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NL031 Men’s Full Cap Hair System With Anti-slip Silicon Wholesale

• Custom-made men’s hair system with full cap design and anti-slip silicone.
• Designed for clients who want a full cap wig without relying on tape or glue.
• The anti-slip silicone ensures that the wig remains in place with minimal tape or glue.
• The hair system’s metal stays help retain the wig’s shape to stop the wig rolling up throughout the day.
• The super fine welded lace front is bleached to create a seamlessly natural hairline and temple edges.

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This series of full cap wigs for men is one of our recent custom-made orders. It is made exactly to the requirements of the customer. As a hair piece manufacturer, New Times Hair can make any product according to the customer’s needs.

Men’s Full Cap Hair System Wholesale

The anti-slip silicon back, sides, and top and the elastic net from the middle all the way to the back under the silicon mean the wig will sit well on the head without or with just a little bit of tape or glue.

Men’s Full Cap Hair System Wholesale

Men’s Full Cap Hair System Wholesale

The longer super fine welded lace front (all the way to the front from one temple to the other temple) has perfect bleaching to offer a natural look to the front hairline and temple edges.

Men’s Full Cap Hair System Wholesale

Kind Reminder: Custom products do not qualify for returns unless there was a mistake or defect in our manufacturing. Please contact us directly if you have any questions or issues with a product, New Times Hair will work with you to ensure your satisfaction.



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New Times Hair never stops providing the best products and services for our customers.

All custom hair systems may be repaired or remade or refunded for any problems attributable to our side as long as we receive your return within 3 months of the shipment date. 

If you ordered the wrong custom-made hair system by mistake, the hair system cannot be returned for a refund. If you would like us to adjust it, extra costs will be charged accordingly, including shipping.

Our Exchange Procedure

Step 1: Request a return/exchange via DM or Email and provide us with your order number, detailed reason for the return, and images of the damage if there is any.

Step 2: Our customer service or sales representatives will authorize your request and send you the address to ship your item(s) back.

Step 3: All returned items will be inspected when we receive them to check if they qualify for a return.

*N/B: items that will not be approved for a return: stock orders that have been altered, worn, washed, damaged, or are not in their original packaging. 

Step 4: Once your return is accepted, we will process a refund to your original payment account or ship the item(s) you requested to you within 3-5 business days.

 Please find answer to our most frequently asked questions below.

1. Who is responsible for the shipping cost?

The shipping cost of the return is paid for by New Times Hair if we created the problem that led to the return. Otherwise, the cost is the sole responsibility of the customer.

2. Can I cancel my custom order?

A: You can cancel your order if it has not been arranged for production.

B: If we have started producing your order, you will only receive partial refund in order to cover the labor and material costs incurred. Please reach your sales representative to see how much refund you would get. 

C: Your order cannot be canceled if the order has been completed or is to be completed very soon.

 3. Do you refund repair orders?

We do not refund repair orders under any condition.

If you are not satisfied with the repair, we can help you adjust it as per your request, please return it within 30 days after receiving it.

4. Can I get a faster exchange?

All exchanges take a very long time if you follow the standard exchange procedure. If you wish to receive the exchange faster, we suggest you place a new order online before making the return.

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What are the full cap wigs for men?

Mainly designed for hair system wearers who are fully bald, a men’s full cap wig is a popular hair loss solution that gives wearers a full head of natural-looking hair by providing complete coverage of the scalp. Generally, men choose from custom-made wigs for men in this category, as scalp size and shape vary considerably from individual to individual. Meanwhile, we have also prepared a sufficient inventory of stock full cap hair system wholesale for hair salons, toupee suppliers and etc.

How much do the full cap wigs for men cost?

Since the full cup wigs for men are a lot larger than regular hair pieces, the cost is also higher. Most full cup wigs for men cost between $300 and $600. When it comes to a wholesale men’s wigs price, it can go as low as only $100/pc for most hair system suppliers.

How do men’s full cap wigs stay on?

