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Hair Color Rings

At New Times Hair, we make different hair color ring swatches that can be shipped out at any time. Our selection of color rings is as follows: men’s human hair color rings,New Image color rings and women’s human hair color rings. All can be used to accurately match human hair.

Color rings make ordering the correct hair color very easy. If you have one of our color rings on hand, you will simply need to compare your customer’s own hair with the hair color samples on the ring to find the correct color for your customer. Then, tell us the color code.

Men’s Human Hair Color Ring

Our men’s human hair color ring has 103 hair color samples as well as different ratios of gray hair. Almost all of the hair colors for men used in hair systems can be found on this ring. You can also combine different colors from this ring and we will blend them together to create new colors that more accurately meet your needs. If you regularly order our custom-made products, we consider this ordering tool a must!

New Image Human Hair Color Ring

The New Image color ring is a popular color ring on the market and includes some commonly-used hair colors for men but you should be aware that this New Image color ring is actually an updated version of the original New Image color ring. Previously, the New Image color ring had a red tone. However, through feedback from our clients, we learned that male clients are now leaning towards a gray tone. That is why we removed some red tone from the original New Image color ring and replaced it with some gray tone. Our stock products all use the colors found on this color ring so if you regularly order our stock products then you should really have one of these color rings.

Women’s Human Hair Color Ring

Our women’s human hair color ring is brightly-colored and so is more in line with the current trends of women’s fashion. Women can, of course, use a men’s color ring if your customer feels that those colors would be more appropriate and equally, some men may find the bright colors to their liking. Additionally, if your customer cannot find the color they need, they can send in a hair sample and we can create the hair color for them.

All these hair color ring charts are available to buy so if you are interested in them, please contact for a quotation and shipping information.

Please note that color rings should be stored in a DARK place away from direct sunlight to avoid color fading. If you notice fading, you should replace your color ring with a new one. Correctly storing your color rings should ensure you only need to replace them every one to two years.

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  1. Hi there, I hope you are doing well. Do you make custom color rings? I have a sample one I can send you as a template. Thank you

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