Lace Frontal for Women’s Receded Hairline Wholesale

Available in standard and HD lace, lightweight, easy to wear, and highly breathable — that’s what our lace frontal fully facilitates. 100% exclusively sourced human hair will keep your lady clients indulged with its naturally sleek, wavy texture. Once attached, the lace frontal seamlessly melds into the scalp and becomes virtually invisible. Order HD lace frontals in bulk, and never keep your lady clients in wait!

  • Lightweight, easy to wear, and economical
  • HD lace (Swiss lace): maximum comfort and undetectability
  • 100% exclusive human hair for the entire lace frontal
  • Available in two base sizes and over 15 hair colors
  • 120% hair density for multiple styling options


  • Regular but not too frequent wash
  • Avoid sulfate or paraben-rich products
  • Refer to our Hair System Guide
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