn (comb, pull the hair back, and ensure it stays behind the contour line, in case you may cut the hair by mistake. You don’t want some short hairs around the contour line, which looks unnatural).

Is glue or tape better for lace hair pieces?

Lace hair pieces have thousands and thousands of holes in the base. Hence, the tape is the best bonding agent, as liquid glue will easily seep through the holes, causing the hair along the roots to stick together. Maintenance-wise, tape residue is also easier to clean than liquid adhesives.
However, some lace toupees for men have a wide PU perimeter. With these, liquid glue may also be applied, but with care or as you press the base against the scalp, the adhesive may seep through the holes along the edge of the perimeter.

How do I install men’s lace hair systems?

Tools and accessories you may need for installing men’s lace hair systems: Alcohol for cleansing the oil; a very sharp pair of scissors for cutting the base; a roll of two-sided, chemical-free tape made for installing hair systems; a marking pen to trace the shape of the wearer’s scalp that the hair system will cover.
D7-5 Men's Lace Toupee With NPU Perimeter in Stock Wholesale
Step 1: Prepare the wearer’s scalp. Shave the area where the hair piece is to be applied.
Step 2: Cut the lace hair system to size. People’s heads are different sizes. Measure the wearer’s head and note the shape and size of the area where the hairpiece will cover. Click here to learn how to cut the base of a hair system to size.
Step 3: Remove any oils or residue from the scalp and the hair system (during production, hair systems typically go through a “greasing” procedure to make the hair shine). Use alcohol to cleanse the base and scalp thoroughly.
Step 4: Apply a scalp protector to the wearer’s scalp. This step is optional. But it works ideally for wearers with sensitive scalps.
Step 5: Stick one side of the tape along the edge of the wearer’s scalp, where the hairpiece will be applied, peel off the covering paper, and attach the men’s lace hair system. Press hard around the edges so it will hold tight.
Step 6: Cut and style the hair.

How often should you reinstall lace hair systems?

Sweat and the regrowth of our natural hair cause the hair system to loosen up. Thus, wearers need the hair system reinstalled once in a while. With lace hair systems, wearers usually reinstall the hair system every 3–4 weeks.

How do you take off lace hair systems?

Step 1: Get some adhesive remover around the edge of the lace hair piece, where the tape is, and let it soak for a few minutes. The tape will loosen up.

Step 2:  Peel the hair system bit by bit, preferably starting from the back with the fingertip.

Step 2: If some area(s) remains stuck, apply a little more adhesive remover, let it soak a little longer, then continue to peel. With full-cap lace wigs for men, we recommend peeling from the sideburns to the back.

How do I maintain lace toupees?

This applies to the lace toupees that’s already been removed from the wearer’s scalp but still have some tape or tape residue on the base.
Step 1: Remove all the tape or residue stuck to the base. If they are stubborn, apply more alcohol or tape remover to where the deposition is and let it soak.

Step 2: Soaking time varies, depending on the type of tape used and the base of the hair system. Usually, it takes about thirty minutes.

Step 3: Place the lace hair system in a sink with the hair down. Gently remove the residue or remaining tape with a brush. After removing the residue, place the unit back into the solvent for a few minutes.

Step 4: Put the lace toupee back in the sink. Gently slide the brush across the edge of the hairpiece base and through the hair; all the residue should be off quickly. After brushing for a few more minutes, rinse the hair system with lukewarm water.
At this point, the hair system should be clean and free of any old tape residue.

What is the most undetectable hair system?

Full lace hair systems, especially Swiss lace hair systems are, so far, the most undetectable hair systems. They grant the wearer perfect-looking hairlines and parts. When attached, any hair color, from black to bright blonde, and the color of the wearer’s scalp will easily show through the lace material, making the lace itself invisible. No one can tell the wearer is wearing a hairpiece.

What is the most breathable hair system?

Lace hair system, especially Swiss lace hair system, is the most breathable.

Lace hair system has thousands of holes on the base and offers an airy feel even on tropical days. The Swiss lace base is the finest and softest among all lace hair systems.