Methods for attaching a full cap wig vary mostly according to what type of full cap wigs for men it is. Generally, you need to first place the men’s weave wig on your client’s head and keep it in place. Then, you can gently move it forward and backward to make sure the front hairline is aligned with where your client’s natural front hairline is. After securing it in place—probably with some attachment tools, such as tape, glue, or clips—you can style the hair in whatever way your client prefers.

How long do men’s wigs last?

How long a men’s wig lasts depends on a wide variety of factors, such as base material, base structure, hair type, and hair system factory, as well as how well they are taken care of. Out of all of those factors, base material plays the most predominant role in the lifespan of men’s wigs, as certain kinds of base material are more resistant to damage and wear than the other.

Typically, mono wigs for men have the longest lifespan of up to 6-7 months, followed by lace and skin hair systems. Full French lace hair systems can usually last around 3 months, as opposed to 2 months for full Swiss lace ones. As for skin men’s wigs, those with a thicker base generally have a longer lifespan. For example, thin skin hair wigs with a 0.03mm base can only be worn for a month or so, while 0.1mm skin wigs can last for 4 months in most cases.

In addition, the quality and lifespan can vary considerably depending on whether they are produced by the right men’s wig manufacturers. Men’s wigs are very likely to outlast their expected lifespan if they are produced in alignment with very strict quality control procedures and high-quality materials. Thus, it is very critical for men’s wig sellers and salons to partner with the right hair system factory and a toupee wig manufacturer that can offer you high-quality men’s wigs. That’s the only way to build a great reputation so that your business can thrive in the long run!

How to make a full cap wig look natural?

How natural-looking a full cap wig appears is strongly associated with the appearance of the front area that is highly noticeable. To have a more natural-looking full cap wig, the front area is the part we should mainly work on improving.
As a remarkably effective way of increasing the naturalness at the front, knots bleaching is what is recommended to be adopted to achieve that goal. It works by lightening the color of the hair roots using bleaching powder to make the knots look basically undetectable. By doing that, the front hairline will appear quite more undetectable. One thing to note is that knots bleaching can only be applied to lace base and hair colors that are too dark such as #1B cannot be bleached.
Another common way of presenting a more natural-looking front hairline is putting into use graduated hair density at the front. Graduated hair density is characterized by less hair density and an irregular front line which then graduates through to the main density of the hairpiece. It helps by avoiding a very neat and straight front hairline. Full cap wigs with graduated hair density come with a front that resembles people’s natural front hairline to a larger extent, which is why it helps with making the wigs look more natural.

Why should I wholesale full cap wigs for men from New Times Hair?

As one of the most widely recognized custom hairpieces wholesale suppliers with more than a decade of experience in men’s wigs wholesale, New Times Hair has many features that make us a top choice for your custom full cap wigs for men’s needs.

Premium base material quality
All base materials used in the production of our full cap wigs for men are carefully sourced from the most reliable and reputable European suppliers, which guarantees that the full cap hair toupees you get from us are the classiest on the market.

Top-grade 100% real human hair
We only use top-of-the-line 100% real human hair to produce full cap wigs for men for you and your customers. That is why the hair you get from us not only looks natural and lustrous, but also feels silky and smooth. Such top-grade human hair material also guarantees your customers a very desirable lifespan.

Large variety for your customers’ choices
At New Times Hair, we offer many kinds of full cap wigs for men. Whether it is stock or custom full cap wigs models, we can fulfill the specific needs of all of your customers.

Extremely competitive wholesale prices
New Times Hair is widely recognized as a hair toupee supplier that offers the best value-for-your-money full cap wigs for men. Indeed, it is very hard to find another men’s toupee supplier that can offer such top-notch full cap wigs for men for prices lower than ours. We put our reputation and client satisfaction ahead of everything. By offering lower prices, we want our full cap wigs for men to reach more and more people who are struggling with hair loss and help them live better lives!

30-Day Free Return Policy
New Times Hair offers a 30-day free return policy for every full cap wigs for men. If you want to return your order after receiving it for any legitimate reason, we will replace it for free or give you a full refund. This policy should alleviate any concerns you have regarding purchasing from overseas. You can essentially try our full cap wigs for the cost of the shipping fee.

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