Walker Ultra Hold Tape for hair replacement system - [Product code: UHT]

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  • Brand:   Walker Tape
    Tape color:   Transparent
    Hold Time:   2-4+ weeks
    Contours:   A , C, CC
      Feature:   the most tacky, flexible, and 
      long-lasting tape
    Pieces:  36PCs


    This Ultra Hold Tape is our stock tape. It can be sent out within 24 work hours.


    Ultra Hold Tape is the most tacky, flexible, and long-lasting tape we make. Comparable to Super Tape, Air Flex, and GeoBond, you will get the longest hold you’ve ever had from a tape. Ultra Hold can hold strong for 6+ Weeks.

    It has a urethane carrier that is extra stretchy, making it comfortable to wear and great for lace units. It also features an extremely dull finish. The liner is white, but the actual tape is clear. 3-4-


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