PREMIUM Hair Business Start-Up Package for Hair System Business

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Kick Start Your Hair Business With Our Premium Business Start Combo!

Discover our Premium Hair Business Start-Up Package, a dynamic bundle that includes our best-selling hair systems and all the essential tools needed to boost your hair system services. From top-grade toupee tapes to salon ordering tools and maintenance accessories, this all-inclusive package is our ultimate crowd-pleaser, ensuring you get the best bang for your buck! And don’t forget, after placing your order, reach out to us via email, WhatsApp, or your preferred communication channel to specify the perfect hair colors for your ordered products. We’re here to add a vibrant touch to your salon’s success!


Hair Systems Included in This Premium Hair Business Start Package:


HS25V 0.03mm ultra thin skin hair system

The HS25V hair system features an ultra-thin skin base, measuring only 0.03mm in thickness. It is so lightweight that people can hardly feel it on their heads.

This is a stock hair system, with hair being v-looped to the base. V-looped hair is knotless, looks natural and lifted, and can be styled freely to create a super realistic appearance.



Premium Hair Business Start-up Package: StHS1V-TOP-Thin-Skin-Partial-Hair-System-8

It is smaller in size and covers precisely the crown area. 100% human hair is V-looped to the base, knotless, and blends perfectly with the wearer’s natural hair, creating natural parts for an incredibly authentic appearance.




The thickness of the HS1V skin base has a thickness of 0.06mm. Every hair used is V-looped to the base with no knots showing: a realistic-looking hair piece indeed!




HS1 features a base made entirely of 0.08mm transparent PU skin, allowing the client’s skin tone to show through when attached. This achieves a natural-looking hairline and part. The 0.08mm thickness provides both sturdiness, and excellent adhesion to tape or glue, and facilitates easy cleaning.

The hair along the 1/2″ of the front hairline is V-looped to the base, creating a knotless and incredibly realistic hairline. The rest of the hair is securely attached to the base using single-split knots, so it remains firmly in place and never comes off.


PU Frontal
0.06mm men’s PU frontal hair piece

Frontal hairpieces are the perfect solution for receding front hairlines. By wearing one, the client’s front hairline is instantly restored, boosting their confidence in the process.

All the hair used is V-looped to the base, resulting in a knotless, perfectly natural-looking front hairline.



HS15-Lace-Front-0.08mm-Thin-Skin-Hair-System-4The HS15+ men’s lace front hairpiece features a base primarily made of 0.08mm transparent skin. This thickness, 0.08mm, perfectly balances naturalness and durability.

The front 1″ of the base is crafted from Swiss lace (HD lace) with PU lining around it. This Swiss lace renders itself colorless when attached, ensuring it remains undetectable. Additionally, the front 1/2″ of the hair knots, from the hairline back, are bleached, resulting in an exceptionally natural and undetectable hairline.




Hollywood hair system is a cleverly designed Swiss lace hair system, boasting a soft, lightweight, breathable, and natural-looking lace base, which is a very popular material for hair systems. Semi poly material is around the sides, strengthening the hold, and allowing for easy attachment and maintenance of the Swiss lace hair system.

Knots are bleached along the front hairline and render themselves invisible. 100% premium human hair is used and attached to most of the Swiss lace hair system in double-split knots; this way, the hair will never come off the base.




The NCON hair system incorporates super fine welded monofilament throughout the entire base. This fine-welded monofilament is a durable material known for its long-lasting quality, breathability, and natural appearance.

We use single-split knots to attach hair to the front 1/2″ of the base. The combination of single knots and the colorlessness of the base ensures that it virtually disappears on the scalp when attached. For the rest of the base, double-split knots are applied.


Q6 French lace hair system with PU

Q6 features a base primarily French lace, with clear PU on the back and sides. For the first 1/2″ of the hairpiece, we use single knots (one knot per hair) in an irregular knotting pattern for it to look natural and realistic. The hair knots in the front 1″ are bleached to create an exceptionally natural-looking front hairline, with the exception of dark colors #1 and #1A.

The whole hairpiece is made using very delicate hair knots. Slightly bleached knots on the front and top help create a realistic appearance for the entire hairpiece.


HS7 full lace hair system

HS7 has a French lace base. French lace is lightweight, breathable, and natural-looking. It also comforts the wearer, ideal for people with sensitive skin.

All the hair knots of this stock toupee are very fine and petite, and they are all perfectly bleached (except in dark colors #1 and #1A) to create a knotless look throughout the entire piece.


NEW-AUSTRALIA-Lace-Hair-Systems-with-Wider-Clear-PU-9The NEW AUSTRALIA hair system boasts a refined French lace base that remains soft, lightweight, and breathable for the wearer’s scalp. Comprising 100% human hair, securely attached in double-split knots, it seamlessly blends with the wearer’s natural hair, achieving a perfectly natural and authentic look.”

Enhanced with a 2″ wide PU perimeter, this versatile hairpiece can be easily customized to fit various head sizes and accommodate a wide range of styling options.




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