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Density charts

Hair Density Charts

New Times Hair provides Hair Volume charts and Hair Density charts that can be shipped out at any time. As we know, the hair of human hair wigs is all hand-woven, so even if you have two orders that are the same, it is impossible to guarantee that the number of strands of hair on each hair system is exactly the same. However, with a density reference standard, factories can keep the number of strands of hair within a reasonable margin of error.




You can show these two density charts to your customers when they are ordering a hair system and let them choose the most appropriate density for themselves.


Density chart




A density chart shows the spacing and amount of strands of hair at different densities. Our density samples are small, flat squares of lace with different density levels. Our densities include: extra-light (60 density), light (80 density), medium-light (100 density), medium (120 density), medium-heavy (140 density), heavy (160 density) and extra-heavy (180 density). Each density sample shows the distance between the hair knots and how many knots there are in one square inch. It is a very common hair density tool in the industry.





Volume chart



Our Volume charts are unique and an innovative tool of New Times Hair which people find very useful. These charts are small replicas of our hair systems with different volumes of hair from thin hair to thick hair. As we said above, our density charts have hair knotted to a small, flat squares of lace. It can be hard, therefore, to visualize the whole hair density across a hair system. That is why we created these volume charts as they show the volume of each of our density levels on each section of a hair system (the front, top, crown, and back and sides).






By using these two tools together, you will find you will be able to order the correct hair density for your customers. Both are available for sale and if you would like to buy them, please contact for a quotation and information about delivery.


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