S16 French Lace Hair System with Poly around

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Attention: This product is custom-ordered. There’s a name tag on the underside of the base. It doesn’t affect how the product works. Please consider this before putting through your order.

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Gross Weight 0.0575 kg
Hair Type

Remy hair

Base Material

French Lace with poly around

Base Size

5"×7"(12.7cm x 17.8cm )

Front Contour


Hair Length


Hair Density

Extra Light(60%)

Curl & Wave


Hair Color (HD COLOR RING)


S16-French-Lace-Hair-System-with-Poly-around-2 S16-French-Lace-Hair-System-with-Poly-around-3 S16-French-Lace-Hair-System-with-Poly-around


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