NCONAL Monofilament Toupee for Men Wholesale 80% Density

Different from other hair systems, the NCONAL monofilament toupee comes with a light density of 80%, designed especially for wearers with thin hair. By adopting the long-lasting base material—monofilament, NCONAL is among the most durable hair systems at New Times Hair. Besides, the hand-sewn alley-stitching and cross-stitching all over the base further add to its durability. As a highly professional and experienced and professional hair system manufacturer, New Times Hair can customize hair products to meet the specific requests of your customers.

*If you are looking for a medium-light density for this unit, please check out the model NCON monofilament toupee to shop.

  • Made for Ultra-Durable: long-lasting lifespan by using a very strong base material monofilament.
  • Your Best Partner In Any Occasion: Stress-free experience to wear when you work, date, sleep, take a shower, swim, work out, and so on.
  • Professionals’ Choice: we are the choice of hairstylists, salons, cosmology schools, and clinics across the globe.
Get a sample: we have special preferential prices for the first test sheet of wholesale customers. APPLY NOW