P032 Thin Skin Hair System With a 0.08mm Base Wholesale

The P032 thin skin hair system features a 0.08 mm thin skin base, which offers a perfect balance of durability and an authentic look. Its premium human hair is available in three lengths and three types of curls, providing wearers with diverse styling options.

  • Hair Quality:100% premium human hair
  • Hair Length, Colors, & Curls:Available in 3 lengths, 4 types of curls, and 3 hair colors
  • Base Material:0.08 thin, robust skin base
  • Ventilation: Hair in single split knots, doesn’t come off easily

Attention: This product is custom-ordered. There’s a name tag on the underside of the base. It doesn’t affect how the product works. Please consider this before putting through your order.

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Gross Weight N/A
Hair Type

Indian hair

Base Type


Base Size

17cm×20.5cm, 14cm×19cm, 16.5cm×19.5cm, 17.5cm×21.5cm

Hair Length

6", 8", 10"

Hair Curl

19mm, natural straight, 32mm, 25mm

Hair Density



#1B, #4, #17

P032 Thin Skin Hair System Has 3 Lengths and 4 Types of Curls


P032 is one of our most popular thin skin hair systems, beloved by wearers worldwide.

The 0.08mm thin skin hair system features a light, transparent base that resembles a natural scalp. Upon attachment, the 0.08mm base melts with the wearer’s scalp, resulting in an incredibly realistic appearance. The base’s sturdiness ensures long-lasting use.


Made from 100% premium human hair, the hair system blends flawlessly with the wearer’s natural hair.



The hair is available in 3 hair lengths, 4 types of curls, and 3 hair colors to achieve a wide range of styling options.





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