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For those who are looking for hair toupees that feel natural on the scalp, the skin system is a great choice. New Times Hair’s thin skin toupee system offers the most comfortable fit for the wearer. It’s so lightweight that customers even forget that they’re wearing sometimes on their head, without feeling heavy or hot.    Read More >>

Skin Hair Systems for Men

Two-thirds of men start to lose some of their hair by the age of 35. Once they reach 50 years of age, about 85% of men will have thinning hair. Male pattern baldness and other reasons for hair loss drives a multi-billion-dollar market of medicine, surgery, gadgets, and supplements all offering hope to men who are losing their hair. Many men opt for a professionally-made skin hair system to replace their natural hair. A thin skin hair system that is as good as invisible or undetectable, so it won’t stand out and will hold up to everyday wear and use.

Skin Hair Systems for Men

Lightweight and durable:

These are the qualities of the best skin systems out on the market. Active modern lifestyles make men look to these hair replacement systems because they can take whatever life dishes out whether it’s swimming, sports, wearing a hard hat all day, or looking good for social occasions and dates. Washable and styling-ready by the wearer, these hairpieces are custom-made to look and move naturally and are often indistinguishable from their remaining hair. Hair professionals know the need for top-shelf bases and materials to create a stunning and durable look to satisfy the most discerning client.

Thin skin:

Customers opting for a thin skin toupee have many options, but the suitability of the finished piece requires the best base. The thin skin means a more comfortable fit – it's easy for clients to forget that it’s even there. It blends into remaining hair without the heavy, hot feel of a wig. Think skin hair pieces also do an excellent job of concealing a receding hairline while keeping staying in place even on windy days. Hair professionals can create such hair pieces with premium materials from our inventory at a low cost while still having the highest standards.

Why Choose Skin Hair System From Newtimeshair

Not all manufacturers of hair replacement solutions are alike. Hair replacement professionals make sure to purchase high-quality options that deliver outstanding value without knocking down profit. Source materials right from the manufacturer and cut out the middleman and the extra markup. When shopping for a skin hair system, visit reputable firms with a long history in the field. With about 10 years of providing thin skin hair system options to the market, Newtimes Hair is a highly reputable source for all professional hair replacement needs.

If your business needs thin skin toupee bases, then shop for skin systems by going through our product pages. We use professional grade materials that are recommended for wholesalers, salon and clinic owners. From the entertainment industry to everyday people needing a hair replacement solution, our materials make for repeat business and customer satisfaction.

We have everything a hair replacement business needs to obtain the best quality materials at an affordable cost. Our extensive inventory combined, professional knowledge, and design know-how. combined with excellent customer service and fast delivery times make us the perfect provider for hair replacement business needs. Learn more about how we can help you when you contact us.